BIOMUTANT – 100% Achievement Guide

BIOMUTANT – 100% Achievement Guide 1 -
BIOMUTANT – 100% Achievement Guide 1 -

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This guide features all 46 of BIOMUTANT’S achievements and is presented in order of their appearance on the Steam page. It is one to be updated progressively with community findings and contributions and will help provide tips and tricks to achieving 100% completion.


The Adventure Begins


BIOMUTANT - 100% Achievement Guide

Escape Bunker 101

This achievement is story related and can‘t be missed, you will get this during the (unskippable) tutorial within the first 30 minutes of your playthrough.


Twinkle Twinkle


BIOMUTANT - 100% Achievement Guide

Discover a Twinkle Crashsite

To get this achievement you must find the NPC Nova who can be found in their tower in Fnackyleaves Biome just east of the Nuclear Power Station.

Upon talking with Nova, you will get the side mission Twinkle Thwarting. Follow the waypoint to the crash site and solve the rotation puzzle to unlock the achievement.


Under the Table


BIOMUTANT - 100% Achievement Guide

Win a Drinking Competition against Gulp

Gulp is an NPC you will encounter at on a boat bar called Sinkidink just east of the Subnautica station. You will need the Googlide to reach him.

Complete his initial side missions until you unlock the drink-a-link side mission. Press Y to interact with him, then finish your drink.


Wung-fu Master


BIOMUTANT - 100% Achievement Guide

Defeat 50 Enemies using Super Wushu

Weapons have a “Super Wushu” ability in which the user becomes powered up and able to do attacks quickly. Some the abilities that may be tied to this combat style include:

Gun Super Wushu: Players leap in the air with weapons drawn. While time slows around them, they are able to unleash a barrage of shots against multiple targets. Once time reverts to normal, the results of the barrage occur.
Klonk Super Wushu: Used in conjunction with the Klonk Fist, this allows players to charge between enemies, repeatedly striking with a charged-up fist.
Super Melee Wushu: A melee ability that allows players to engage in a quick series of slashes with their blade.

As the description states, defeat 50 enemies using this ability to unlock the Wung-fu Master achievement.


Old World Gadgets


BIOMUTANT - 100% Achievement Guide

Discover all 15 Old World Gadgets

Old World Gadgets are a type of Collectible in Biomutant. For the achievement you are supposed to “find all 15” of them, but there are actually more than 15. Finding any 15 of these will do.

This step-by-step video by will guide you through the process.


Pew Pew!


BIOMUTANT - 100% Achievement Guide

Unlock all Gun Proficiency Skills

This achievement is awarded for unlocking all abilities under the Wung-Fu > Ranged Combat section of the ability menu. There are 5 different types of guns, where each has two unlockable special abilities that cost 1 and 2 upgrade points each. You need a total of 15 upgrade points to unlock all Gun Proficiency Skills.


Hack n’ Slash


BIOMUTANT - 100% Achievement Guide

Unlock all Melee Weapon Proficiency Skills

This trophy is awarded for unlocking all abilities under the Wung-Fu > Close Combat section of the ability menu. There are 5 different types of close combat weapons (Unarmed counts as a weapon), where each has two unlockable special abilities that cost 1 and 2 upgrade points each, plus 1 extra for the “Twin Silver Grip” skill to allow you to use dual wield melee if you don’t start on the Saboteur class. You need a total of 15 (or 16) upgrade points to unlock all Melee Weapon Proficiency Skills.


DNA Overload


BIOMUTANT - 100% Achievement Guide

Re-code your DNA at a Cooling Tower Biopool

There are multiple places these achievement can be obtained, always in a nuclear power plant. It is not labelled as a Cooling Tower Biopool, it is called a mutation spot.

One of the mutation spots is found is in the west of the Fnackyleaves Biome, at the Bio Nucleus 10D power plant. You will need the biohazard suit to enter this area.

On the northeast side of the plant you can find a way underground, follow the path until you come across a green glowing waterfall. Interact with this and you will be able to adjust your character structure. After you exit you get the achievement.


Max Gains


BIOMUTANT - 100% Achievement Guide

Upgrade any 2 Attributes to 100

Your character has 6 different attributes with values that are set depending on what you do during character creation. When you level up, you gain points that you can use to add to any attribute +10 at a time. For this achievement, you just need to upgrade any 2 attributes so that they have a value of 100+. You will gain 250 attribute points at a minimum during the game because of the Specialized achievement, so just make sure to upgrade any 2 attributes to at least 100 while playing so that you don’t need to grind extra levels after other achievements.




