Backpack Hero – Relics Type

Backpack Hero – Relics Type 1 -
Backpack Hero – Relics Type 1 -

Hi, welcome to this post, Everything you need to know about Backpack Hero – Relics Type may be found in this guide. Take each step in accordance with this guidance.

This guide will give you the basics on each Relic type in the game.




Belt of Knives. Can do a lot of harm if you use daggers. However, it is very effective in bow setups.

Cleansing Flame is no longer as essential as it once was, but this is still an extremely powerful relic if not using any debuffs.

Coral: This is simple and powerful, and can make you a lot of spikes. It cannot be used with the King’s Shield.

Ember Shard (Build dependent): It can still get great value if it is often defended for a full turn.

Frog Totem is free mana with absolutely no downside. This is a very secure choice.

Gem of Anna (not amazing, but good insurance in the event that the other relics do not work out).

Gla*s Bottle: An extremely strong relic with a very minimal downside.

Hourgla*s: Powerful, but can be risky if the right build is used. If you don’t have a damage scale, you just hope you don’t run short of damage.

Ore: Do You Have Gems? This is quite good.

Shield Spirit is: While it can be difficult for players to build around it, it can be quite powerful. Uses weapons such as the club and mace, which give debuffs.

Stopwatch – Do you have reliable healing? This is a great thing. Otherwise, chip damage can quickly grind you to a halt.

Windmill: While it may not be as space-efficient, the energy tokens are still great for adding extra energy.

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