Besiege – Multiplayer tank battle rules guide

Besiege – Multiplayer tank battle rules guide 1 -
Besiege – Multiplayer tank battle rules guide 1 -

This is an English translation for the multiplayer tank battle rules designed by lovely Katyusha for the community in relevant QQ group chats. The original post is at – [] . This has become a post because of the character limits of a comment in the original post.

Tencent QQ Groupchat: 874764404

China Hard Armour Piston Gun Tank Battle Rules (English Translation v1.0)

Original Post – []  by lovely Katyusha, 中国HPT硬装甲活塞炮坦克战规则

Common Interface:

– Press Delete to respawn

– Press C to reload


– +4 for the opponents if you choose to self-respawn

– +8 for the opponents if your vehicle is completely destroyed

– Some of the maps come with a repairing point: respawning in the repairing points will not increase opponents’ score or decrease your own


– The core block* should be protected carefully – having more than one of it is allowed

Banned Components:

– Water Cannon

– Vacuum*

– Fraction Plate*

– Rubber Band*

– Semi-circular tube*

– Shovel*

– Any other components banned explicitly by the map

– Small fans are not allowed on the hull

Defense Limitations:

1. Mass must not be smaller than 0.1

2. Mass must be smaller than 1000

3. Using hull armour to protect the turret is forbidden

4. Physically invincible components armour is not allowed (草这段话咋翻译)

5. Invincible wheels and explosion-proof wheels are not allowed. (The wheels should be destroyed within one single normal hit)

6. Explosion-proof cannon breaches (我猜炮机是这个意思?) are banned, and w*f is a 硬质退… I guess it’s [/strike]”hard muzzle brake / hard recoil handling mechanisms”, they are banned too.

7. Grip shields* are banned. (this is rather hard to name it but it’s like armour actively connected to ground?)

Fire Power Limitations:

1. Only wheels are allowed to touch the ground. Other means of sticking to ground are strictly forbidden. The suspension should have visible transforms.

2. Any form of downforce mechanisms are banned.

3. Any means of decreasing recoil is not allowed other than pure mechanical brakes (to buffer/amortize but not to decrease)

4. Water cannons and flamethrowers are not allowed to fire at other players.

5. There can be only one cannon component (the original in-game cannon) or only one crossbow component within one cannon barrel.

6. Power of fireworks/rockets? cannot be greater than 30. Bombs are not allowed. Sticky shells (rounds that uses the grapnel* to stick to other vehicles) are not allowed. (Logical VT/Proximity fuzes are allowed, but should not be used as to guide the shell)

7. No guided missiles, all shells that are fired from a tank should not turn in the air – well unbalanced rockets do not count.

8. Overflowing is banned.

9. Disposable cannons are not allowed.

10. Fire crossbows are banned.

11. The mass of the cannon block cannot exceed 10.

12. Should not be the first to use nuclear weapons (w*f is a 长木炸弹, long wood bomb??) (I guess it’s, not to use mass destruction weapons firstly)

Maneuverability Limitations:

1. Intentionally flying is not allowed.

2. The only way to turn should be wheels on the ground.

3. The power should come from the wheel itself.

Some Limitations that will benefit the server:

1.Number of components should not exceed 500.

2. Non-skin fixtures’ (钢筋?) scaling in each direction should not be greater than 3. Use “Giant Steel Armour” (巨钢甲?) reasonably and justifiably. Intentional lagging is not allowed.

3. Total number of fireworks/rockets should be less than 16. Grenades, fireballs, rocks less than 6.

4. Blowing the server on purpose is not allowed. Vehicles that risk blowing up the server should be modified in single player first.

Exterior Decorations Limitations:

1. Exrterior skins/decorations should be consisting of skin blocks* mainly. Surfaces that face the outside should have a skin block usage/ratio of 75%+.

2. Known, self developed “ugly” tanks (?) are not allowed. If your vehicle aimed at copying some real world tanks looking but you did so bad at it that it’s now in an abstract level, your vehicle is treated as a self designed one.

3. Mini vehicles are banned. The height of vehicle should be at least 3.

*: Some of the terms the translator cba to change his game to English to check the corresponding name. If some of them causes confusion please leave a comment to let him know.

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Besiege – Multiplayer tank battle rules guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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