BIGFOOT – Best Tactics Gameplay Tips

BIGFOOT – Best Tactics Gameplay Tips 1 -
BIGFOOT – Best Tactics Gameplay Tips 1 -

this is a long guide pretty simple one although long and it has level limits which i will write in each page (the level limit is to keep new players away from the content because it can highly damage their experiance

Tactics (p1)


level 3+
1.find a place that has one enterance and place an ambush there
2.aim for the head
3.Go for the M4CLweapon because it deals more damage(then all other weapons).
4.choose a path that gives you the most loot before bigfoot attacks
5.choose the well known path and train in a known map
6.when bigfoot is far use rangd weapons(r700 and avm right to 4.2 version maybe in the future there will be more). and shoot bigfoot when it turns day(time of the game).
8.when bigfoot return place a trap replace the ambush
9.scare bigfoot all the time (with flaregun).
10.shoot bigfoot when he is shocked or delayed.
11.if you dont kill him in the first attack then plant traps with meat because he is attracted to it.

Tactics (p2)


level 3+
1. you do not need to fully reload your guns all you need is to do is to start the reload and then you
can switch to another gun and then swtich back ti the gun you reloaded and it should be fully
reloaded and the good thing about it is that the faster you do it the better thus trick is.
2.make sure all of your guns are always fully reloaded and you have full capacities of the guns with
bullets of the gun.
3.always try a new challange meaning if you beat 1-1-3 (1 bigfoot damage 1 bigfoot health and 3 loot
amount) then try 2-1-3 (3 loot amount 1 bigfoot health and 2 bigfoot damage). or 2-2-3 ( 3 loot
amount 2 bigfoot health 2 bigfoot damage).

Tactics (p3)


level 2+
Health isn’t a big subject so i will just write about it a paper without parts so first is that you always
manage your health because if you don’t pay attention you might be low and when you will get
damaged you will die and lose all of what you did second is to try always s tay above 40 health
points(HP). Third is to always have at least 1 aid kit with you so if you somehow die by some reason
(can be by fall famage, tree falling, wolf attack,bear trap, stepping in your trap, getting caught in
bigfoots trap etc.) you will have a health pack to revive yourself.

Tactics (p4)


level 3+
1. save bullets
2. get maximum loot before bigfoot attacks
3. train
4. share tactics with pro players
5. play with pro players to learn tactics
6. play laggy
7. try to loot faster
8. protect strong players in your team
9. keep learning if its something you might know
10. visit otehr versions to expand your knowledge about the game(recommended version 3.0)
11. learn every source of knowledge you can listen to.

Tactics (p5)


level 3+
movement is a hard part of bigfoot because stamina isn’t infinite and also if you play against a bigfoot
player the movement really matters as for the AI stamina is the thing that helps the hunter now first i
will talk about stamina and then movement first of all is that because stamina regenerate here and
there but you can regenerate a lot of stamina each time it regenerates meaning if you run for 1-2
seconds and then make a 0.5-1 seconds break the stamina very longer now against a bigfoot player
movement is much more important the beat way to play with a bigfoot player is to loot the fastest you
can and be unexpected.

Tactics (p6)


Bigfoot player
level 5+
Bigfoot player is an op character because Bigfoot players can rush the players and attack until they
are dead and because of that beating a bigfoot player is very difficult and some say its impossible but
it really isn’t because if you know how to deal with bigfoot players killing a bigfoot player isn’t the most
difficult task but it’s not even rare and now how to deal with a bigfoot player is not simple and it can
take you time so first it’s movement train movement the best you can and train to move unexpectly
second is try to manipulate bigfoot a good example for manipulating bigfoot is “hitbox abuse” tactic
which is puting a trap not close to bigfoot but far enough so the trap gets bigfoot because bigfoot
hitbox is so big.

Tactics (p7)


level 1+
Training is an impoertant thing since all your skills are controlled by training to train you need to get
out of your comfort zone and it means if you most time play Redwood then try to play Winter Park
and if you master both maps try a different version of bigfoot like that you get out of your comfort
zone and find new tactics new knowledge and tips tactics tricks etc. so i do recommend to train and
get out of your comfort zone so you can learn new stuff about the game i personally recommend to
try 3.0-3.3 version if you have mastered 4.0-4.x version because 3.0-3.3 is a hard version.

