Balrum – List of Spells by Category

Balrum – List of Spells by Category 1 -
Balrum – List of Spells by Category 1 -

Hi, welcome to this post, We will discuss the Balrum – List of Spells by Category in this post, and we sincerely hope you will find it helpful.

These are simply notes on how I used the spells I found on a pure mage playthrough on hard after winning the game at level 9.

List of Spells Sorted by Category


Spell Notes
Fireball It comes in three levels. The lower level is more mana-efficient, but the higher level kills faster. This is crucial. It works well with +fire-damage gear and fire root in the hammer.
Nightfall This spell comes in two levels and is the most mana-efficient spell you can get once you get +shadow-damage gear by using skulls on the anvil.
Pyroblast It’s a little stronger than fireball 2. However, it takes two rounds. Best used before engagement as a precharge.
Ice Ball It’s like fireball 2, but with a chance that things will freeze in place. Useful for damaging spells when targets have a fire resistance.
Voidball Inferior nightfall
Rain of Fire The AoE is decent but why are multiple targets being engaged at once?
Chaos Fire Use after “Pure”, a Preparation Scroll, and then rinse and repeat the process with a brain purge Scroll.


Spell Notes
Fear not If you stop offensive actions but continue moving randomly, you’ll have 2 additional turns of free action.
Freeze Stops movement but still allows offensive ranged actions
Silence Stops mana stealing Mantis from stealing you mana.
Polymorph Get 20 turns and cool down. Use it only when your pet targets it or has damage-over-time effects.
Sleep Same as polymorph except it takes 40 turns.


Spell Notes
Heal Trade mana for HP, best used for emergencies or after “Pure”.
Gift of the Forest Summons a tree that heals you for a small amount each turn for three turns. Useful to block your line of vision or plug a gap. Priority spawning is down right left, meaning that if all 8 cells surrounding your player are empty, it will always appear in the cell directly below. You’ll learn it by playing with it.
Druid’s song Heals 5% your hp each turn for five turns.
Touch of the Wisps Manage your mana properly to increase healing by 25% for 8 turns.
Siphon Life Good for healing, not a blast


Spell Notes
Teleport Self Use it a great deal during lategame to avoid getting hit. Use it sparingly in the early game due to its high cost.
Teleport Target away Unreliable method of self-defense. Use only when you are stuck in an awkward situation and have no other option.
Crystal Walls You can use this to block ranged attacks against targets that don’t possess them. However, it is best to use when the target has at least one cell between you and it. Otherwise you will be stuck with a target next you. It doesn’t block ranged attack but on the flip side, you can also fire ranged attacks from this position.
Pure Any spell can be turned into a spell with a 110-mana cost
Weakening Healing The mana costs are small enough to be used against enemies you suspect of healing, but never once they have healed.
Distract It was used once in a quest and then forgotten. Unfortunately, only works with monsters.
Lower Threat The threat system (the bar above the quickbar when in combat) is useful, but by the third chapter I had everything I needed to kill anything.
Siphon Mana Free mana is available from anyone who has mana. Use only if you have no other choice.
Meditation During this 4 turn period, MAYBE spells that are on cooldown become available. Get brain purge scrolls if you want to use a useless combat spell. They’re inexpensive.

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