Bio Prototype – Building Tips and Mechanics

Bio Prototype – Building Tips and Mechanics 1 -
Bio Prototype – Building Tips and Mechanics 1 -

Welcome to Bio Prototype – Building Tips and Mechanics Guide.

This guide will teach you the basic mechanics of building and placing turrets for proper defenses.

Building Tips

Tip 0:

It would be best if you multiplied the damage output to win. I often have 6 copies of the turret that fires 6 copies of the missile that fires 6 bullets.

1. Mutants make excellent turrets.

Mutants require 1.0 fertility to spawn. You need a slow spine effect or another slow +power effect to spawn them.

An extra mutant is available at 2.0 fertility and 3.0 fertility, respectively.

All your best guns should be used on your mutants. It increases your DPS quickly.

Instead of putting the fire aura on your hero, you can spawn 6 mutants each that spawn 6 more mutants with the fire aura (36 fire auras is sweet).

2. Turn your guns into turrets

A few tentacles have a 3 second duration, infinite piercing and a few others.

These are great for attaching short spines, intestines, and lungs to make them into turbines.

High attack speed spines are desired so they can shoot several times before the initial missile runs its course.

3. How to use small fast attacks

A fast spine attached to a fast gun that fires many shots will do very little damage. However, if you add a nerve with either “on hit” (or “on crit”) then the next weapon will not care how much damage you did. It does full damage.

4. Organs with a circle shape connect to Organs with a diamond shape

If you didn’t see it in the tutorial, you always start with a circular, then a diamond, then circle, and then diamond, etc.

5. Click on items to see their destinations

Click on any Organ or Slot to see it with green highlights.

Important: If the green highlight is only on the left side, it is not a match.

6. Healing = Root Organs

A root organ’s minimum efficiency is 700%. This is not enough to get one with a base regener value of.18 higher than 1 as the second in any chain.

Although it is impossible to get it everywhere, the combination of the right things could make a powerful combination. Heart of the Wolf is the most reliable, as it is always more than 1000%.

7. Poisoned Enemies can also be Turrets!

If the poison gland is located to the right of the poison gland, then the poison will cause the poison gland to emit a gun and a spine. Since poisoned enemies don’t last long, I recommend very fast spines.

8. In the settings menu, reduce Effects Visibility to a minimum

You must see your enemies. You can see up to two enemies if you want to see more of your attacks, but 1/10 seems fine.

9. Offspring

The offspring create friendly entities that remain in place and pass them down to their children. Each one has its own unique properties.

Mutant: invincible has medium duration, great for having melee or ranged “turrets”.

Imp: is available to you (for “on hit” effects), for a long duration and is good for placing down a lot of status effects

Eggs: is killed upon contact with enemy, for a short duration. Add some AoE effects to them, and you’ve got landmines

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Written by Mike

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Bio Prototype – Building Tips and Mechanics, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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