BIOMUTANT – How to Cheat Money currency?

BIOMUTANT – How to Cheat the money currency? 1 -
BIOMUTANT – How to Cheat the money currency? 1 -

We understand some players don’t have the time to stay and farm for hours to get the items they want, and the game is hard to progress so you gonna need a few hours only to farm your gear and weapons.

We create this post to let you know how you can cheat on BIOMUTANT

Using cheats on BIOMUTANT can break your game experience, so use it only if you are sure.


How to cheat on BIOMUTANT?

The most common way to cheat on BIOMUTANT is using CheatEngine

You can download the cheat engine from here

With a cheat engine, you can edit most currency in-game, and upgrade your items to the max, but don’t forget to use this, the game experience will be broken too.


We are expecting some mods will be available soon, when they come out we will update this post with them, so if you don’t like to use the cheat engine you can use mods soon.

The game is still newly released so expect they will come available possible in few days.


Hope this post helped you 🙂 If you have some suggestions let us know via comment and we will update the post 🙂

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