Blade & Sorcery – Flynn’s Guide To Fighting [U9]

Blade & Sorcery – Flynn’s Guide To Fighting [U9] 1 -
Blade & Sorcery – Flynn’s Guide To Fighting [U9] 1 -
Just bought the game but don’t know how to play? This will give a quick run through on how to fight in Blade & Sorcery.


Flynn’s Guide To Fighting

There are so many moves that you can use in Blade & Sorcery, and a lot of it depends on how you move, how much space you have, and what kind of VR headset you’re using. 
ːcozykcdaxeː Warning: This is a TL:DR version guide, and doesn’t have any pictures to describe the moves. If you rather visualize the moves, check out tutorials on the Discussion site, or on YouTube. 
This Guide will be separated in sections. 
I. Equipment 
-Basic Needs 
-Inventory Slots 
II. Basic Combat 
III. Combat 
-Pierce & Blunt 
-Spell Usage 
IV. Advanced Combat (Usually you need more space for this) 
-Taking On Multiple Enemies 
-Spell Combinations 
-Dismemberment Areas 



Your equipment is important when on the field, such as needing to heal or switching weapons. 
If you already know about your equipment, you can skip to the next section. 
Basic Needs  
When prepping for the fight, you’re gonna need some stuff to take with you. Currently, there is only a health potion. 
If you want to go deep into battle, it would be very helpful to bring a health potion with you. Place the potion on either side of your waist. 
Inventory Slots  
Inventory slots are the places where you can place weapons and potions. There are four inventory slots. Left/right waist, and left/right back. 
However, the back slots depend on what item you are placing. You can’t place small weapons and potions on your back. 
You also can’t place items in an already used slot. You will need to pull the item out of the used slot. 
There are currently 3 spells you can master during this version: Fire, lightning, and telekinesis. These abilities are color-coded. 
Fire: Orange 
Lightning: Light blue 
Telekinesis: Purple 
Spells can be used to fight of waves of enemies. Fire can burn the enemy, lightning can shock the enemy (You can also taze the enemy, which would make them start shaking for a second). 
Telekinesis is an ability I use a lot. This ability allows you grab the limbs of the enemy and fly them into the air. 
Telekinesis can also make a zero-gravity. Have both of your hands equipped to Telekinesis, make them face each other (right hand turned to the left, left hand turned to the right), and activate. Once you see a purple ball start to form, you will also see a dark purple ball inside it. Once it becomes large enough, spread out your arms really quickly. 
You can check out how to do this in tutorials to give a better understanding on how to do it 
The current weapons are blunt, slash, pierce, and arrow. 
Blunt weapons are hard weapons that you hit against enemies. This includes the mace and hard objects. 
Slash weapons are weapons that are able to slice through an enemy. Decapitation and dismemberment are usually caused by slash weapons. 
Pierce weapons are spiky weapons that can go through an enemy. The rapier is one of the best pierce weapons there are. 
Arrow weapons are long-ranged weapons that can be shot from a distance. The only one there is is the bow and arrow. 
Slow-mode is a control where you move in slow motion. This would allow you to attack enemies quickly, and be able to respond to their attacks more quickly. 
This is also known as Focus. 
This ability can also be used to grip onto to stuff easily. 
Let’s say you are falling, but there is a short rope that you will be able to grab and save yourself. 
It would be easier to go into slow-mode and grab it then just trying to grab it in real-time. 
Use this to your advantage. Check out tutorials to get a better understanding on this ability. 



