Black Mesa – Guide to Chapter 2/3 Optimization

Black Mesa – Guide to Chapter 2/3 Optimization 1 -
Black Mesa – Guide to Chapter 2/3 Optimization 1 -

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The Chapter’s unexpected consequences and Anomalous Materials have been (almost) perfected for EPIC PRO GAMES The Chapter’s Unexpected Consequences and Anomalous Materials have been perfect !

Chapter 2

  • Wait for the guard to open the door after you exit the tram.
  • After you have walked through the second entry point, the first thing you need to do is turn to your left.
  • Then, you should send a message to the computer. After the scientist has stopped you from messing around with the computer, go into the guard’s booth.
  • Make a crouch and press the red button once you notice it.
  • Then take out your H.E.V. suit and the battery from your locker to charge it up.
  • You can do whatever you want until you get into the test chamber, switch on the rotters and wait for the Crystal.

Chapter 3

To keep from alarming the zombies, walk instead of running to avoid alerting the zombies.

  • Make use of every flare you can find when you get to the ramp that is home to zombies throw the flare into the gas to light the zombies. You can earn 100 armor levels by locating all the batteries in each side room. The battery is located at the bottom of every shaft in the elevator.
  • Use a flare if you notice gas coming from the pipe in the side of the room.
  • The last locker is to the left of the H.E.V. room to find 9mm ammunition. Continue on towards the security booth. If the zombie throws a trashcan at you, take it in and throw it back like you’re the ultimate Chad.
  • Take the crowbar and go through the vent. Continue to grab the 9mm.
  • As you enter the airlock, you can grab the two batteries in the side compartment by stepping through the broken glass.
  • Then, do whatever you want until you get to the headcrab area. When you have turned the power on, step on the platform.
  • You’ll need to crouch down next to the fence made of metal. You can sit there until the game is finished.
  • After that, to Black Mesa to start your professional gaming session.


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