Baldur’s Gate III – How to Free Lae’zel: Step-by-Step

Baldur’s Gate III – How to Free Lae’zel: Step-by-Step 1 -
Baldur’s Gate III – How to Free Lae’zel: Step-by-Step 1 -

Baldur’s Gate III – How to Free Lae’zel: Step-by-Step

Hey folks! Here’s the deal: In the world of Baldur’s Gate 3, you definitely need buddies, right? RPGs just ain’t the same without ’em. Now, if you’re on the hunt for a Fighter, our girl Lae’zel is your ticket! But to get her in your corner, you gotta pull off a good ol’ fashioned rescue mission. We’re talking hero stuff here! So, let’s check out how you can save the day and kick off some epic adventures with Lae’zel!

Finding Lae’zel

So you’ve made it past the prologue and you’re wondering, “where’s Lae’zel at?” Well, put on your hiking boots and head north from the Ravaged Beach to the Roadside Cliffs. You’ll bump into a pair of chatty Tieflings – that’s your sign you’re in the right neighborhood. Now, chat them up. Lae’zel will give you a shout, in her own telepathic way, asking for help. Sure, you don’t HAVE to help (it’s a Larian RPG after all), but c’mon, who can resist a damsel in distress? Plus, you’ll get a shiny new companion as a thank you!

Next up, dealing with the Tiefling duo, Damayas and Nymessa. You got a couple of options here. Either sweet talk them into leaving or flex your muscles and start a brawl. Just a heads-up though, Paladins who get a bit too punchy will end up as Oathbreakers. Once the Tieflings are out of the picture, it’s time to spring Lae’zel from her cage. Got a bow handy? Use it to shoot down the cage. Or, borrow one from a buddy. Then, voila! You’ve got the chance to invite her into your gang.

Healing and Conversation

Now, if Lae’zel took a bit of a tumble from the cage, be a pal and heal her. Or, if you’re the magical type, cast a spell to soften her landing. Once she’s back on her feet, have a quick chinwag and ask her to join your team. Fair warning though, Shadowheart might get a bit miffed. But don’t sweat it, you can iron out any issues back at camp. Even with some feisty team dynamics, you’re sure to put together the perfect crew and find a way to get everyone singing from the same song sheet!

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