Black Mesa – Achievement save file guide

Black Mesa – Achievement save file guide 1 -
Black Mesa – Achievement save file guide 1 -

Anoying achievement? Save is here to save you.

About the save

This “mod” is my save file from the game. Not really willing to replay that part just for one achievement? Nevermind!
Where should I put the save?
YOUR INSTALL LOCATION\steamapps\common\Black Mesa\bms\save
Okay, save is placed. How do I get the achievement?
Depends which one.
Futile Resistance
You have enough snarks to kill at least 2 of them, so throw them at soldiers and reload once they are killed. Eventually you will get the achievement.
Kinetic Repulsion
Stay in the cover until they throw grenade. Once they do, grab it (E) and throw back.
Centripetal Attraction
Grab Hivehand (gun with 8 ammo which replenish itself over time) and kill soldiers. Reload save if needed but eventually you will get the achievement.
Why are you just giving away your save file?
Look at my Nexus profile, this isn’t first game I have put save files on nexus.

Link to download the “mod” – [] 
*Don’t forget my comment section isn’t democracy. In the past few people expressed themselves in negative way about my save files – If you don’t like this save file because “others should work for it” – your comment will be deleted.

Written by Kroko[SVK]

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