Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to reach level 4 easy guide

Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to reach level 4 easy guide 1 -
Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to reach level 4 easy guide 1 -

Hey there, welcome to this post, we hope you find our Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to reach Level 4 easy Guide to be useful.

This guide will give you the quickest way to reach level 4in Early Access.

The Process

Are you tired of working your way up to level 5 over and over while we wait for a full release? After playing the game for 3 years, I’ve found the most efficient route to get to the previous level cap of 4 as quickly as possible.

The most significant part is that you can do it before you get to the Goblin Camp, which should give you plenty of time to reach level 5 before you complete the EA route to Moonrise Towers.

1 – Kill everyone on the nautiloid: This is easier than you think if you utilize the rest shrine exploit. It is possible to have US or a party member quit the group and then wait behind.

This will ensure that you have enough XP to get to level 2 and get close to achieving level 3.

2 – Clean up the ruined tomb As opposed to the Nautiloid, there’s no cheap solution to make this dungeon less difficult. If you don’t count elves as immune to skeleton’s sleep spells.

If you have successfully cleared the nautiloid, you can get to level 3 by doing this. If not, you should be at level 3 by reaching Nettie’s Druid Grove.

3 – 3 – Ogres in Blighted Village: It’s easy to do if you sneak onto the roof and shoot them. The ogres aren’t smart enough to get out of their positions when they don’t know who’s shooting them.

Depending on the kind of murderer you decide to be (refer to the grove) the ogres may grant you enough XP to achieve level 4. If you’ve been abstaining from doing so, your next stop should be Waukeen’s Rest.

4 – Help the Flaming Fist save the woman from burning: You can choose off of three weapons to be awarded. The man who is trapped beneath the burning rubble is optional.

I’m not sure what XP this quest offers you, but given that it’s ‘on the way to our next destination, you could stop and complete it.

5 – Wipe Out the Zhentarim Hideout It’s a lot easier than it appears if you can talk over the guards. They can disable the traps and let you move around freely in the hideout. You can then go toward the treasury to restart the pitfalls.

You must wait until the guard (who should be one with the wolf on her back) crosses the bridge and then, if she does, activate the proximity mines. This will take her and her dog to the pit below. Then you can use Sneak Attack to eliminate everyone else in the cave.


That’s it I’ve reached the 4th level as quickly as possible.

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