Backpack Hero – Shields and Armor List

Backpack Hero – Shields and Armor List 1 -
Backpack Hero – Shields and Armor List 1 -

Hello and welcome, In this guide, we will tell you everything about Backpack Hero – Shields and Armor List Follow this guide step by step.

This guide contains fundamental armor and shield information.

Armor and shields


Knight’s Shield/Slats Shield – The gold standard. Get your massive rough buckler upgraded as soon as possible. While a slats shield is more effective, knight’s shield can still break even if you have at most three pieces of armor.

King’s shield: Produces less block but has nice passives and the smithing slot of any shield.

Lil Buckler: This shield is great for saving space if you have strong armor or good haste. This shield can also be upgraded to the amethyst-bracer.

Soldier’s Buckler: This is a powerful option but it suffers from its large size and the fact that there are better-boosting items.

Swamp Buckler: The best protection against poison. If you can, take it.

Bashing Shield can be used to provide a strong defensive build or an attack.


Archangel Armor is my personal favorite item. This armor allows small armor pieces to grow slowly and negates enemy damage growth while a battle drags along.

Knight’s Armor is a strong, common item that boosts your shield and your armor. It even has two smithing slots.

Left/Right Gauntlet – These provide a lot for such a small item if you arrange your bag correctly.

Rogue’s Mask is a good insurance policy for bad situations, but it is not a reliable defense.

Spiked Helmet – For one space, you get one block plus three spikes per turn. This is a very nice item.

Steel boots: Many block and some damage boosting. Another highly efficient item. Boots work best at the bottom so heavy boots are not a problem.

Wizard Robe: This is a great option if you have a good mana source.

Wizard Cap: If your mana sink is high enough and your defense is strong enough not to worry about the lower energy, then it’s a good pick. CR-8 can grab it with no downside.


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