Babble Royale – Complete Wordlist

Babble Royale – Complete Wordlist 1 -
Babble Royale – Complete Wordlist 1 -

Here is the entire wordlist as of 23 Dec 2021. 198257 words.

How it was extracted

Sorry devs if you didn’t want this public.
Using a*set studio ( – [] ), the unity a*set files were opened up and wordswithdef was extracted. I’ve s*ripped the definitions for this list, but they’re in the original file, for all 198257 words. Not that this will stop you from spamming random letters in hope of a match.
Post your favourite word in the comments. Mine’s nonrepresentationalism.
longest word: ethylenediaminetetraacetates
rude, you can’t just pluralise chemical compounds like that.

The list


Nevermind, Character limit is too low on the steam guide. Here’s the text file: – [] 

Written by Perck

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