Backpack Hero – Weapons Tier List Guide

Backpack Hero – Weapons Tier List Guide 1 -
Backpack Hero – Weapons Tier List Guide 1 -

Hello and welcome, This Backpack Hero – Weapons Tier List Guide was written to be of use to you, and it is our honest hope that you will find that to be the case.

This is a general list of the things I believe to be especially good.


Cleavers. Cleavers don’t generally make sense to use. They can grow extremely powerful but their damage output is just not worth it without a few of those rare cleavers. Also, even if you get one of the rare Cleavers, it is still necessary to find enough other Cleavers to support it. This is extremely RNG dependent.

Bows: Most bows are interchangeable. They all fire bows and have minor bonuses, which are all quite similar. The composite bow (and crossbow) are the only exceptions. The crossbow can be used with arrows that apply status. The composite bow can do free damage but is less effective as a primary weapon.

Arrows. While arrows take more damage from open spaces, their effectiveness is greatest when they receive bonus damage by other objects. A bow with three different arrows can get three times as many benefits from a jewel as a single blade. This is why the short arrow as well as the explosive arrow are so useful. Other than that, the fire and poison arrows and electric bows are all excellent.

Wands: Mana’s easy to obtain, and it is often worth trying to use it if space is limited. The metallic wand’s damage to mana is greater than the electric wand, fire wand, or electric wand. The dark wand also works well if there isn’t something else. Although the firestaff and wizard staff are excellent secondary weapons they are less efficient than energy and mana when used alone.

Daggers/Hatchets/Hammers: These free damage dealers are generally worth taking if you have the space. They are great with gems and other boosters. They often double or triple their low-base injury.

Particular weapons to look out for:

Club: This amazing weapon is a great first weapon. Although it’s not efficient to use more than once per turn, the weak buff is a great defensive utility. It is especially useful for Voles/Sables, which can be very dangerous early in the game. By using it every time you take on a boss, your damage scaling is canceled, allowing low dps build that can draw out the fight more safely.

Doru: This legendary spear can be very useful if you are primarily focused on defense.

Flame Axe/Needler are some of the best generic guns. They can damage a wood blade with one turn and gradually increase their dpt.

Fox Rapier. This rapier is an excellent weapon. It has high damage and insane defense. It can boost your shield and give you protection from attack. You will be able to use this rapier if your source of Haste is available. It is only possible to get it by defeating a Travelling Warrior.

Gloves Of Knives: This is the most effective scratch support item. Gems can be added to it just like normal weapons. It usually requires at minimum one additional scratch support to be worthwhile.

Vorpal blade: A powerful and highly efficient weapon. It provides two attacks for each 1 energy, and four for each 3 energy. This weapon can be very powerful, but it will not be as efficient if you have much more energy.

Wooden Blades: This is a good alternative to your Wooden Sword, although it’s not the most impressive.


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