Barotrauma – Basic Tips for Administrator/GM in Game Explained!

Barotrauma – Basic Tips for Administrator/GM in Game Explained! 1 -
Barotrauma – Basic Tips for Administrator/GM in Game Explained! 1 -

The other half of the Coin. I wrote a guide awhile ago about a bad administrator I had ran into, and after running into even more, I’ve decided to write this guide. I should put a disclaimer saying that I’m not going over commands or anything like that you should already know how to do that before reading this guide.


This guide will tell you what you should never do as an Administrator/GM of ANY server in only a few short rules.

We’ll be using the Good Idea, Bad Idea method.

Rule One

NO action by administration should ever DIRECTLY impact the player.

some examples.

-Killing a player with commands (any reason) Basically NEVER DO THIS! Even if you Respawn/revive them!

-Respawning a player after killing them.

-Teleporting a player.

-Changing the items in a player inventory.

Basically the only time you should be using commands on players is if there is a bug (can’t spawn, spawns stuck, etc.) or you need to ban them.

its time for Good Idea, Bad Idea.

Good Idea.

Teleporting a player complaining about being stuck.

Bad Idea.

Murdering the Clown, because you hate clowns. Clownist.

Rule Two

Every action you take should be too assist the players experience, not hinder it.

You should never be performing large events where you spawn in an army of AI. especially if they are armed with modded guns.

take time to make your events and make it so its the players that start those events.

Its time for another Good Idea, Bad Idea.

Good Idea.

Understanding the limitations of the game you are administrating for.

Barotrauma has issues with pathfinding as it is the AI can be Umm.. Strange. kinda like ArmA. which means you should understand what they can and can’t do and plan accordingly. There is always a best way to do something. The AI being dumb is never an excuse for you to teleport/control them.

Bad Idea.

I was in a server recently. The match was going pretty fine I was in a clown suit as one would expect of your ever faithful Janny, clownin’ around where then the Host through host chat said something along the lines of “Pirates Detected in Area” which sounded pretty cool! it was far from it.

about 10 mins later give or take the station was swarming with the whole pirate crew. I believe he was just teleporting them in from the pirate sub that spawned at the start of the match. he was almost certainly controlling one of the powerful enemies and murdered the whole station. the people playing where not happy.

Rule Three

See no evil, hear no evil. or Immersion is king!

The Players should NEVER I MEAN NEVER see you use admin commands. I suggest only using them in empty areas! it also helps to act like you are new! allows for players to be more dismissive of screw ups on your part! Commands should always be used smartly! and to create a situation where there is no one around!

its time for a final Good Idea, Bad Idea.

Good Idea.

Uh-oh someones left the reactor room all alone! now is our time to strike! cause a fire or turn off the power and drop a husk in there! that sure will send who ever checks up on the power running in fear!

Bad Idea.

Spawning in mudraptors everywhere because there’s an alien portal that opened and is spitting out mudraptors or something else similarly stupid.


Some extra minor rules are.

-DON’T have a large modlist! 10 mods is alot, less is better!

-DON’T Ban people for words. no one cares about you or your virtues.

-DON’T be a subhuman troglodyte, furries, bronies, anime people, and summer should NOT be Admins

Written by Ban Evader

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Barotrauma – Basic Tips for Administrator/GM in Game Explained!; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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