BIOMUTANT – Worth Buying & Playing? Players Review

BIOMUTANT – Worth Buying & Playing? Players Review 4 -
BIOMUTANT – Worth Buying & Playing? Players Review 4 -

Planning to buy BIOMUTANT and you are not sure if is worth it? We create this post exactly for this reason and we hope we can help you with this question


Let’s start first with some information about BIOMUTANT


BIOMUTANT – Worth Buying & Playing? Players Review 1 -
BIOMUTANT – Worth Buying & Playing? Players Review 1 –


BIOMUTANT Information

BIOMUTANT was created by Experiment 101 and released on 26 May 2021 (a few hours ago when this post was created)


  • Open World
  • Action
  • RPG
  • Singleplayer
  • Cute (Monsters?)



BIOMUTANT® is an open-world, post-apocalyptic Kung-Fu fable RPG, with a unique martial arts-styled combat system allowing you to mix melee, shooting, and mutant ability action.

A plague is ruining the land and the Tree-of-Life is bleeding death from its roots. The Tribes stand divided. Explore a world in turmoil and define its fate – will you be its savior or lead it to an even darker destiny?


BIOMUTANT – Worth Buying & Playing? Players Review 2 -
BIOMUTANT – Worth Buying & Playing? Players Review 2 –


Key Features:

    The martial arts-style combat system allows you maximum freedom of movement and agility while mixing shooting, melee, and powers from your mutations. Learning new Wung-Fu combat forms through progression and learning from masters you’ll meet, will constantly add to your choices and make sure combat never gets old.
    You’ll be able to re-code your genetic structure to change the way you look and play. This will of course affect your attributes and in addition to this, exposure to bio-contamination in the world will lead to mutations like the Turtleform and Mucus Bubble, while exposure to radioactivity found in bunkers from the old world will affect your mind and unlock psi-mutations like telekinesis, levitation and more.
    You are totally free when crafting weapons. Mix and match parts to create your own unique 1H or 2H slash and crush weapons. Revolvers, rifles, and shotguns and add modifications like cork-screws and battery-powered chainsaw modules to bio-contaminated sludge vials adding to your combat arsenal. There are even characters you’ll meet that’ll craft cool stuff for you, like bionic wings, a jump-pack, and even let you modify your Automaton – the scrap-toy sidekick!
    You are totally free when equipping your character. Not only when it comes to choosing weapons you created, but what type of gear you wear. Equip a gas mask and an oxygen tank for exploring the Dead Zones, thermos-resistant clothes for venturing into cryonic areas, or protective gear for taking on bio-contaminated creatures, the choice is up to you.
    You are free to explore the world and what lies beneath its surface, by foot, mech, jet-ski, air-balloon, or area unique mounts. Explore the dying wildland, the tunnels, and bunker networks of the underworld, and find your way up the mountains or out in the archipelago. There are lots of discoveries to be made, mysteries to unravel, creatures to confront, and weird characters to meet in this vibrant and colorful world.
    Your actions play a major part in the unfolding of a story where End is coming to the New World. A plague is ruining the land and the Tree-of-Life is bleeding death from its roots. The Tribes stand divided, in need of someone strong enough to unite them or bring them all down…
    You are guided through the world by a Storyteller that narrates every step of your journey, but it’s your actions and choices that’ll decide how your story of survival ends.


BIOMUTANT – Worth Buying & Playing? Players Review 3 -
BIOMUTANT – Worth Buying & Playing? Players Review 3 –


BIOMUTANT Players Review

These reviews are from players who play the game and post their own experience on Steam, we select some of them, and hope these reviews can help you decide.


Thumbs UP Positive Reviews for BIOMUTANT:


+A beautiful world full of colors and picturesque environments.
+The interaction of the characters of the world depends on the karma of the hero and his allies is a nice touch.
+A wide variety of weapons, equipment, and armors.
+The weapon crafting and modification system is simple and fun with a lot of different options.
+The exploration is very funny and rewards you generously with a lot of amazing loots
+an excellent lifetime value.

-Combat with melee weapons is significantly lacking weight.
-Puzzles tend to be overly easy.
-Repeat many in-game dialogues even in the main quests.
-The absence of a quests dynamics system can hinder your exploration sometimes.
-Technical and design issues here and there (can be annoying but not to the extent of ruining the game)

Biomutant is by far one of the most rewarding games when it comes to exploration and loot, and despite needing more polish in some aspects, this game is definitely worth your money and time.