BIOMUTANT - 100% Achievement Guide

Defeat 20 Enemies using the Ki-Spark Ability

Ki-Spark is a Psi-Power mutation ability that you can unlock using 16 Psi-Points when you have at least 30 Light Aura. When used you shoot lighting in front of you while consuming your Ki gauge. You need to defeat a total of 20 enemies using this ability. It doesn’t deal a lot of damage quickly so can be a slight pain to use depending on when you unlock it, so for the easiest time, you should weaken enemies with melee or firearms first, then just finish them off with Ki-Spark. Only the killing hit needs to be from this ability, it’s perfectly fine to weaken the enemies first.


Stick it to Them


BIOMUTANT - 100% Achievement Guide

Stick 25 enemies to the Mucus Bubble

Mucus Bubble is a Biogenetics mutation you can purchase for 12 Bio-Points. When used it makes a bubble appear around you where you can then roll around and any enemies touched will stick to the bubble. Stick enemies to the bubble 25 times to earn this trophy.

You can do this on the same enemy / enemies over and over until the trophy pops, it doesn’t need to be different enemies.




BIOMUTANT - 100% Achievement Guide

Bounce 50 times on a Fungus

Fungi is a Biogenetic power that you can unlock for 4 Bio-Points. When used you spawn a mushroom on the ground which bounces enemies or you into the air. For this achievement, you need to bounce on your placed Fungi a cumulative total of 50 times.




BIOMUTANT - 100% Achievement Guide

Ride the Googlide across all Water Resistance Levels

The Googlide is a jetski-like watercraft that you obtain during the main quest from Goop at Subnautica Station. Once you obtain it you can summon it in most water areas using the mount menu.

There are three different levels of water resistance that the Googlide can only go through if you have the appropriate level or higher motor equipped, with different motors being obtained by opening Googlide Wrekboxes. The water resistance levels are normal blue water at level 1, green water at level 2, and brown water at level 3.

Drive your Googlide in each of these water types with the correct level motor or higher equipped to earn this trophy. If you manage to obtain a level 3 motor early from one of the boxes then you can just use that all the time as it works for all water resistance levels.


Heavy Metal


BIOMUTANT - 100% Achievement Guide

Survive 5 minutes in the Mekton while in the Deadzone

The Mekton is a large mech suit that you unlock during the progression of the main story. You use it to enter the Deadzone, an area on the west part of the map that lacks oxygen, so the Mekton allows you to move around without running out of air. This trophy requires you to stay in the Mekton in the Deadzone for at least 5 minutes.

You can either do this while exploring the area, or just wait in one spot until the trophy pops.




BIOMUTANT - 100% Achievement Guide

Ride a Gnaut 500 meters

Gnoats are the animal mounts you can obtain during the game. You can first obtain them after the main quest where you take your first tribe outpost, where there will then be a new side quest nearby to acquire a mount, or a new main quest you come across on the way to the next outpost.

Finish either of these to acquire a mount, then ride it for a total of 500 meters.




BIOMUTANT - 100% Achievement Guide

Unlock all Automaton Upgrades

As you playthrough the game, you will encounter a character holding a lantern that will assign a side quest called Mirage. They spawn in random locations, but fairly frequently.

Chase down the character with the lantern before they disappear, you will then be required to perform a quick fight. Win or lose the fight you will receive an upgrade.

Repeat this 4 times to unlock the Toytinkerer achievement.


In the Green


BIOMUTANT - 100% Achievement Guide

Possess more than 1000 Greenleaf

Greenleaf is the currency used with vendors in Biomutant. It is obtained by defeating minibosses, selling items, or picked up from “Green ATM” plants that can be found in the environment. Have more than 1000 at the same time to earn this achievement.




BIOMUTANT - 100% Achievement Guide

Obtain 10 of each Crafting Resource

There are 5 different crafting materials in Biomutant: Metal, Wood, Plastic, Rubber, and E-Waste. These are obtained either by destroying Resource Totems or disassembling gear items obtained while playing. Resources cap at 99 held at a time, and that’s a total you can easily reach while disassembling gear at the end of the game, so obtaining 10 of each should happen fairly quickly during gameplay.




BIOMUTANT - 100% Achievement Guide

Capture 20 Sqvips

Sqvips are small orange squirrel-like animals & purple rodent-like animals that can be caught during the game. You will encounter them first during one of the main quests before facing the Jumbo Puff world eater. You will first obtain them in an area in the Deadzone for the main quest, but they can be found all over the game world with no specific set spawn location.