Now it’s time to learn a few moves. Once you have read this section, try out some of the moves yourself! 
You can use these moves in Training mode, where you are only getting attacked by 1 enemy at a time. 
Fist to fist combat is enjoyable. There are two ways you can do this. 
A slap, where your hand is open and you hit enemies with the open palm. 
A punch, where your hand is closed and you hit the enemies with your bare knuckles. 
Fist combat can also be used to stagger or knock down enemies. 
There are many ways you can kill the enemy, but these are the kill lists: 
-Beatdown (Punching the enemy into a coma. This could be when they are down and you are smacking them against the head. In the current version, this isn’t listed as a kill) 
-Smash (Hitting the enemy against a collision object [such as a wall or the ground] hard enough. This could also count as fall damage) 
-Uppercut (Hitting the enemy upward. If you hit them hard enough, they would go flying. Slow-mode also increases your strength, so use slow-mode when doing this.) 
You can check these in the kill board. 
Dodge is important. This can be used to make the enemy open for a pierce. When dodging, you can use Focus to slow down their attack. 
I usually trick the enemy into an attack. I counter-attack by either knocking them down, slashing them, or piercing them. 
Check out tutorials on dodge. 
Grabbing an enemy is when you grip a specific limb of them. You can use this to throw them over cliffs, or smash their head into the ground. 
You can check out tutorials on how to do this later. 
Jumping is when you launch yourself into the air. You can use the jump to attack the enemy when they’re open. 
You can also jump across places such as the cliffs on the Canyon map. 
Running is the movement used to go faster in the game. Swing your arms while moving to run (like how you run in real life) 
Gripping an edge of a wall or area allows you to climb. You can use this to lift yourself onto high places, or escape from your demise. 
Sliding down a connected rope object is called ziplining. You can zipline in two different ways. 
Ziplining With Your Hand: Grab the rope with one hand, and hit the trigger button (For oculus). This would allow you to slide down the rope. 
Ziplining With Weapons: This is the best part of the game, but its also hard to master. Grip each end of your weapon, and place the center piece on the rope. Some weapons don’t work with this. 
Check out tutorials to get a better understanding on how to do it. 
Props are objects that you can use your telekinesis on (You don’t need to equip the telekinesis spell, as this type of telekinesis can be only used to pick up objects) 
You can use this to knock down enemies if they are getting to close to you. 
Check out tutorials or try it out yourself! 



The parry is when you block the enemy’s attack with your weapon. This would stagger them backward, or leave them open for an attack. 
If you want to knock the weapon out of their hand easily, hit their hand that is holding the weapon. This would have them drop the weapon, and leave them open to attack. 
Combinations are when you use your weapons to make a series of attacks. This could be a a parry and an attack, or a jump and punch. 
Combinations are easy to master, where you just need to use what you learned and use them correctly. 
Pierce & Blunt  
Pierce and blunt are two different ways you can hit an enemy. 
The pierce is another way to say “Stab”. You stab the enemy with a sharp object. Fatal pierces is when you pierce the enemy in a spot that will kill them instantly. This could be the heart, the head, or the neck. 
The blunt is when you hit the enemy with a hard object, such as the mace. Your fists are also considered blunt weapons. Anything that is hard and will kill the enemy with a hit is considered a blunt. 

Continued Section

Spell Usage  
Now that you figured out how to fight, you now need to know how to attack an enemy with your spells. 
All of your spells can be used on your weapons as well. You can see tutorials on how to do this. (Short version: Pick a spell, and wave it against your weapon) 



Now that you are ready to start fighting multiple enemies, you need to learn how to take them all. 
Taking On Multiple Enemies  
Sometimes you will get overwhelmed by how many enemies there are. Be ready to have an exit plan when fighting. Unless you want to take them yourself, use combos when fighting them (Knock one down, throw them at another enemy, take one’s sword and stab them with it). 
Spell Combinations  
I haven’t used this before, but spell combinations are when you switch out your spells multiple times. This could be when you are casting a spell on your sword and creating a zero-gravity area to protect yourself, or having two different spells on both hands. 
You can check out how to do these in other tutorials. 
Dismemberment Areas  
Dismemberment is when you cut of a limb of the enemy. These are fatal blows, and will instantly kill the enemy once dismembered. However, you need to know the spots of where to cut. 
Decapitation: The neck 
Arms and Legs: The joint of the limb 
Hands: The joint that connects the arm to the hand 

Since you now know the basic moves in Blade & Sorcery, go try them out in-game



Written by flynnit

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Blade & Sorcery – Flynn’s Guide To Fighting [U9], if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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