The game just came out a few hours ago and I already see the negative reviews flowing.
I’m enjoying this game. Yes, the combat is very weird and the tutorial was a bit annoying, but I’ve been set loose into the open world and I’m having quite a blast to be honest. Also, I’m not even remotely far into the game, so I have no idea what the future brings!

DISCLAIMER: I see a lot of people already using words like “annoying fanboys” to negate positive reviews. I just bought this game, I heard from it from time to time but wasn’t particularly hyped for it. Making a positive review doesn’t directly make you a fanboy, so, read ALL reviews and not only the negative ones. Please. We’re here to review, not sell the product.

Why did I buy this game? The world and the graphics. Am I disappointed? Hell no. The graphics are gorgeous, my pretty-old-craptop can run this game flawlessly on the second-highest setting and I encountered only one (hilarious and non-game-breaking) bug so far. No frame drops at all, solid 60FPS the whole time and I have a 1050Ti.

I do agree that the presentation of the story is a bit weird. The narrator is amazing, but the way the story is told could be a bit better. I mean, at one point very early in the story, a character close to you dies… but in the most anticlimactic way possible. I couldn’t care less if that character died in that moment, because the delivery was so dumb. Heck, I didn’t even remotely see how it met its faith (I’m concealing its gender for spoiler purposes).

The combat, again, is a bit weird. For normal enemies, melee is amazing and fun. But for bigger enemies with top-of-your-screen-boss-health bars, you have no reason to get close to them. You have infinite ammo and can just spam your pistol onto them until he dies from a safe distance. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Maybe medium is too easy? But guns are extremely overpowered in this game. I would not recommend this game if you’re here for the combat. BUT, I’ve seen some videos online where the combat seems more interesting. It does also seem that in those video’s the players are much farther into the game… so… it only makes sense to think that maybe I’m just not far enough to get more advanced combat.

The map… omg. It’s absolutely gorgeous. This is one of those games where you can just stand still and absorb the world around you for its beauty. I’m so happy that I can explore yet a new amazing world in this game, and again, it doesn’t disappoint.
Exploration is really rewarding and there are some really fun(ny) interactibles.

The character creation is great. I never spend much time in them and I pretty much just made poster-boy, because he looks badass on its own. I liked the way it was presented.

I recommend this game if you want a new unique world to explore and like the graphical style, but don’t expect this game to bring new exciting combat mechanics. It does have amazing combo’s and different weapons, but you’ll probably stick with spamming the gun. But hey, you can make it a challenge, I guess?
Story is ok. I’m not digging in to deep, but it’s comparable to a AAA console exclusive GOTY story that is pretty forgettable.




Enjoying it so far, no bugs, fun world. Noticed a ton of negative reviews with less then an hour played. At the hour mark is when the world opens up. Fun game, would recommend heavily at 30 dollars.




It hurts to see so many negative reviews of this game.
I feel like most are negative because they expected more than they realistically should have.

I might be biased because I was hyped about Biomutant for years, I even pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition.

Honestly, I was in shambles when the first critiques came out couple days ago saying Biomutant was bad. But then I got to play and I can only say that I’m so ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ pissed.

I’m pissed at the fact that I have to go to sleep because I’ve got work tomorrow and I shouldn’t even write the review to begin with, but I feel like maybe I can reach somebody with this review while my sorry-a*s is just frantically wanting to play Biomutant (Oh ♥♥♥♥, tomorrow is gym day… even less to play -___- )

First things first, let’s talk about some points I’ve heard from so called gaming journalists:


Critics say:

  • Narrative is annoying
  • Animals not talking like humans
  • Combat is either not fluid or just a button mashing or straight up boring
  • Boss fights can be lengthy
  • No replayability
  • Boring or cliché story coupled with stale dialogues similar to reading fortune cookies


I say:

