Beyond The Wire – How To Be a GOOD Section Leader

Beyond The Wire – How To Be a GOOD Section Leader 1 -
Beyond The Wire – How To Be a GOOD Section Leader 1 -
A simple guide on how to successful infantry section leader and some basic mechanics of the cla*s.


What I will go over in this guide:

In the guide i will go over a couple different basic and more advanced mechanics/advice on how you can not only make yourself a more effective infantry section leader (SL) but also how you can help your section to both defend and attack points effectively (sorry if i have bad grammar and spelling enjoy 🙂 

What you will need.

1 .A mic (preferably not sounding like a WW1 command radio) 
2. A voice box i am very sorry if you are deaf this 🙁 
3. The role of section leader SL 

How to effectively communicate to your section

The first and most important part of being an SL is communication, the worst thing to do is not speak to your section when SL’s do not communicate the section often gets unorganised and killed so make sure to give orders to your section when you believe you need to the. 
When communicating try to stay positive and friendly no one likes an SL being constantly negative so keep moral among your section up. encourage your section to give information and act on it. It is not only your section’s information that you must utilise but your own try to scout by using your binoculars, they provide a clear view for you to scout enemy positions for your section. 
When giving your section orders make sure to speak loud, clear and confident this will help ensure your sections trust in you as an sl. 

What orders to give and how

If you can successfully communicate with your squad your next step is to utilise the information and abilities you have. The abilities you have at your disposal as an SL are: 
1.Orders/callouts (these include but are not limited to move to marker, attack marker and enemy position markers, 
2. Rally point (a small but effective place-able spawn point for you and your section to spawn on) 
3. Your section leader ability (An ability that will help you and your section during a push) 
4. You (hopefully good SL after reading this guide) 
You can make good use of your orders/callouts by holding down T selecting the top left or right option then clicking the options while looking towards where you would like to place the marker these markers can be used to give information to your section or tell them points to move, attack, defend etc. When using abilities in form with your information about enemy and friendly positioning as well as your section following orders given by you the game will feel extremely rewarding/fun. 
The decisions made by you must be relevent to the map for example flanking is often a good option in objective based games but on maps with open fields like frise your chances of being spotted and gunned down by MG nests are high. Try to think outside the box with a plan that the enemy wont expect. 
Rally points are place-able spawn points wich can be placed by an SL once every two minutes. When placing a rally point make sure to place it in a safe area with good cover close but not to close to an objective, think wisely on how you can utilise the rally point to get an endless supply of troops pushing the enemy from its postilion. 
your section leader ability (section charge ability) will give you and your section a small speed boost this can be effective for rushing objectives with your section 
your last and most important ability is you. you must try to give orders that will not only help kill the enemy but also help your team win the game by defending/attacking one or more objectives. 

working with command and other sections

Team work is how you will win games in Beyond the wire, successfully communicating with your 
commander and friendly sections will help you and your section to secure objectives as well as kills. 
doing this is done with the commander radio witch can be set to a key of your choice in controls 
Often your commander will ask you to mark a point for either artillery, a smoke barrage or chlorine gas make sure to help them as this can be vital to a teams push. 
after a commander has placed either artillery, a smoke barrage or chlorine gas on a marker he will often ask you to relay this information to your section witch you can do using your section radio. 
Its is important to relay information and requests from your commander and fellow SL’s to your section from this info use it to your advantage. 
It is important to rally you and your fellow SL’s sections together for pushes on objectives or spread your troops out for a defence. 
The command radio can be used to form plans and pushes with fellow SL’s and is an effective way of grouping or spreading your teams troops. 

some final notes

This is where i will make some final notes on this guide thank you if you have enjoyed if not any criticism would be appreciated or how i can improve the guide i may add more to this guide if it is commented. 
I hope the guide has helped you out i made this as I know the free weekend will attract new players and remember the most important thing truly when playing any role is to have fun and stay chill 🙂 

Written by JOSH FLOYD

This is all about Beyond The Wire – How To Be a GOOD Section Leader; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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