BIGFOOT – How to Hunt Bigfoot Best Tactics + Best Weapon to Hunt

BIGFOOT – How to Hunt Bigfoot Best Tactics + Best Weapon to Hunt 1 -
BIGFOOT – How to Hunt Bigfoot Best Tactics + Best Weapon to Hunt 1 -

guide to make solo vs ai easy as possible


lets get though the basics so we know what works and what dosnt
– M4 only good weapons
– use others if you dont hasve M4 yet
– kill all enemies in sight, foodbig can heal from them, so sloughter them be for he can
– flare stuns biggo for a short time
– handfun is garbage
– limited amount
– break when bifsmoke steps on them
– stuns foodbig for short time
-> only use traps if you can pump out a lot of damage
Night vision camera
– when placed in a circle can tell you where bigf is coming from
– good for camping
– max 10
– heal 40hp -> max 400hp healing
healing is not a lot even on easy
– explosives should be used in combination with traps
– firework is useless

Put him down (lategame easy tactical)

the best strategy is :
Take Rick or Jessica
Rick (best)
+ 15% firearm damage -> main damage source
+ 10% running speed
+ 15% Healing efficiency -> helps with very limited healing
+ slept with her teacher
early game
– gather all traps, explosive and the m4, dont use any
– run around at night, he never found me at night when i was running around
– kill all animals you see with the sniper or glock
– try to take the least damage you can, healing is very limited
End game
the times of being a ♥♥♥♥♥ is over time to get a trophy for your room
the strategy is to camp in a easy to defend place by stunning bigdodo repeadedly with traps and flairs while pumpiing out high damage with explosives and the M4
– there are many good camping places with lots of free view and limited attack directions
the house at the mountain top, center right of the map, is amazing for it
– only 3 directions he attacks
– room to evoid his charging
– one way to the house
– night vision cameras can be used as motion sensors, showing you where he is coming from on the mini map, spread them out in a circle shape, facing outwards
– spread out traps
– place explosives
– select M4, flairgun and singnalflare in melee
Put him down
at this point you will know what todo, he attacks he gets putt down
– full auto him with M4
– activate explosives when he is close to them
– if he gets through the traps flairgun him
– if you panic flair him
rince and repeat till he is a trophy

Written by Jason300

Hope you enjoy the Guide about BIGFOOT – How to Hunt Bigfoot Best Tactics + Best Weapon to Hunt, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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