  • “Narrative is annoying” and “Animals not talking like humans” – Well yeah, what do you expect? Biomutant tries something new, and instead of taking this as a brave attempt to shake up the old habit of games, it is taken as a straight negative – because it subjectively is bad in their eyes. I think it was a brave idea, and for me it works, because what would be the alternative? Enhanced/mutated animals speaking the human language… yeah, makes sense, NOT.
  • “Combat is either not fluid or just a button mashing or straight up boring” – WHAT THE HELL DO YOU EVEN MEAN WITH NOT FLUID? ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO GET GOLDEN SHOWER WHILE FIGHTING? Because I ain’t seeing any more fluid combat than this possible. And button mashing? Hell no. Did you play on Easy or did you even play beyond the tutorial? Hell even the Tutorial was like multiple enemies trying to bonk your horny a*s while you’re trying to atleast finish a 4-hit combo on one of them from all sides. You need to dodge, parry, guns’n’blaze around and use your brain, unless your job is to write reviews about games from game studios that do not belong to the AAA studios and don’t have you on paylist.
  • “Boss fights can be lengthy” – Ah yes, I also complained so much about the Super Mario fight against Bowser. I just wanted to bonk him, but he threw fireballs at me and I had to doge. So bothersome, so unnecessarily lengthened out. Are you frigging kidding me? Boss fights are fights against NPCs with a larger than normal health pool. Do you also require assistance packing your MyLittlePony bag when you’re going out to your 23th prom because it was unnecessarily hard finding the right time and mood to finish your education AND finding a girl who actually would go with you on the prom, as well?
  • “No replayability” – Sure, except that 4 out of 6 tribes will be in New Game+ and the game has multiple endings… who even gave you permission to be a gaming journalist?
  • “Boring or cliché story coppled with stale dialogues similar to reading fortune cookies” – Because playing the hundredth zombie game where the main protagonist’s love interest gets killed and then you decide to take an unnecessarily high dosage of testosterone to avenge the death of your 1 year old relationship by killing a HUMONGOUS amount of people AKA LAST OF US 2 is any better? Hypocrites everywhere. The story is fine, should it be groundbreaking to award a point? Sure, but just because it averts your expectation of a unrealistic point of view, it shouldn’t be a contra.

TLDR: Gaming Journalism is dead.
Yes, this review is subjective as well, and I’d be damned if this game should not get the proper respect it deserves. Try it out, you can at least refund if it really is not your style. After all, not every game has to be tailored only to you. But maybe you can tailor yourself to be more open to new games.




I really like this game. Reminds me of the old Naughtydog games. If you liked Jak and Daxter I am sure you will enjoy this title. This game exceeded my expectations since it was very conservatively advertised. The devs didn’t over-promise and delivered more than speculated.

The Good:
– Cool game, love the design.
– Yes the story is cutesy and simple but not bad. Just a matter of taste. Got to love the narration very similar to the narration of “Hades.”
– The combat is very fun and gives you different styles to flow with (It can be fast agile combat or souls like slow depending on your play style and weapon of choice) I suggest playing on hard for tougher enemies. They can take you down.
– The feeling of exploration is great.
– I do love the freedom within the crafting system.

The bad:
– The first hour is a little rough due to the lack of polishing around scenes. (But the game gets downright breathtaking as it takes off its training wheels. You can tell where the small dev team ran out of time, BUT they did get the meat of the game right in my honest opinion.)
– Sound design at times can feel unfinished but nothing game-breaking and again it’s spot on in key moments. When the music hits while you are overlooking the beautiful world etc.
– Overall the game could have used some more polishing for the UI and the scene transitions. But nothing that can’t be patched.

This is a great title.
Biomutant is fun, weird, quirky, and most importantly very refreshing. It doesn’t necessarily do anything new, but that is okay it doesn’t have to, to be fun. While I understand that it’s not for everyone just like the “Jak,” “Conker” and “Ratchet and Clank” titles aren’t everyone’s favorite.
I believe this game is a great addition to these types of games and definitely deserves a spot in my library.

I am positively impressed that this game is this good despite mixed reviews. While most negative reviews have barely even played an hour of the game. Form your own opinion as this is definitely a niche title. You might even enjoy it like me.



About 8-9 hours in so far, and that’s just doing side quests and exploring. Have barely touched the main story at all so far and am honestly having a lot of fun. The intro can be a little slow but once you get out and the world/game opens up the game gets insane. Mounts, mechs, crafting weapons and gear, leveling up your character, and getting new skills all feels super rewarding


Thumbs DOWN Negative Reviews for BIOMUTANT:

The Beard With The Pyro

Steam’s yes/no rating doesn’t allow much space for nuance. A “neutral” button would have been more suitable, since it’s not an outright bad game, just one whose flaws seriously impact how enjoyable it is, at least in my view.