Tactics (p8)


Tactics against bigfoot player
level 5+
1. hitbox abuse
hitbox abuse is simple just put trap far but in his hitbox
2.keep flashlight off
as for flashlight bigfoot player can see so its best when off
3.trick bigfoot
trick bigfoot so he doesn’t get close to you
use ziplines because they help ou travel fast
5.choose smart
choose your charater smart william and rick best
6.loot fast
looting fast is an important aspect so you have max loot if bigfoot rush smart
be smart with what you do
manage your gameplay good
share loot with your friends because bigfoot can attack only one player while the second guy can shoot and attack bigfoot
make an order you are gonna follow all of the game

Tactics (p9)


As bigfoot
level 4+
Tactics to use as bigfoot even if bigfoot is unbalanced against experianced players you will need tactics and tricks to beat them.
use weapons when you attack a hunter
place traps(bigfoot traps) in popular areas or next to a house entery or a place that will guarantee the hit
save your energy and don’t waste it all
try to be unexpected so hunters miss bullets
kill and hunt animals for best regenaration of health points and also eat meat from grills aswell they are a good source of food and also if you play redwood visit giant’s tree it has 2 pieces of meat
manage your gameplay and be smart with waht you do.



level 3+
4.0-4.x bigfoot story is complicated and it is complicated because the notes that tell the map story are all spread around there are some guides online and you might find them helpful but i do recommend to stick to a trustworthy source “The Rare Plants” is a good book because it has tricks tactics and touches of story and if you have skill that is good enough you can try to read “books” that teach everything about the story of bigfoot and teaches tactics taht are so good taht if even one (end of page 10) of them publishes it can ruin bigfoots history because the tactics are the same for every version (fundamental tactics that work in anything) and even future versions still doesn’t ruin the tactics and even with all of that those books are very hard to learn and can be confusin and because all of this those books are for high level players and this is also why “The Rare Plants” book has a rank limit of 5 levels legit glitchless and without bugs personally i recommend listening to the rank limit because not being in the rank might damage the 4.0-4.x experiance forever.



level 5+
note:this section was taken from “The Rare Plants” book rank limit 5+
1.Knocking is a big mystery and after a research bigfoot isn’t responsible for the knocking and it is just a random event.
2.Plane is another mystery it’s explanation is simple it’s explanation is that the plane is people checking if the hunters are alive or dead
3Aliens is another mystery and it’s explanation is that the aliens study bigfoot and they didn’t brought bigfoot to the forest and it also explains why the aliens come when the hunter shock the “Radio Tower” because the aliens study on bigfoot from there



level 3+
versions are available from the beta but you might ask why should the other versions interest us and well there are a lot of benefits to play other versions my favorite being 3.0-3.3 those versions are very mysterious and since i had a lot of playtime on it i can tell you for sure you can learn tons and tons and even more tons of tactics and not only tactics it is also the story and each version has tons of mysteries and if you mastered 4.x you can always change versions and face new challanges and i do highly recommend to try 3.0 (end of page 13) now let’s talk about t he benefits and which version can give you the most benefits and also the most fun version
1.version 1.0 is the first bigfoot version and it can damage your skills because bigfoot dies so fast there which if you get regular for it then it’s very nad and can damage you skills hard
2.version 2.1 is a way hard version because it is a big wack and bigfoot attacks only once plus his HP bar is hidden and you are always unawareof whats happening and because all of that its a hard version and it’s good to train if you are going blind and it’s a good challange
3.version 3.0 is my favorite and i will (end of page 14) explain why i highly recommend playing it but first the map of 3.0 is very good bery balanced and distances between each version(area/place) is very right and adds to the version(actual version) now balance is also perfect all of the loot around the map gives the most balanced thing(balanced game with damage and loot) and bigfoot damage is also very very balanced to the amount of the loot that the map produces now for secrets it is also full of in RL(Ross Lake) you can find drawings of snake people and more plus there is a Thor hammer in one of the caves (that cave is very hard to find and it’s located in the middle of the map) and for GB(Glacier Bay)(snow map) you can find a giant fossil.



level 0+
This is the end of the book tactics and it is pretty amazing how much information we have covered and i hope you learnt a thing or two and it is very insane how much we have covered and thats all.

End of book



Written by ariels8

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about BIGFOOT – Best Tactics Gameplay Tips; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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