Black Desert – Basic Bartering Guide and Walkthrough

Black Desert – Basic Bartering Guide and Walkthrough 1 -
Black Desert – Basic Bartering Guide and Walkthrough 1 -

A beginner’s guide to bartering
(Guide based on my experience with the Epheria Sailboat- Caravel- Carrack Advance)


Black Desert - Basic Bartering Guide and Walkthrough - Introduction - 53BCBB0
Black Desert - Basic Bartering Guide and Walkthrough - Introduction - 35BD495
I wanted to create a guide to help others that are interested in bartering as well 🙂
Current: Barter- Professional 3/ Sailing- Artisan 1.
I will try my best to explain my bartering experience starting with the basics. (Also, this guide is based on the Epheria Sailboat-Caravel-Carrack Advance).
Bartering is a great lifeskill and also a nice way to make silver. Once you have a nice set up, everything else can be smooth sailing XD.
When I started out bartering, I used a Epheria Sailboat and then upgraded to a Caravel. The sailboat has a weight capacity of 5,000 LT, I believe, so routes were really limited. I upgraded to the caravel in about 2 weeks, which has a weight capacity of 10,000 LT. With full caravel green gear, weight capacity is 11,600 LT. I recommend getting sailing skilled 1 prior for bartering. It’s not a requirement staring out, but it will make traveling to each destination a bit faster. This can be achieved with a sailies group and/or by completing the quest: ‘The Great Expedition: Oquillia’s Eye’. With sailing skilled 1, you can use breezy sail (a short acceleration with a 8 second cooldown). Also, the sea monster hunting for the quests will be easier with the caravel since the cannons are captain controlled.

Whichever boat you upgrade is based on preference. So if you prefer speed, start with the frigate (has less weight capacity compared to the Epheria sailboat). If you prefer weight, then I recommend starting with the Epheria sailboat.


Illiya/Lema Island

Black Desert - Basic Bartering Guide and Walkthrough - Illiya/Lema Island - C294BBD
– Illiya island is the main base for bartering, since most of the T1-T5 stock will be kept there. You can max out the storage with cp and other ways depending on how much storage you’ll need. You can also keep items at the Port Epheria storage as well.
-Lema island
– The Lema island set up is optional to the player preference. The purpose for the Lema island set up is for a quick barter item exchange without having to travel back to Illiya island. I usually use Lema if I’m moving maybe 4 items that’s closer to Port Epheria. I also use trader’s clothes, vendure draught and a manos belt to overstack and use my horse to go up the hill. Again, this is player preference, and easier if you’re moving less items. Otherwise, I just go back to Illiya to move multiple items.
So for this, you will need 10 cp to rent a storage container in Velia at the storage NPC. Then, purchase the house in Lema island and place the storage container in the house. From there, you can access the Illiya island storage and move items from your inventory.


T1-T5 Stock

Black Desert - Basic Bartering Guide and Walkthrough - T1-T5 Stock - 8923E28
– When first starting out, you’ll have to get a land good and place it on your ship (can purchase from marketplace or move items from storage if you have the node set up). So an example would be 200 powder of darkness for one T1 barter exchange item (1200 for the full 6 T1 exchange). Land goods can be placed in your ship from your inventory. You can use storage/transaction maids to place the items in your inventory onto your ship. Or you can go to town and move the items that way (storage/wharf manager). T1-T5 barter items can only be placed onto a ship with a wharf manager (land goods can be moved without a wharf manager).
– From the T1 barter item, move up the barter exchange list until you get the T5 items (T1-T2, T2-T3, T3-T4, & T4-T5). T3-T5 items can be sold at the storage NPC and/or wharf manager. Once you build your stock of barter items, the rest is up to you. You can sell the T5, or exchange it for crow coins.
*****Also, T5’s don’t stack in a storage******
(After the caravel boat upgrade, T5 items are also used to exchange for carrack upgrade materials).
– Eventually, once you build a good stock, you can do a ‘top down’ approach. This is simply starting the barter route with exchanging T4 items for T5’s. I usually will also add more T4’s for stock, or refresh right after the T4 exchanges. This is also player preference 🙂