Clear efforts have been put into making Biomutant’s combat, crafting, and visuals look and feel great and this is what kept us playing for a whole 30+ hours and looking past brief frame drops and hitches that occurred regardless of graphics settings. There’s a lot to do if you’re up to it, but the repetitive nature of its quests gradually kills momentum while its story and characters make it hard to be invested in its high stakes. Kicking some butt, exploring the world, and scavenging for awesome upgrades can be fun in short bursts. But the moment you try to engage more with its shallow writing and tedious objectives



It really breaks my heart to leave a negative review for Biomutant. There was so much promise and, as of release, it feels as though every part of the game is in a pre-alpha state that needs another year or two in the oven.

The base concept of the game is sound, the theming is interesting, and the world is compelling. But that’s about where the buck stops. Animations, controls, sound design, across the board everything just feels hollow.

I can only hope that the devs continue to take criticism well and either redouble their efforts for their next release or pull a No Man’s Sky and continue development after launch because it’s clear they have awesome ideas.


Gary with a Sniper Rifle

Thumbs down isn’t necessarily to say “this game is bad” as opposed to say it has a bit too much, and because of it’s flaws I can’t exactly recommend it, especially not at this price.

The devs of the game clearly put a ton of effort into the game and I can’t fault them for that but it feels like they’re trying to add too much without really fleshing it out, among other issues which i’ll list among the pros in a second.

The world is beautiful. I absolutely love the way the game looks and personally it runs amazing even at the maximum settings, which is a +
Even though I’m not very far into it, the concept of the game does seem very good as far as post apocalyptic stories can go.
It’s a fable style rpg, you can’t go wrong with having light and dark choices. Everyone loves that.

The animations in this game are jarring to say the least. Nothing really feels like it has any kind of weight to it, and coming off Monster Hunter World, it’s VERY noticeable. You get used to it though, just looks weird-ish.
The character customization is just downright bad if I’m being honest. Your stat line directly affects how your character looks and I couldn’t manage to find a good looking combination at all, which was really just unfortunate.
So far none of the characters seem interesting, which partially comes down to the voices, which I’ll get to in a second. The characters seem like carbon cutouts right now, and the dialogue feels super stale which is really unfortunate because there’s a lot of potential for some interesting characters.
The narrator. Yes you can turn him off, but that’s not the issue I have. I can understand not having voice actors for the game because it’s a small team and all, but the narrator does not have to read *every single line of dialogue*. As nice as his voice is, it starts getting a bit annoying after a while.

I can’t in good heart recommend buying this game in its current state. If you can get it at a discount, give it a try, see if it’s good for you. I like it so far even among the flaws, but there’s a lot of polish that could go into the game as of right now. They’re SO close to having something that could be absolutely incredible but they’re trying to do too much at the same time. Focus on your base game, then flow into your other mechanics.

Tl;Dr: it’s not a bad game, it’s just not worth it at the moment.



I do like this game honestly and will play it probably twice. But there are a lot of things I find quite annoying.

Good looking world and colors. It is very colorful and unique looking. Everything looks hand crafted. There is very little cutting and pasting environments.

A lot of cool ideas. It seems like they thought of a ton of mechanics and stuff they wanted to use but a lot of them don’t feel finished. Like the combat unfortunately, or the lack of stuff to loot or fight in the open world.

A lot of loot. There is plenty of stuff to loot and craft. A lot of it feels like the last weapon you were just using with some extra DPS. It reminds me of The Division in that aspect. The enemies are like the ones in The Division too. Very spongy and your attacks are always kinda weak.

Very annoying voice acting. It is some old British guy paraphrasing what he interprets the NPC is telling you as if you were a 5-year-old. It’s odd. The voice actor sounds very bored and annoyed often. A lot of the lines sound forced.
Think animal planet documentary but the narrator hates his job. It makes it really hard to actually sit through the dialog and be interested in the story, which considering how cool the world is should be this hard to care about lol. This makes the robust multiple-choice responses meaningless since you will likely lose your patience early on and skip all dialog forever.

