Bitburner – Exploit Achievement Guide

Bitburner – Exploit Achievement Guide 1 -
Bitburner – Exploit Achievement Guide 1 -

A guide to achieve all “Exploit” achievements. You should try to get these achievements on your own because it is extra fun puzzle solving, but if you are stuck you can take a look at this guide.
Here is a link to the game source code, and you will need this to solve these puzzles. – [] 

Exploit: undocumented

Call the undocumented function.
hint: check this part of source code: – [] 
solution: create a script file with .ns or .js file extension. Inside main function, write:


Run the script, and you should get this achievement.


TODO: write guide for other achievements.

I have not figured out unclickable and alternate reality yet. Of course it is possible to edit save file or give myself the achievements directly, but I think there should be other ways.

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