Beyond The Wire – Basic Gameplay Tutorial

Beyond The Wire – Basic Gameplay Tutorial 1 -
Beyond The Wire – Basic Gameplay Tutorial 1 -

So you want to learn the meta and send the enemy back all the way back to Tipperary. This is a commander guide not a how to SL guide or for the common expendable solder but a highly useful person, with up most resources, the **Commander**.

Hopefully you are competent enough in understanding to getting the role.

Now there is many key unspoken rules for commanders alike with a gentleman’s twist. But before we get to that I hope you understand to get into the position for commander because I’m not gonna tell you, play infantry and join other squads before, get some experience first then try and go at it!
Now to my favorite part the unspoken rules!
1. You have a microphone!
2. You understand the game.
3. Your not an ahole.
4. Not an Arma 3 player who likes to micro manage other squads to the extreme points.
4.5 You say please and thank you to every thing. (Gotta retain manners in a time of war.)

Meat and Gritty Stuff.

This guide isn’t gonna explain how to do commander stuff or whats it called tutorial? I’m just gonna show you how to win games using the current metas.
There are three types of commander call-ins currently.
1. Smoke 80 Points. (Can Kill with impact but minimal damage, rounds are very small don’t effect wide areas… how to describe it as large white puffy thing that hangs over an area blocks line of sight. Only lasts for about a minute.) +Kills Rallies
2. Gas 120 Points ( Most deadly thing currently in the game currently, rounds do large impact damage, can destroy objects with it. To describe it to dummies its large its green, you cant breathe it in, it blocks line of sight with a haze.) + Kills Rallies
3. Artillery 250 Points ( Waste of utter points, why, just why? Its over priced boom booms that are there for huge impact damage, explosive damage. It has 4 salvos and longest call in. Doesn’t block line of sight can squeeze infantry through the barrage kinda useless.) + Kills Rallies
There are two ways to call them in, area and direction attack. Area you have a random area that is barraged with the three things above, its slow inaccurate not much killing potential especially for a game about trench warfare. Direction attack, its around 7 shells in a row, straight very accurate, I mean its pin point accuracy. I don’t know what the devs had in mind because I guess they wanted a walking barrage. Anyway back to praising it, did I mention the call in is fast, faster than area. This line of attack is insane because one mark on a trench means you can land shells in it down a straight path.
You should only use these two call-ins, smoke and gas especially in both game modes. Assault gives you basically nothing set rate, no way to change it. Front-line, muhhahahaha… The hell of what it is, is the most over powered game mode for commander, with the click of a button you can reach my average of 110 ish kills per game. Now the rate is set, but when some one captures a point on the map and the ownership is given to the team, the teams commander will get more points in the rate from control. You can also make points off of commander kills on rallies and infantry, meaning if you get a streak going you can feed yourself points a lot of points.

