BIGFOOT – Comprehensive Guide & Useful Information How to kill Bigfoot

BIGFOOT – Comprehensive Guide & Useful Information How to kill Bigfoot 1 -
BIGFOOT – Comprehensive Guide & Useful Information How to kill Bigfoot 1 -

This is a guide which will give you tips and facts about the game and how to defeat bigfoot.

Weapons & Tools

The only gun in the game is the rifle. It has 2 types of bullets which are Rifle Bullets and Tracking Bullets. The Rifle bullet deals only damage to Bigfoot and animals, while Tracking bullets deal damage while also track Bigfoot or the animal with a red dot on your map in the bottom left. (Or if you click M). You can switch between bullets by clicking Q and left mouse clicking on the the bullet next to the rifle. The bullets next to the rifle display only the reserve amount. Also once bullets are chambered, they are locked in.
The knife is a tool and can cause damage. Although not a lot, particularly is used on smaller creatures such as foxes. The knife is mostly used to gut or gain meat of animals. Once an animal is killed simple click E on the animal and you will gain 1 meat.
Note – When playing COOP, all of you go up to the animal and click E on it. You will all gain 1 meat. This is a weird glitch me and my buddies found.
The flare gun is probably one of the most useful weapons in the game. Although simple, what it does it fire a flare into the sky and explodes on impact with anything it hits. This is very useful because if Bigfoot attacks and you shoot him with the flare directly, it will scare him off and he will run away and attack again some time else.
Signal Flares are a weird type of tool. They do not aid you in anyway. From my experience, you open the flare and it lights up. It is a red fire and produces smoke. You cannot throw this but you can hit with it. As of now I do not know if you hit Bigfoot he will run away but at the moment to me is a totally useless tool.
Traps are the main damage to Bigfoot. A lot of people complain that there is not enough bullets, but the reason is for that is because they do not necessarily want you to deal tons of damage with the rifle. They want you to use the game mechanics provided. When a trap is placed, you have 3 options. Mask, Place Meat and Take. When Bigfoot walks over them it can deal up to 10% of damage based on the total health bar. He will step on one and roar then attempt to get it off. When done so he will begin attacking again. I think there is a chance where the trap will not catch him but I am not entirely sure.
Cameras are a simple tool. They are placed and then can be viewed by clicking tab and then selecting cameras. They have a semi-static view and can look 360 all around. Cameras will beep once when an entity is in visible sight of the camera. I believe that the camera will beep twice if it is Bigfoot. I do not think Bigfoot can or will destroy these cameras.
The Night Vision Camera is exactly what it says. It is a camera that allows you to see more thoroughly in the dark. It has a green camera when viewing this. (Note this is not a camera you place, this is one you hold up to your face and view through).
The drone basically acts like a drone. You place is down and view it through your tablet. To fly up you hold space, to fly down you hold left shift and to turn it off is ctrl or Q. This is very helpful too keep eye of your surrounding from the birds eye view.
Meat is gained from animals. It can be placed on the ground and used in traps. This is supposed to lure Bigfoot, but in my experiences it doesn’t seem to work.
This is on your forehead and can be activated by pressing F. This acts exactly like a torch would, lighting up areas in which you are looking in.
These are basically little shelters you can stay in. They do not protect you and Bigfoot just hits you anyway. You can set these up as traps though with thinking.
Campfires are just fires you can craft. When placed you can add sticks and then light. These are not useful in the Forest map unless you need light but are essential in the Winter map as you get cold and can die.
Medkits are a type of healing item in the game. Medkits heal around half of your health and are used to heal a downed friend.


