Baldur’s Gate III – How To Change Classes And Respec

Baldur’s Gate III – How To Change Classes And Respec 1 -
Baldur’s Gate III – How To Change Classes And Respec 1 -

Baldur’s Gate III – How To Change Classes And Respec

Reinventing Your Baldur’s Gate 3 Hero

Yo, so you’re up for some character reimagining in Baldur’s Gate 3, huh? Maybe screwed up during a level-up or just feeling like a fresh vibe? Well, check this out, our buddy Withers is on standby with his respec services! Swapping classes and hitting the reset button on your hero’s never been such a piece of cake!

The Great Build Hunt

Listen up, there’s nothing like the kick you get in Baldur’s Gate 3 when you find the ultimate build. That moment when it all clicks, and your hero turns into a walking powerhouse, oh boy, it’s just pure bliss. It screams of your killer strategic thinking. But hey, we all goof up now and then, picking the wrong stats or messing up with feats. No sweat though, Withers has got a fix for those slip-ups.

How to Switch Classes Like a Pro

Want to switch classes? You gotta get Withers on your team first. You’ll spot him hanging out in the Dank Crypt early in the game. Just answer his questions right, and he’s yours. After that, just chat with him at your camp, pick the option to change your class, and bam! It’s done. And the price tag for this total game-changer? Just a tiny 100 GP!

Rolling Out Your Shiny New Class

When you decide to swap classes, you’ll be whisked off to a menu, kinda like the one you used when you first picked your hero. Here you can pick a new class and fiddle with your stat distribution. After locking in your new class, you’re back at the camp, back at level one, but holding on to all your hard-earned XP. So, you can level up again in your new class and just keep rolling!

Withers’ Respec Magic – Not Just for Your Hero

Oh, and here’s a cool bonus: Withers’ services aren’t just for class swapping. You can also use ’em to reset back to level one without changing classes. Awesome for tweaking subclasses, getting your hands on new spells, or switching up feats you picked before. Fixing your build mistakes is super affordable too, just another 100 gold.

And hey, it’s not just for your hero. You can do a full class switcheroo for custom characters and Hirelings. Even regular crew members like Astarion and Shadowheart are up for a class change. Super useful if you want them in your squad, but their current roles are messing up your battle plan.

One small thing to remember, though: any class changes you make to named characters will shake up the gameplay, but the story stays the same. So, you can make Shadowheart swap deities in the game, but story-wise, she’ll always be a Cleric of Shar.

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