Baldur’s Gate III – Seeking Karlach: A Guide to the Unknown

Baldur’s Gate III – Seeking Karlach: A Guide to the Unknown 1 -
Baldur’s Gate III – Seeking Karlach: A Guide to the Unknown 1 -

Baldur’s Gate III – Seeking Karlach: A Guide to the Unknown

Guys, you’re gonna love Baldur’s Gate 3! It’s packed with mind-blowing characters that seriously crank up the fun in our RPG world. Each character is layered with deep, mysterious backgrounds, ready to be discovered through chit-chat and personal quests that leave you feeling like you just cracked a high-level achievement.

Among them, you’ve got Karlach – this potential sidekick is also an Origin Character in our Faerun world. Didn’t choose Karlach as your main character? No worries, but get ready for a hide-and-seek because this firecracker Barbarian Tiefling is slyly stashed away.

Finding Karlach: Two Approaches

How do we hunt down Karlach? Here’s how:

  1. Exploration: Karlach is playing a top-tier hide and seek game in the beginning area. You might bump into her if you’re lucky but, trust me, she’s got her hiding skills maxed out. You gotta get up close and personal to get that cutscene rolling.
  2. Wyll’s Quest: Here’s another trick. Have a chat with Wyll at the Druid Grove, bring him onboard your team, and voila! His first quest is to find Karlach. He’s got this funny idea she’s some kind of evil demon. You’ll get a rough sketch on your map of where to look for her.

Now here’s the spoiler: Karlach is chilling out on the Risen Road, particularly towards the southeast at coordinates X:111, Y:503. There she is, perched on a craggy cliff, keeping an eye on a small river.

PRO TIP: Close to where Karlach is camping out, you can score a Toll Collector’s Key (X:102, Y:522). This handy little key opens up a basement in a nearby building, which Karlach nudges you towards during her personal quest.

Recruiting Karlach into Your Party

Getting Karlach to join your squad is a piece of cake. Just strike up a convo, listen to her backstory, and pop the question. Got room in your party? She’ll tag along in a heartbeat. If not, she’ll chill at your camp until there’s a slot for her.

But hold on, things get a little tricky if you’ve got Wyll on your team. At first, he might try to convince you to off Karlach, since he’s under the impression that she’s some sort of devil. But don’t sweat it! A little persuasion will get him to cool his jets. Show him that Karlach isn’t what he thinks she is, and you’ll even earn his thumbs-up. Once Wyll’s chilled out, you can go back to schmoozing Karlach and ask her to join your crew.

HEADS UP: If you bring in Karlach without having Wyll in your party, expect some nighttime drama at your next campfire. Wyll shows up, dead set on putting an end to Karlach. But, hey, this could be your second chance to recruit Wyll if you overlooked him at the Druid Grove.

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