Barotrauma – Deep Sea Medical Mod Config + All Items/Tools Info

Barotrauma – Deep Sea Medical Mod Config + All Items/Tools Info 1 -
Barotrauma – Deep Sea Medical Mod Config + All Items/Tools Info 1 -

This was made to seperate the full list of stuff in the mod from taking up all the character limit in the mod description.

Deep Sea Medical

The original mod can be found here: – [] 

Full list of items, functions, and others

Underlined items are important items.


Omnizine: is the exact same as the previous morphine, expensive, very good for emergencies.
Calomel: aggressive purging agent, clears early stage poisons, the exact same as the calomel from my previous mod, More Medical – [] .
Heparin: removes the body of any clots caused by proconvertin; causes bleeding on fail.
Proconvertin: a coagulant, two doses can cause a blood clot and result in a stroke; heals bleeding faster; guaranteed clot on fail.
Concentrated Ants: inspired by SS13’s ants, could make for a funny story, exact same as from More Medical; makes you flop like a fish.
Anticide: same as More Medical, cures ants
Styptic Powder: cures deep tissue injury, base internal damage, and blunt force trauma
Lexaneps Eggs: symbiotic husk eggs, inspired by Huskmod – [] ; a blend that prevents you from fully converting to a husk, but provides the benefits of pressure immunity, not being dependent on oxygen, and healing.

Tools and Stuff

Ether tank: an anesthetic used for surgery, stuns after affliction reaches 10%
Scalpel: essential for surgery
Suture: essential for surgery
Tweezers: for extracting bullets
Surgical Scissors: used to remove organs
Autosurgeon: detailed above
Bullet Removal Program: ^^^
Organ Removal Program: ^^^
Medical Degree: cool cosmetic item you can place.
Surgery Implant naxolone is changed to only cure overdoses, the addiction implant is a one use implant that removes all addictions
Folding Surgical Table: portable hospital bed, craftable, purchasable everywhere, no slow healing benefit
Sleepy Pen: traitor item, injects poison inside it without sound, gives 10 second delay to any affliction.

Bionics and Organs

Bionic organs add an affliction called rejection to prevent the use of too many bionic organs, can be cured relatively easy.
Human Organ: dropped when an organ is removed, also can spawn in the medical cabinet
Human Flesh: grants addictions, withdrawals (not overdoses though); deconstructed from human organ
Bionic Organ: crafting item for other bionic stuff, can be used as a human organ substitute
Bionic Adrenaline Gland: grants small and permanent vigor
Bionic Hyperactive Gland: grants the effect of meth permanently, but major organ damage can be caused by drinking ethanol with this installed
Bionic Gills: grants oxygen when in water (but not in a vacuum)
Bionic Mechanite Gland: grants pressure immunity
Bionic Calyxanide Gland: grants husk immunity, somewhat like a vaccine
Bionic Blood Transmutator: allows the use of alien blood with no side effects, as the original is changed to be toxic to humans

Overridden things and changes

Diving Mask: overridden to add ether tank usage
Hospital Bed: overridden to add surgery-ready affliction when laying down
Addictions: overridden to make it so cold turkey is best way to rid of addiction
Morphine: changed to give a “stimulated” affliction that has greater effect on critical patients, used to delay inevitable death
Fentanyl: same as morphine but more effect, has better effect when not in a critical state
Opium: same as morphine, but very small effect
Bandage/Plastiseal/Antibiotic Glue: slower healing speed, still same amount of healing, able to heal lacerations and bite wounds
Tonic Liquid: ability to cure base internal damage removed
Alien Blood: toxic to humans without a blood transmutator
Naloxone: only cures overdose, cold turkey is best way to cure addiction, or addiction implant
Methamphetamine/Anabolic Steroids/Hyperzine: added addictions, withdrawals, and overdose; causes a good deal of organ damage if drunk
Ethanol: added addictions, withdrawals, but not overdose (already handled with drunk affliction), withdrawal is non lethal, but addiction can occur quick.
Calyxanide: now cures symbiotic husk infection too
Stabilozine: now cures organ rejection, a result of adding bionic organs

Written by mstrrer

This is all about Barotrauma – Deep Sea Medical Mod Config + All Items/Tools Info; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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