When you see one approach it and press Y (interact) to catch it, then you are given a choice of whether to kill the animal or capture it, which awards an Aura point depending on what you pick.

Catch 20 total of these (regardless of what Aura choice you pick) to earn this achievement.




BIOMUTANT - 100% Achievement Guide

Capture 20 Gumducks

Gumducks are a type of “animal” you are required to capture during the “Gumquack Hollow” main quest before facing the Porky Puff world eater. You are tasked with going into a location called “Gumquack Hollow” to capture these for Goop. It’s location is one the border between Bricktown and Surfipelago.

At the end of this tunnel location, there is a large room with shallow water in it, where you find a number of rubber ducks floating around, which are the Gumquacks you need to capture.

This one specific area always respawns several Gumquacks, so to get 20 you can simply farm them by returning to this location a few times.




BIOMUTANT - 100% Achievement Guide

Capture 20 Glittermoths

Glittermoths are a moth/butterfly you are required to capture during one of the main quests before facing the Hoof Puff world eater. They look like a butterfly inside an area of other shiny butterflies.

You acquire 5 for the main quest from a specific location, then they become the most annoying of the animals to farm because they don’t respawn at that location again or seem to have any other sort of set spawn location like other animals. They can spawn basically anywhere in the game world, so the only way to catch them is to just randomly come across them. Make sure to always grab them if you see them while wandering around during normal gameplay, because they are frustrating to try and farm for later.




BIOMUTANT - 100% Achievement Guide

Capture 20 Pippis

Pippis are a dark-colored bird that you can capture during the game. They aren’t required for one of the main quests, but you will probably run into them during gameplay as they can spawn basically anywhere in the world.

You can tell when near them because they make flapping and cawing noises like a bird would, and when found in the environment there will normally be a group of birds around them that will fly away when you approach, leaving just the capturable Pippi.




BIOMUTANT - 100% Achievement Guide

Capture 20 Guppos

Guppos are a black fish that you are required to capture during one of the main quests before facing the Murk Puff world eater. They are all black with white eyes, and like Gumquacks seem to only have one specific spawn point, located in Guppo Grotto.

At the end of the tunnel area you can find a group of them spawned in the shallow water in a circular room. You capture them by pressing Y when they jump out of the water.

Like Gumquacks this appears to be the only location that they spawn in, so you will need to return here after story to farm more of them, waiting around 30 minutes of game time before returning so that they respawn. They also appear in pairs of 6 at a time, so you will need to make at least 4 trips here total to obtain 20 of them.




BIOMUTANT - 100% Achievement Guide

Buy an Item from Honki

Honki is a side character located directly southeast of the World Tree in an area called Sprill Slope. When you meet him, he’ll have you find two items for him that are nearby, then after returning with the second item he becomes available as a vendor.

Buy any item from him regardless of value to earn this achievement.




BIOMUTANT - 100% Achievement Guide

Discover all 7 Environment Biomes

There are 8 named regions of the map in Biomutant, with them largely mapping to the 7 different biomes the game has. Going clockwise around the map from the starting area they are as follows:

  • Whereabouts – South, general forest, similar to Fnackyleaves area
  • Deadzone – Southwest, barren area, lower elevation areas lack air and cause hypoxia
  • Fnackyleaves – Northwest, general forest, similar to Wherabouts area
  • Kluppy Dunes – North, desert
  • Mushumosh Mire – Northeast, swamp
  • Knupstonies – East, mountains
  • Surfipelago – Southeast, water/lake
  • Yerpfields – Central, plains

During main quests events, Kluppy Dunes is the only area you aren’t actually directed to go to for anything, but there are two side characters located there so you will need to go there eventually. After you have entered each biome (text notification will show on the bottom left when you enter new biomes) you will be awarded the achievement.


Eye on the Road


BIOMUTANT - 100% Achievement Guide

Discover and enter 3 Manholes

Manholes lead to locations called “Gutways”. You can find these normally in the middle of roads, and they can be seen on the map with the circular manhole with a light shining out of it.

For this achievement you need to enter 3 different Gutways. You don’t need to complete the area, only enter it so it shows you being inside and giving the location objectives.

Follow this guide by to scout through the locations.


End of the Rainbow


BIOMUTANT - 100% Achievement Guide

Find out what’s at the End of a Rainbow

After you find Jumble at Bullibull Glade, he asks you to find an item for him at the end of a rainbow. Follow the quest markers to where you eventually find a chest that contains “Rainbow Concentrate”. The achievement pops right when you pick up this item from the chest.


Written by Avesta ✪

Hope you enjoy the Guide about BIOMUTANT – 100% Achievement Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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