Battlerite – Different Champions Tierlist

Battlerite – Different Champions Tierlist 1 -
Battlerite – Different Champions Tierlist 1 -
This guide is a simple tierlist of the different champions in battlerite.



This tierlist is about champions and how viable they are in the current meta (on last update) 
We hope it will help new players having a better understanding of the game. Battlerite has a bunch of different champion and it was not an easy task to properly rank them but we hope that we got it as accurately as we possible. 
We decided to make this tierlist because we recently saw a bunch of weird tierlist about this game and decided that people should know the truth. 
Who are we ? Some battlerite veterans playing since early access, currently arround 70% wr in diamond. 

•The tier list

Starting with… Rook tier! 
Rook – He is so strong that we decided to put him in his own tier. He can survive on his own for a long time, is easy to play and has a lot of damage. His big range is a great engage not to be underestimated. 
S+ tier 
Shen Rao – -He is very strong in the meta with a lot of burst combos. He can heal himself with his r ability which is a huge circular heal that also affects his team. His ultimate is really strong and goes through counters. He’s real only weakness is that when he’s immaterial he can’t use his other spells and will be useless for 2 to 3 seconds. 
Ashka – He is the face of Battlerite which is why they make him overpowered. He can dodge with 2 abilities and petrify also. His ult rite makes for his lack of damage and should be used in 90% of the games. 
Zander – You never know who’s the real one because of his illusions so watch out! He has many ways to outplay the enemy like for example a portal that teleports anyone you want. His percentage damage reduction is very useful and makes his team tanky, it’s a blessing to have him. 
S tier 
Pearl – HER BUBBLES ARE SO CANCER. She can deal way more damage than support should be allowed too and her fish is very frustrating to be caught in. 
Jamila – She’s pretty decent. Has quite a bit of mobility 
Oldur – It is very well known how strong this character can be, even though he is a healer, he is a burst machine and his ult is a cheat. 
A tier 
No one seemed to fit this category. 
B tier 
Sirius – A really strong combo mage that can also heal. He is good in the meta. but has some weaknesses like his m1 being only 8 damage if you miss the first. He’s got lots of control with his double petrify. 
Croack – It is good crowd control support with a lot of setting up abilities, ranged support and good sutsain. 
Jumong – He is always on the hunt and very strong against beasts/creatures. Due to his title he deals 10% more dmg to champions like crok which is a frog or pestilus the fly. He’s also decent against other AD carries thanks to his enormous range. Sadly his lack of survavibility prevents him from being higher on this list. 
Blood Priest – His panics are pretty good, but when he wants to heal he hurts himself, maybe if he had a healing spell like blossom’s tree he’d be better! 
Lucie – Despite her shield beig 50% of her Hp she’s very squeeshy. She can be really good if defended by a melee. 
Bakko – He’s only making it this high because he’s only purpose is protecting champions like Lucie, therefore making them really good. I guess he could also be a range dps substitute with his throwing axes having a short cooldown. 
Ezmo – He’s a bit tricky to play but if you’re malicious it might be the champion for you ! high mobility and great burst. I must say, one annoying thing about him is how he grabs enemies even though he’s a range ! For this matter i highly suggest playing the battlerite on his m2 allowing you to ALWAYS push enemies and not pull them (what a stupid disign). 
C tier 
Alisia – Her freezing capatabilities are quite astonoshing, but as a shield support without any healing she can find herself in a lot of trouble. To put it simply Alyshia has potential but is lacking the most basic support features : a strong heal. If you’re maining her reconsider it. There are better options. 
Ulric – He has a funny disign for a melee, he can poke, do burst and heal but in actual combat he wont do enough dmg as a melee and his healing is just helping him soaking more dmg which gives energy to opponents. He isn’t a very practical champion except in 1v1 since he can do a bit of everything. 
Iva – Its one of the very rare champions that can cleanse allies, the fact that Lucie is a thing really makes her bad though, she’s basically a weaker version of lucie : worse cleanse and healing. 
Destiny – Pretty good dmg, even though she’s a range she handles more like a melee since you have to space in to get value out of it, but then you’re likely to get punished for it so playing her is a constant dilemma. 
Freya – She’s an utilitary melee which revolves arround shields. Freya is indeed pretty tanky but she can be easily ignored due to her lack of speed an damage. She’s a good tank but lacks offensive capabilities. 
Raigon – He is the fallen prince and can run down enemy supports very fast, his ult is amazing at dealing damage, sadly his EX abilities are pretty much useless which makes him reach his maximum potential only towards late game. 
D tier 
Varesh – He’s a solid support / mage that can silence often but in the end he’s just weaker version of Alisya, which has much better shields. Also varesh feels all slow and clunky which isn’t convinient for a support since you need to run away most of the time. 
Poloma – She is a sustain supporter that always needs to be close to her team. She is like Yuumi from league of legends but not as good because she can not directly attach + her Q has this weird bug where it doesn’t panic enemies from time to time… Her wolf is pretty cool. 
Jade – you need very good aim to make this champion work but she can go invisible and has damage spikes. If you like FPS games then consider giving her a try. 
Blossom – She is very hot but sadly except for healing she does not do much. In short she’s way too basic but it may be a good starting champ, just keep in mind when you reach high elo she’s really falling off compared to the other supps. 
E tier 
Shifu – he is so hard to master that most people will int when playing him, its a waste of time to try and main him since only a few people can make him work. Also his terrible disign makes it so that even though he’s a dps, he has an ability halving his damage for 2 seconds. Truly a failure in game disign. 
Taya – The only good thing about this champion is her purple r, which can completely disable an enemy champion. Other than that, she is not fast enough to dodge bullets and healers can never reach her so she dies very quickly. 
F tier 
Yamila – She lacks damage and she cannot catch up to her enemies unless they’re really bad. If you see a Yamila in your team you need a strong pick to compensate for it. 
Blossom EX Q – Still better than Thorn, pretty self explainatory (it’s the stronger wood) 


I hope you enjoyed this Tier list and that it helped you. 
As some of you may have noticed we excluded Thorn ! 
Why? He isn’t even a real champion, he’s just a dumb tree. He can sometimes grab but that’s it. 
Even Blossom tree is better tree. Stupid champion 
If you have any suggestions or questions use the comments. We will read every messages as long as its constructive criticism or non troll questions. 

By Luhaze

This is all about Battlerite – Different Champions Tierlist; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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