Blox Fruits – How to get Scrap Metal? – Roblox

Blox Fruits – How to get Scrap Metal? – Roblox 1 -
Blox Fruits – How to get Scrap Metal? – Roblox 1 -

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Blox Fruits, a cult Roblox game, provides an open world for players. The game’s objective is to allow you to become a pirate and conquer islands. You are accountable for acquiring different resources to enhance your gaming experience as a player. One of the most important sources is scrap metal. This guide will show you how to get Scrap Metal from each Blox Fruit, as well as the numerous uses it can be put to.


How Can You Get Scrap Metal?

Metal scrap is a very common material, but getting it can be not easy. NPC enemies typically drop it after you kill them. However, some enemies in each sea have more chance of dropping it. Here are the top NPCs across all seas of Blox Fruits to farm Scrap Metal from.


How to acquire Scrap Metal in the First Sea?

Pirate Village, located in the First Sea, is the best location to look for Scrap Metal. First, find the Burtes and kill them to obtain Scrap Metal. They are enemies in levels 41 to 46. To be able to defeat them, you’ll need to have a level at least similar to their level.


Where can I find scrap metal in the Second Sea, and How to Get It?

You can get Scrap Metal in the Second Sea by slaying Swan Pirates. These non-playable characters are found in the Kingdom of Rose. They are level 775 which means it is more difficult to kill them. If you are planning to gather Scrap Metal from them, you must be cautious.


Where to Find Scrap Metal in the Third Sea and How to Get It?

The Jungle Pirate NPCs can be located on Turtle Island in the Third Sea. They are the most powerful enemies with level 1900 and are the most dangerous, but they also have a greater chance of dropping Scrap Metal.

When you have enough Scrap Metal Once you have enough Scrap Metal, you can use the blacksmith NPC on different islands to upgrade various items. The blacksmith can improve your swords, weapons, and other weapons by using Scrap Metal and other materials such as wood, leather, and even fabric.


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