Crow’s Nest
Black Desert - Basic Bartering Guide and Walkthrough - Caravel - A4C8E41
– To get half of the materials for the caravel (adhesive, graphite, timber and verdant stones) complete Ravinia’s Daily Quest day 1 & 4 (located at the Crow’s Nest). Then, you will have to get the other half of the materials. So, setting up the nodes prior will also help or you can purchase/pre-order from the marketplace. So an example would be, after the quest, you’ll need 5,000 zinc ingot, 5,000 old tree bark, 5,000 acacia sap and so on. Also, sea monster ooze is needed as well, maybe 200? You can get help with the sea monster hunting for this or solo it. Each one usually dropped around 30 sea monster ooze, so it shouldn’t take long to get those. These are the smaller ones located around Illiya, Lema, Padix Island, etc. Also, to upgrade the ship parts (prow, sail..etc), a verdant stone is used. You can exchange a T1 barter item for a coupon at Illiya island with Revinia and then take the coupon to Ravinia at the Crow’s Nest. I think 200-220 verdant stones are needed to upgrade all 4 parts. If you complete Ravinia’s quest day 1 & 4, 100 verdant stones will be awarded from completion. You can also get stones for defeating the small sea monsters around Illiya island.
Oquilla’s Eye
Black Desert - Basic Bartering Guide and Walkthrough - Caravel - 3716001
– The rest of the materials needed for the caravel upgrade you can get through barter exchange and a few from the Oquillia’s eye quest (just the barter/gather quests).
Caravel upgrade
Black Desert - Basic Bartering Guide and Walkthrough - Caravel - EAA50D0



Black Desert - Basic Bartering Guide and Walkthrough - Margoria - F7382CC
– Margoria barter/crow coin exchanges are completely optional with a caravel. From my experience, a caravel/breezy sail was just fine for me. I always did all of my Margoria/crow coin exchanges (Incomplete ship, Shipwrecked cargo and a few others) in one trip. The barter route to Margoria became available for me around 1287 barters.
– A compass can be purchased from the marketplace (combine 3 parts and it lasts 3 days), crow coin shop and many other places as well. Also, for longer trips to Margoria, bring balenos meals for backup rations/breezy crystals for back up cannons (sea monster hunting).



Black Desert - Basic Bartering Guide and Walkthrough - Hakoven - 02158AC
Ancado Inner Harbor
– For the Hakoven crow coin exchanges, an alt and second boat is recommended.
To set this up, place another character at the Ancado Inner Harbor with another boat (any boat will be fine for this) and transport two or more of each T5’s to the Ancado Inner Harbor storage prior to this. After the crow coin is exchanged, I use the traveler’s map to teleport back to the town and remote collect the boat (all barter items will be destroyed with remote collection. So bring only the 1 item for the crow coin exchange if you plan on remote collecting).


Carrack upgrade

Carrack advance
Black Desert - Basic Bartering Guide and Walkthrough - Carrack upgrade - 96F632F
– The road to a carrack upgrade has no time frame 🙂 If you want to upgrade to a advance/ balance or volante/valor is entirely up to your preference/playstyle. I went with a carrack advance because I wanted more weight for bartering. Also, each upgrade may require more or less of the same item). I used this guide for the advance: ( – [] .
3k barters/brilliant materials (ship material refresh)
Black Desert - Basic Bartering Guide and Walkthrough - Carrack upgrade - 5544AF9
– My brilliant materials became available for me at 3005 barters. As mentioned before, brilliants, and some other ship materials are exchanged with T5 items. So for me, when I was close to 3,000 barters, I saved 3-4 of each T5s for the ship materials and crow coins. This is also player preference, you can save however many T5s you need/have storage for. Also, brilliant materials should appear in normal barter refreshes around 5,000 barters (5111).
5k barters/brilliant materials (normal trade refresh)
Black Desert - Basic Bartering Guide and Walkthrough - Carrack upgrade - C2CFC93
– You can also obtain the materials from the Oquillia’s eye quests (sea monster hunting/barter quests) crow coin shop and/or barter exchange. Also, if you want to have an alt at Oquillia’s Eye for the dailies, that is also optional. I just used my main character for the dailies. Whatever you decide is entirely up to you:) I’m currently working towards better carrack gear and still have a long way to go with my bartering journey.
Wishing everyone the best of luck, and I hope this guide helped 🙂


By Phoenix

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Black Desert – Basic Bartering Guide and Walkthrough, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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