Bloodhunt – How to Fix FPS Drop + Stuttering Guide

Bloodhunt – How to Fix FPS Drop + Stuttering Guide 1 -
Bloodhunt – How to Fix FPS Drop + Stuttering Guide 1 -

Regardless of your rig, this game will most likely run like ♥♥♥♥ for you, i as well as many of you meet the requirements to play this game yet it stutters like hell at the worst times as well as constant FPS drops that make it unbearable to play…’s a way to fix it 🙂

Guide to fixing FPS drops and Stuttering

Display settings can be whatever you want since for this game it doesn’t matter so much as well as resolution…..the key to this is AMD FSR which you can find in the Graphics settings in game. Tune it to whatever your GPU can handle but to ensure that the game runs with no stutters and FPS problems for the most part, set your AMD FSR to either Performance or Balanced. Performance prioritizes…….performance obviously so expect a drop in image quality, Balanced is well a balance between Performance and Image Quality, I prefer this setting personally but you can set it to whatever you want. There is also a Ultra setting but that is for those who have a high end AMD GPU but hey if you feel like your GPU can handle it then go for it.

(Also if you want, change your FPS to unlimited or whatever you choose)

I hope this has helped you all as much as it helped me, I’m able to play this game and not have to worry about losing gun fights because of my FPS dropping to the teens and random stutters.

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