The unchangeable controls. Most are changeable, however, the 4 buttons assigned to your special abilities are locked and require you to press and hold another button with it to activate.
Let me explain. You need to press and hold the middle button then another button to use the ability.
The buttons they chose for the second buttons all hinder either WASD so you can’t move right or on the controller, the whole right thumbstick cant be used while using abilities because they are ABXY and you gotta hold it down for several seconds or it does almost no damage.
So no aiming when playing with a controller and no walking when playing with a keyboard….
And you cannot change those key-binds. You can add quick cast buttons but using them won’t allow you to charge up the ability for some reason so it always does minimum damage lol. And on the controller, all the button mapping is already taken up and there is none left for quick casting abilities so you can’t even use it.

The combat is lacking. It looked cool in videos but once you play it and feel it the movements and controls feel like your playing Dynasty warriors on the PS2. Very twitchy, hitting the target you want is almost impossible. Even with a mouse, your guy will automatically switch and auto-aim to target you are not even close to or pointing at. It feels like a super outdated targeting system that isn’t working right.

Melee attacks suck. Once you play it for 5 seconds you realize they just stole the moves from Devil may cry 2 and the enemies are super spongy. You often find yourself just punching a guy with the same moves over and over for a minute or 2 before he dies. feels like playing a PS2 beat em up game with dumb controls.

Nothing to explore. In a giant open world with cool-looking trees, destroyed city’s and weird bio environments you cant climb on or explore anything. There is nothing to explore between points really. Do a quest and have to walk somewhere? There will be nothing between you and the next quest. Go off the road to look for stuff to loot or monsters. Nope. Just cool-looking trees and stuff. Its like an empty MMO or something.

The price. Its a standard $60 game. But I really think its a $30 game honestly. It is not a AAA title by any means. The game lacks depth and isn’t going to have replay value. It is short at only about 20 hours if you can sit through the dialog…. Otherwise its like 14 hours. I just feel like if they want $60 for it they needed to sit on this for a few more months and fill it in more and refine the combat and button layouts. Its not done.



Zunny Dee

Not worth the money!

With only seeing the first trailer, I pre-ordered the game without any big expectations.
How can I be “disappointed” then, you may ask? The game didn’t manage to catch me at all.

Please be aware, that I only played the game for almost 2 hours.


Pros: 😎

  • beautiful but not overwhelming, very dynamic graphics (moving trees, grass, moon, sun, shadows, water, etc.)
  • very nice music, sound effects, and a really well-choosen narrator
  • big variety of level and loot systems
  • nice story with kind of two ways of life you can choose for yourself
  • cute characters, cute movements
  • cool creatures, big creatures
  • kids will probably love this game


Cons: 😠

  • why can I only swim for 2 seconds?!
  • if feel like the storytelling is very direct with only “one mission at the time” kind of.
  • not many things you can interact with, besides treasures and enemies, friends
  • it feels kind of empty, especially for 60€
  • movement looks cool but doesn’t feel cool at all
  • button smashing, button smashing, button smashing 😴
  • not a challenge for your brain, if you’re looking for something more in a game


Would buy maybe for 30€ on sale, just to help out the developer team. Because it was a nice idea, just didn’t catch me. Highly overpriced. 🤷‍♀️😓



Is it Worth Buying And Playing BIOMUTANT?

This is only our opinion you don’t need to follow what we suggest, you decide if you want to buy it or not!

When checking the reviews of the BIOMUTANT they have a mixed total reviews with 2500 positive and negative 1800, a lot of players who buy BIOMUTANT are not happy with the game, a lot of players are complaining the game was too expensive to purchase … some players complain the game was not fully ready to be released … in only a few hours of release this was a huge holdback …

The game looks nice … and the developers really have good ideas for games … but they should stop release games so expensive and what is not ready for release …

Our suggestion to buy is only 60% the reason is they are not fully finished and the game has bugs and issues but the game is fun and cute … and 30% no.

We suggest waiting for a period of time till they release some patches to fix the most game issue … this way you can experience in the future a more optimized BIOMUTANT game …


BIOMUTANT – Worth Buying & Playing? Players Review 5 -
BIOMUTANT – Worth Buying & Playing? Players Review 5 –


Did you buy BIOMUTANT? if yes let us know your own experience via comment, we will be happy to see how you feel about the game!

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