Barony – How to Achieve Legend Casting and Magic

Barony – How to Achieve Legend Casting and Magic 1 -
Barony – How to Achieve Legend Casting and Magic 1 -

To achieve Legend Casting and Magic, you can abuse Arcanist stock spells without having to descend into the dungeon. It takes 2 hours to set it up!


Yes, Arcanist can be a very funny class if you have enough time to prepare.
This abuses the fact Arcanist can spam Light spells for 1 MP per activation. This quickly generates a lot magical skill proficiency (Expert In Casting and Skilled with Magic with Light alone). With Force Bolt, we can grind for longer periods of time, as we have learned everything from Light. Once Legend is attained in Casting, Force Bolt may be spammed for free to quickly level Magic to Legend and give the Dominate spell for no cost.

It takes approximately 2 hours for to set up.

Savingscumming is recommended (since it's all done within your starting area. It's also fair) to save you time on every run.
Another caveat is that Hunger must be stopped Unless you are playing as a race that ignores hunger,

Pre-Setup: Light Abuse

This stage takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

  1. (Optional, highly recommend) Grab "My Journal", from the table for training appraisal. This is something that all self-respecting Arcanists do regardless of whether they have this strange setup. Arcanist requires at least 10 Appraisals to appraise literally any (default -1 per). You'll have enough appraisals to get around the major obstacle in Arcanist early on.
  2. Read the Light spellbook, and then equip the Light spell.
  3. Cast spell. This quickly casts and then unstains Light.

    • You should gradually increase your Magic and Casting proficiency. You should be performing this correctly the first time.
  4. You can continue casting Light occasionally even if you run out MP.

    • You should make sure you don't leave Light on when you run low on MP. This will drain about 1/3 of your MP recharge. We care only about the initial casting Light, which gives proficiency.

The game will inform you at one point that you have learned everything you can about this spell. This usually leaves you with less than 70 Casting and 40 magic.

Proper setup: Force Bolt Abuse

This stage can take between 1.5 and 2 hours to complete.

  1. Read the Force Bolt spellbook, and then equip the Force Bolt spell.
  2. Keep firing Force Bolts wherever (is available, except for allies). You will gain enough MP to fire a Force Bolt once every 30 seconds. Also, it is possible to check back every 5 minutes.

    • This is the most difficult and tedious stage of the setup. The fun begins once you have 100 Casting.
  3. Legend Casting is now available. Enjoy the power of the Force Bolt! Hold down the cast spell key and shoot free Force Bolts all around. Within 5 minutes, this will raise your Magic to Legend.

Legend Casting, Legend Magic, character Level 3. All done within the map's starting area, without any items.

Savings after setup

We aren't quite done yet! It can be costly to lose your newly trained, all-powerful Arcanist to a boulder if you don't save them as a savefile.

  1. Use the trapdoor to enter Level 1.
  2. Stop the game
  3. Steam: Right click on Barony > Property… > Local Files > Browse…
  4. Copy "savegames.dat" (from the subfolder "savegames". * is your save slot).

Simply copy the saved file back into your computer whenever you want to load your buffed Arcanist.
Congrats and give yourself a pat on the back, because you've just made a super buffed starting character which only utilizes intended game mechanics and is fully achievements-compatible. I am not responsible for the potentially damaging balance and subsequently your enjoyment.

A word about Wizards

This setup can be performed by wizards. It can be a bit tricky.
My experience shows that Wizards only gain a few points from Light Spam. While they can still use the Force Bolt routine with Cold to replace (, the relative +1MP cost means it takes 20% more per point). However, Wizards will take approximately twice as long to set up () if both factors are considered. It is up to you to decide if this tradeoff is worth it. Wizards get the same benefits but can learn Force Bolt, a new spell that is completely free but less powerful than fireball.


Hmmm… maybe.
The procedure is basically the same, provided you keep your spell spam away from your allies (. I recommend that the rest of your team lock the Arcanist in the mine entrance using the lever controlled doors while they practice). The host can save a savefile and activate it again when the run is lost or won (. Players will not be able to modify their characters because the save has already been started. It can be frustrating for teammates to have to wait two hours while you set up a game.


This is all about Barony – How to Achieve Legend Casting and Magic; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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