Blade&Sword – Basic Gameplay for New Players

Blade&Sword – Basic Gameplay for New Players 1 -
Blade&Sword – Basic Gameplay for New Players 1 -

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This guide is for beginners who don’t speak Chinese lol. After my “successful”, I put together all the tips, tricks, and things that I wish I had known. This includes what I learned about the crafting process.

Character development

Before I could max my barbarian abilities, I tried all kinds of skills. My preferred skill was dragon catcher’, which does extra damage at combo’s end and guard breaker, and triple strike, which is a fast sweeping attack on hordes. I recommend you experiment to find the best single-target combo and which skill works best when you face many enemies. You can then invest in the best skills as you progress. I was lv 60 at the end and could max out more than I used. Celestial Chop is one of those skills that I would gladly skip.

After you have used all the skills in a particular tree, you can unlock the ultimate finishing maneuver. This is often quite bad. ). My barbarian and his long sword did a lot more damage with one of these ultimates than with a classic combination. I would not recommend investing in “attack power”, even though it sounds like damage, it’s just the ultimate charging stuff.

Some crafting

It is easy to see why you should try to have the most jewels in your weapon and armor slot. Weapon slots do not grant offensive bonuses; armor slots only provide defensive bonuses.

This game doesn’t require any equipment. Your jewel setup will affect your appearance. As the game progresses, you will unlock up 6 slots for weapons and 6 for armour.

Three identical jewels can be made larger by using thehoradric cub. You can always remove them from the set and resocket. However, you can’t have multiple types (one per armour and weapon). This is why you should experiment and mix it up.

At some point, an uncut jade will be sold by a vendor. A “refined jade” can be made from 3 of these, and 3 of these into a single “perfect jade”. If you are lucky, those jades can be combined into a “refined jade” and 3 into a “perfect Jade”. You should save for Perfect Jades. They can grant special jewels (like Avarice or Lunar pearls) that are extremely powerful and can grant higher bonuses. You should have these powerful jewels in addition to a variety of standard perfect jewels so you don’t wear anything that isn’t optimal.

Pavonine Agate, which is very rare, but some people give it as a quest reward), can be combined into a cube with another Jewel to create an Amulet. Amulet jewels grant all their bonuses and you can carry up six of them in a special bag. It can be used on the best jewels…

Bosses and fights can be difficult

There are some fights that can be frustrating. You’ll be fighting a boss and five other enemies. After a few hits, you’ll be on the ground. These were some general suggestions that helped me through the challenging fights.

Try only to activate and lure one or two enemies simultaneously. Even in boss fights it is possible to approach cautiously and evade several enemies at once. Continue operations and clear before facing the boss. You can split and kite them if it is impossible. These are also great occasions to use your ultimate skills as well as consumables such decoy and summons.

Big Melee bosses tend to be quite slow and can parry or dodge everything they throw at them. Just make sure you have space first and clear out the minions.

King Hawk: The boss, he’s a flier. It’s a brutal fight. I suggest you prepare with an uppercut skill to hit him off guard. You then need to deliver your single target combo when he is on ground. (This is after he flies from screen to grab you and make you into tornadoes – provided you manage not to get hit lol). You should save lots of money for these fights. My first encounter with this guy almost cost me my gold.

Wizard Wen is another flyer who likes one-shooting you into flames, and other absurd aoes. As this boss likes summoning enemies, it is important to stay mobile.

General Jo: It is the last fight of this game. It is quite difficult. I completed my gold, but had to go back to act 3 to acquire more gold and purchase additional potions. This guy has a ridiculous amount life, super strong attacks and is difficult to hit. It’s a virtually impossible fight. I found a way of dealing with him was to have two summons activated and then attack with a shorter combo, once he was facing a summon. It took SO LONG.

Example of combination

My single target 14hit combo included: Attackx2, Triple Strikex2, Attackx2, Attackx2, Dragon Lift, Attack and Dragon Catcher.

I used different combos that were quicker to do single-target damage without being a victim in some parts.

The shorter version I used against Demon Major Jo was Triple Strike +2, Attack +2, Dragon Lift +2, Attack, Attack, Dragon Catcher. Triple Strike allowed my to hit and deliver all the rest. Simply starting with standard Attacks would slow down, be more likely to be interrupted, and be less likely for him to be staggered enough to allow the rest.

Blade&Sword – Basic Gameplay for New Players is described in this guide. If you notice anything that needs to be fixed or updated, please let us know in the comments, and we’ll correct it as quickly as possible. Today, may it be a good day for you. Creator and writer Frustaro was the inspiration for this article. Also, don’t forget to Bookmark Us if you enjoy the post, we add new posts daily with more content, so check us often for more posts!

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