Bigfoot is friendly during the day unless provoked. Provoked being if you shoot at him. He will either attack you or run away. During night time he is very hostile. He will attack on sight and when he wants too. He is lured with meat placed on the ground and deer corpses. (I have not seen this work). If Bigfoot is caught in a trap placed in an area, he will not get caught in the trap again if placed in the vicinity. Bigfoot is a very strong, when attacking he will hit a couple of times eventually either knocking you on the ground or yeeting you into the stratosphere. Bigfoot can jump… Very high. Don’t think your safe if your on a mountain and he is on the ground. Houses and cabins etc do not protect you. He will hit you through a window and welcome himself in through the door. Watch towers are worse, you are not safe in them. I use these to get some good hits on Bigfoot though. He will attack all 4 corners of the tower eventually destroying the tower floor and stairs. Even if you think you stay on, the game creates a barrier which kicks you off. In version 3.0 he has red blood and does not bleed on the ground. You can trigger him too come if you stay in the swamp for a while. (Top left of the map) This only works once but he still goes there. Bigfoot can travel through water. Me and my friend tested this and he just runs on the bottom of the water and attacks you. But some waters he does avoid such as the swamp water but if you are camping it, he will come in and attack.
Bigfoot has different roars which indicate what he is doing. The first roar is a deep roar which indicates where he is nothing else. The second roar is a higher pitched roar but still terrifying, this lets you know he is watching. The third roar is basically his battle roar. He does this when about to attack players.

Game Mechanics

From what I have tested, water negates all fall damage. The player cannot just from heights and very little jumps will cause fall damage. The more people you have, the more loot is scattered but also Bigfoot is stronger. In the Winter map, You will slowly start freezing, when you hit 30 degrees you will start dying. Either find a house or start a fire. You do not get cold on the Forest map.

Glitches And Easter Egg

Note – This is a early access game, feel free to report bugs and feedback to the developers, but do not insult them because it is generally a ♥♥♥♥ move as they are working on the game. I feel this game will be something big and fun to play in its release.
A glitch which is the most annoying is when Bigfoot gets stuck. He could get stuck on a rock or in the case where I killed him on day 2, a waterfall.
Type Bigfoot into the search bar in your tablet.

How I Play And How To Kill Bigfoot

I usually play COOP, so sorry to my solo friends. This is not easy and quick, this will take a bit of time. The fastest kill I got on Bigfoot was on day 2 due to a glitch. The fastest time I have killed Bigfoot to natural game play is on day 8 which took around 2 – 3 hours of straight playing.
When I start with my friends, I usually get all the loot and split it evenly between me and my friends. Medkits are your friend, split them and have at least 1 for each friend so if you are downed you can be healed or heal someone else. I like to find all locations as soon as possible to gain all the loot. During the day I like to explore and find these locations. During the night I like to stay put or keep finding the locations if already not done so. Do not split up, as it just makes it harder and more annoying if your friend gets downed. Distribute ammo fairly as there is simply not enough to go around and all will enjoy the game if you all have ammo to shoot. I usually do not set up cameras as they do not seem to help much. When I do I like to set them up at intersections or some locations these are generally your choice. When your camera beeps, just cycle through each camera quickly and when you hear Bigfoots sound, you know what camera he is at. Do not set up traps randomly as he is not attracted to them (I don’t think). I like to wait until I see him or hear is attack roar and then my friends unload onto him while I set up the trap and lure him into it. When he is at the trap we like to go up to him and knife the ♥♥♥♥ out of him and then fire a flare and shoot our rifles. This is all quick thinking. I also like to shoot animals and harvest there meat when I have plenty of ammo. Once all locations are found, wait at the house in the swamp and set a trap at the front door. Or go to a hunting tower and unload bullets onto him while he attacks the tower. Eventually you will kill him and get the cut scene. Don’t bother finding the bodies but if you want there is one at the swamp house. Apply the same thing to the Glacier but keep track of your temperature.
You can apply these rules to Solo.


I really hope this helped everyone who read. There is simply not enough information on google or anything like that on the new update of 3.0. I tested and researched with bigfoot and the game attempting to find little facts you didn’t know about.
I have to thank my friend for having the patience to play this game and do a couple of tests while trying to kill bigfoot. In conclusion I really enjoy this game and it has big potential to be a great game. This is most fun with friends so try and get your buddies to play.
Credit Too Pcgamer2007

Written by e10badass

This is all about BIGFOOT – Comprehensive Guide & Useful Information How to kill Bigfoot; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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