BIOMUTANT – How To Solve Cable Puzzles?

BIOMUTANT – How To Solve Cable Puzzles? 1 -
BIOMUTANT – How To Solve Cable Puzzles? 1 -

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The cable puzzle is among the most challenging types of puzzles in Biomutant, and many players have said they’re confused by the puzzle. A gridded terminal with three cables and several X’s, Y’s, and Z’s in both white and yellow can make for a complex puzzle, but once you’ve figured out what you need to know to solve the puzzle, you will start solving the puzzles in record time.


BIOMUTANT – How To Solve Cable Puzzles? 2 -
BIOMUTANT – How To Solve Cable Puzzles? 2 –


How to make sense of the Confusing Cable Situation

The cable puzzles can be described as mathematical puzzles you must solve before completing them.

When you first start a cable puzzle, a string of gray letters will appear at the bottom of your screen. These letters will be your goal in the puzzle you’re trying to solve. The string could include XXXXXX or XXYYYZ.

To build string XXYYYZ correctly, ensure that each cable is connected to at minimum two Xs. However, you aren’t simply searching the terminal for these letters and joining them. The letters are available in white and yellow, as is the norm for all inputs to terminals.

A white letter will be added to your total string, while a yellow number will subtract the letter from your string. This makes the game a bit more complicated and turns it into more of a puzzle, in addition to the difficulty of having a limited amount of moves you can make using the cables. On the other hand, this is the basic concept behind the cable puzzle, and knowing it will allow you to solve the puzzles on your own.


How to find the answers to the cable riddles

Instead of deciding on the cables, you should find out what you do not want. This is one way to simplify the problem that you’re trying to solve. The illustration of the XXYYZZ puzzle that is located above is the clearest illustration of this idea.

If you want to create a string of length that looks like XXYYZZ, you must add all the elements together. This will help you save time and eliminate the need to figure out what factors are involved in XXXXYYYZZZ.

Once we have the total, we’ll subtract what we require to determine what we don’t require. This way, we will get XXYZ by taking our total (XXXXYYYZZZ) and subtracting XXYYZZ from it.

We will have a much more manageable set of letters when we use XXYZ, which will help us achieve this goal easier.

We only have three cables, meaning we can only connect six cables to this terminal. This terminal has ten places where we can place our cables to make it do anything. We need to locate four inputs that are larger than XXYZ. These are the ones we aren’t using to connect our cables. The four corner letters are X, X, Y, and Z. These numbers add to the number we do not need. So, the solution is the six inputs in the middle of each board.


Solutions to Cable Puzzles

There are a significant number of these cable puzzles to be found in Biomutant, and at some point, you will start coming across versions that are even more difficult than the XXYYZZ puzzle. These cable challenges require you to add all letters and subtract one from the total. This will result in a set of letters that is more difficult than the one you started with.

It is possible to solve these using trial and error because, by this moment in the game, you’ve honed your brain quite some, which gives you a chance of finding the right answer. You can also find the solutions to these more difficult puzzles below.

Suppose you were to add all these letters together and then subtract the letters XYYYZ. you’d get a string of XXYYYYYZZZZZZZZ. In the absence of outside help, the only way you can solve the problem is to discover a different method or devise an equation.

Since there are only Xs on the terminals of this cable puzzle, it might take a while to figure out where your cables are expected to be. The cable puzzle is designed to be more difficult than other puzzles.

You can conquer the remaining challenges when you’ve mastered the knowledge and skills to complete the various challenges in the game’s cable section. There are also two other types of puzzles known as circuit board and rotation, which are usually easier than cable puzzles. Your main concern will be with the remainder of the expansive open-world game and all the battle and exploration waiting for you to experience.

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