Backbone – [WIP] 100% Achievement Guide

Backbone – [WIP] 100% Achievement Guide 1 -
Backbone – [WIP] 100% Achievement Guide 1 -
Text guide on how to earn all achievements for Backbone


Progress Based

There are 5 achievements tied to completing the 5 Acts of the game. Act 2 is roughly 50% of the total game. 

Act 1

There are no hidden achievements in Act 1 (that I have found) 

Act 2

First Trust – During your first cutscene at the apartment with Renee, make choices showing that you trust Renee. 
Enabler – In Gastown, before the fake truck arrives, give cigarettes to a cat out front of the Den (right from the start), and dont’ tell them that cigs are bad. 
Trout Talker – In Gastown, at the Liquor Store, talk to the Tuna 25-30 times. It will eventually explode. 
Tonic for the Soul – In Gastown, at the Liquor Store, reassure Louis in your dialogue choices. 
Bad Medicine – In Gastown, at the Liquor Store, be mean to Louis in your dialogue choices. 
Howard Lotor – In Act 1 and Act 2, tell the truth about who you are (Howard Lotor) during every conversation. 
Wallace Brotor – In Act 1 and Act 2, lie about who you are (Wallace Brotor) during every conversation. 
Snoopy Snooper – At Rose’s house, on her computer, look at every file. 
Keep the Hope Alive – After leaving Rose’s room, but before leaving Rose/Florence’s house, speak with Florence again and reassure her with your dialogue choices. 

Act 3

There are no hidden achievements in Act 3 (that I have found) 

Act 4

Geezer Pleaser – In Act 2, pet the geezer. In Act 2, be nice to the delivery geezer and tip them. In Act 4, be respectful to the geezer under the Bridge, and then pet the geezer. 
New Habits Die Easy – Rat out Joshua to Roger that he’s smoking in the woods. 
Blurb Herder – Read every bit about every book in the game, from all shelves and NPCs. The achievement will trigger when trapped in the container, after the cutscene where you’re experimented on, and you read the front cover, middle, and back cover of the book left for you. 

Act 5

There are no hidden achievements in Act 5 (that I have found) 

Missing, to be Found

Not Born Yesterday 
Sins of our Fathers 
Badge of Honour 
Affirming Flame 
Brollace Howtor 
Smell-o-Vision – I assume this is for smelling all smellable items in the game. I attempted to smell/sniff all items I came across, but I guess I missed 1? If anyone can confirm and/or provide a list of all smellable items, that would be great! 
True Connection 
Cruel to be Kind 
Me Time 
also, if anyone has a list of all Book locations for Blurb Herder, I can update that to include all locations. 
Hope everyone enjoys the guide, and thank you to anyone who helps contribute. You will be properly credited. -Tass 

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I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Backbone – [WIP] 100% Achievement Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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