Black Mesa – How to tame and own a Boid as a pet

Black Mesa – How to tame and own a Boid as a pet 4 -
Black Mesa – How to tame and own a Boid as a pet 4 -
This guide will show you how to find, tame, and take care of your very own Boid as a pet.


Finding your Boid

First, you need to find a boid. But, where do i find them?
Boids only reside in Xen, the borderworld, as there are no sightings of them leaving and coming to Earth.
Black Mesa - How to tame and own a Boid as a pet

Where in Xen do i find them? Simple, the Xen islands, barren flatlands, and in the Xen Swamps.
Here are some locations where you CANNOT find them.

Xen Lakes
Black Mesa - How to tame and own a Boid as a pet

Xen Caves
Black Mesa - How to tame and own a Boid as a pet

Taming a Boid

First off, you’ll want to find a lone Boid, as Boids are only seperated when they are abandoned AND you don’t want to accidentally tame 100 different ones.

First, you want to get some Cooked flora (SPECIFICALLY FROM XEN) and hold it up in the direction of the Boid. The Boid will smell it, stop in its tracks, and begin to observe you. You want to be completely quiet and as still as possible, as they will be startled if you make any sudden movements or sounds.

After a couple seconds (around 8), it should slowly fly towards you, land on the food, and begin to dine on the meal. As it is eating, you should slowly move your hand over and gently caress it’s back.
It should begin to start trusting you as it continues eating, and once it finishes, if done right, you should have its trust. Once it is done, it should stay on your arm for somewhere around 10 seconds before leaving.

Before it leaves, you will want to start slowly walking to your nearest Exit portal in order to leave Xen.
If you have gained it’s trust, it should continue staying with you as you walk. If not, it will fly away in fear.

Once you have left Xen, there’s a very likely chance it is absolutely terrified due to a completely new environment. You need to calm it down by either feeding it more or gently Caressing it like you did before.

Where to put your Boid

Now, you need an environment for your boid to be.

Here are some things/areas you DON’T want it to be.

‚óŹPrison Cells
‚óŹIn a high security electric fenced Jurassic Dome with armed guards

But, where DO i put it?
Best place to put your Boid is completely free inside your house.

You will also want to make sure you NEVER keep it locked in a room alone. Also make sure it is never in a completely dark area. Boids are naturally terrified of the dark and love the light.

What to feed my Boid?

As said previously, Flora. Mostly from Xen, as statistics show 87.3% of earth vegetables and fruits are highly acidic and can kill boids extremely fast.

Things you SHOULD/CAN feed your boid.
‚óŹCooked Xen-fungus
‚óŹFried light-stalk
‚óŹBaked Xen-tree
‚óŹRoasted Tomato (Has to be roasted, roasting tomatoes seems to pump out whatever kills Boids.)

But what about drinks? Do even boids drink?
Apperantly, no. Boids have never been observed drinking and pet boids seem to be able to live their entire lives without anything to drink.

What’s Toxic to boids?
‚óŹChocolate (This includes if chocolate is INSIDE or ON the food.)
‚óŹAnything involving Dairy (Cheese, milk, ice cream..)
‚óŹMeat (Possibly just Earth meat?)
‚óŹSugar (Not tested, but there are reports of boids dying from it.)
‚óŹBread (Not exactly toxic, but they regurgitate it as soon as they eat it.)
‚óŹOther boids (I don’t even know why people have done this, but yeah, its fatally toxic.)
‚óŹSoda (Tested with fanta, pepsi, sprite, coke, and mtn dew)
‚óŹPlastic (Reports have said boids “Explode” shortly after eating plastic.)

How to play with your Boid

Boids have feelings, too. Just like us, they need to have fun and play games.

Similar to dogs, Boids love going outside for walks, but it’s different here. Boids enjoy going outside, flying a ways around high up in the sky, and returning back to their home.
Signs a boid wants to go outside are them pressing up against exit doors, following you and making high-pitched cricket like sounds, and even flying around doorknobs trying to turn them.

Another activity boids enjoy is flying onto your head and jumping on you. It’s not entirely documented if there’s any meaning behind this, they just seem to do it.


For every boid owner, there’s an important routine to attend to.

First, you want to let your boid out to fly at least 2 times a week. (Don’t worry, they have insanely good memory and come back shortly after. Also, if it’s night time, they’ll come back in fear of the dark)

Then, you’ll also want to feed it manually or fill a food bowl up once you wake up and before bed.

There’s also another thing people tend to do, which isn’t done by all people. Once a boid is sleeping, drench it in Healing water from Xen. (About one soda cans worth.) This will help heal any damages it may have but can also make it slightly happier.


Things you should avoid to bring boids in contact with include

‚óŹAny earth animal. (They seem to be fine with other avians.)
‚óŹHealing water. (It emits a bright light and vibrant color that seems to frighten them)
‚óŹBlood and acid (These liquids make them fear for their lives and try to leave as soon as possible)
‚óŹPotatoes (No idea why but they try to avoid them and if too close they will ram into them)
Why do they ram into potatoes? Seems like self defense. They do it so forcefully that it can launch the potatoes back a couple inches.


Q How long do boids live?
A Not documented that much, but ones that have been range from 40-93 years.

Q If i have 2 boids, will they reproduce?
A It has not been figured out how boids reproduce and even if they have reproductive organs, so the answer is unsure.

Q If i give my boid water, will it drink it?
A When liquid goes in a boids mouth, it seems to evaporate somehow. So, no.

Q Can i hunt boids, and if so, what can i get from them?
A There is no reason to hunt boids because only things you can get from them is their bones, organs, soft skin, and blood. Unless you want like, a trophy?

Q Can i take my boid out in public?
A Maybe in small places, but not large areas because boids are afraid of anybody else they do not recognize.

Q Can you eat boids?
A Eating their flesh raw or cooked would be the equivelant of drinking rat poison.

Q How fragile are boids?
A Well if you punch them, they’ll probably die.

Q Do boids digest food?
A No, the foods don’t seem to ever come back once they go in. Probably more evaporation.

Q Will my boid live longer than me?
A Chances are they wont. But if they do, they will be abandoned and will probably die.

Q Are boids Legal?
A Boids are 100% legal in all countries but you should always check if they change that.

By Exotrine

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Black Mesa – How to tame and own a Boid as a pet, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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