Best Settings Config in Alex Jones: NWO Wars

Best Settings Config in Alex Jones: NWO Wars 1 -
Best Settings Config in Alex Jones: NWO Wars 1 -

Best Settings Config in Alex Jones: NWO Wars

Hey there, gamer! Ready to amp up your skills in Alex Jones: NWO Wars? Let’s dive into mastering the Power Slam and cranking up your fire rate. With these tips, you’ll be taking down enemies like a pro in no time. Let’s roll!

Setting Up Your Controller

First things first, grab your Xbox controller or any compatible one. Hook it up to your device and head over to your Steam library. Click on the Controller icon and pick the layout that fits your controller. For the best experience, choose the “Best Settings” layout from the community options. Select it, apply, and you’re all set!

Your Go-To Layout: Best Settings

Why choose the “Best Settings” layout?

  • Left Trigger: Turbo Fire – perfect for your Handgun/Machine Gun action.
  • Right Trigger: Normal Fire – great for Flamethrowers, keeping your moves smooth.
  • A Button: Turbo Jump – for when you need that extra boost.
  • X Button: Power Slam – your secret weapon.
  • B Button: Normal Jump – for all your standard leaping needs.
  • Y Button: Standard Middle Mouse Function – handy for quick drops from platforms.
  • Right Stick Button: Screenshot – capture those epic moments!

How to Nail the Power Slam

Ready to master the Power Slam? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Stop moving with the left joystick.
  2. Hold down the Fire button and hit the A Button.
  3. Keep smashing the X Button to unleash the Power Slam.

Pro Tips for Power Slamming

Keep these points in mind when you’re Power Slamming:

  • The X Button works magic by combining Left Stick Down + Y.
  • Don’t overdo Power Slam over water – you don’t want to get stuck in a loop!
  • For a moving slam, jump with the B Button and work the Left Stick and Y Button.

Why You’ll Love Power Slamming

Not only does Power Slam make the game more fun, it also saves your character from fatigue. Plus, you might stumble upon the super jump glitch – an extra thrill! So, gear up, use these tricks, and enjoy ruling the game. Here’s to awesome gaming adventures with your newfound Power Slam skills!

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