Assault-How To Win

Step 1. Know your maps, unlock your inner Napoleon look at the terrain and see if this will be a good point to defend or attack. Where could you brute force squads through the maps to achieve break through. (Continued through if attacking or defending steps)
Step 1. Have 1 section, to attack the middle, I mean the expendables. If you see me on, and I SL, you say Sean Newberry your attacking middle. Simple direct your sls. They are your people that will die over and over again and have the feeling of a hammer smashing your tes**cles. But why should you care your commander.
Step 2. Send the rest of the squads south or north, leave the a*sets, a*sets are a waste of time that provide no team effort. I wish the devs would already remove them… NOBODY I repeat NOBODY defends north or south, you can easily fit a rally and march troops up it uncontested.
Step 3. Let the game start and explain to the SLs the basics, left clicking with binoculars gives marks and left caps lock is command chat for mics.
Step 4. Get a mark down by someone on the middle of the point to do an instant gas attack, no smoke needed. THIS WILL KILL EVERYONE, that is stationed there by the time the rounds land the infantry in the south and north will be in the point to cap, have them flood to the middle to kill the wounded and dying in the trench… Who said that? I didn’t, didn’t hear it from me if they ask you.
Step 5. If that didn’t work you have on your hands bad SLs, and bad infantry. Now if your style to go execute them for cowardice I say sure go for it, but I’m not that guy out of my regiment. (100% should go check it out…)
Step 6. Have your infantry stop moving in the north or the south, have them hide and get a mark on the southern side of the point or northern point. Now use gas one more time or smoke, if its a trench line you can kill everyone in it, and have the shock troops smash it in and flood the point.
Step 7. IF that doesn’t work, wow must be really bad situation, one last hope. You know the infantry bayonet charge ability that SLs have. Its mildly overpowered, it gives extra speed and extra health meaning one more bullet to your chest without dying. Get regrouped and I mean ma*s the entire south and north to one side, have the middle guys keep sweating it out to those trenches. Put a mark in-front of them and make sure its around 40-70 meters to the point. You notify them that a ma*sive charge that YOU WILL BE LEADING (GIVE MORALE TO YOUR MEN TO NOT FRET AND LIVE!) THE CHARGE AND EVERYONE WILL BE PARTICIPATING! Your going to walk a smoke barrage to the point, and the infantry is going to run through that at one time. With 30 ish people on one flank it will completely break them in shock and terror.
Step. 8 I refuse to believe that you did not win, must be a skill issue commander.
Step. 9 Repeat for the entire match till you win. Simple I know but I have seen this not work once, and this because of #MP-18s is broken.
Defending (Short Version)
Step 1. Now hopefully you read that above, this is the easiest to win no skill necessary.
Step 2. Split your troops to into three groups… (Army Group North Lenningrad, Army Group Center, Moscow, Army Group South Caucasus… wait not these, sorry just my ptsd.) North South and Center. Split these between squads and have them drop marks in the defensive positions they currently posses and move yourself to a vantage point in the map over looking the current point. (Houses, Mountains, Hills, a floating barrel. Vimy Sigh…)
Step 3. Now just wait, if they are stupid they will just run over the middle over and over again. This is where most of your points will be spent defending that. You can usually guess where they start off with trench exits and coves being a great place to start the attacking round off.
Step 4. Just wait until a side flops and hit that point with gas in a direction attack going around the defensive positions. IF A SACRIFICE IS NESSASSARY and a single bluebarry is surrounded trying to live and fight, kill him. He dies for a good cause and you will kill every single enemy in the zone on either flank or the center. Killing friendlies is the name of the game.
Step 5. Just repeat over and over again, hit flanks when over run with gas, if you can target rallies other than that its just a waste. A single field gun wont destroy and capture a point, it can be annoying but thats just a waste. Infantry can capture points and is the top of the food chain.
Step 6. Win.

Front Lines-How to Win. (SHORT)

Simple, take points, hold the front!
Pre-match Steps
Step 1. Separate to North South and Center groups with squads, points will not be entirely in one area, so spread out thin!.
Step 2. Take a look at the map see the distance to walk to the front lines, thats insane right? Well every time a friendly rallies is burned they have to walk back over the to the front that far. It’s vice versa to both sides.
Step 3. Explain how rallies work, press t, bottom right. Command Chat is left Caps-lock. Marks are left click with binoculars.
Step 4. You need a man with you to take you to the front because this depends how front line combat you are.
Step 6. You need to sneak through and get a rally down in a safe area on the enemies side. Your gonna have to do some multi tasking but your gonna have to help your friendly infantry with their marks.
Step 7. Your going to roam through the back lines looking for rallies, they look like a big flag of the opposite side your fighting. Locate one and put a mark down on it. GAS IT with direction attack, this way you make points from killing it, and hopefully if their is infantry that spawns on it when it happens you’ll get a bit more from their deaths.
Step 8. Just repeat hunting rallies as commander, don’t approach them, once you burn them gives your friendly infantry time to move through and cap them while the enemies are walking back.
Step 9 Help friendly infantry with marks, if its a field gun or machine gun don’t use arty, use smoke direction attack, kill the crew and blind them for a minute or two.
Step 10, just repeat with gas attack, if you do it right you will be farming points. If the infantry call it in on points don’t use smoke, use gas to impact kill them.
Step 11. Win.

That’s it, now I am going to beg for you to join my Regiment.

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I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Beyond The Wire – Basic Gameplay Tutorial; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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