Babble Royale – Basic Gameplay + Information

Babble Royale – Basic Gameplay + Information 1 -
Babble Royale – Basic Gameplay + Information 1 -

Short, incomplete guide on controls

Section 1

User Interface
Right click mouse button + holding it = dragging the map OR ctrl + awsd (or was it arrow keys?)
Gameplay basics
If your letter set is full but you can’t advance, on the very right there’s a small red button that you can press so the grey blocks around you are destroyed. You should probably wait 1-2 seconds before a new letter would spawn in your set, so you need less time to advance.
You can also land on a power-up during the landing, giving you an easy advantage
If you want to get a higher RMR from the game, you probably should try to either go for a far-away-from-mid spawn so you survive longer or you should go rampage in the mid of the map to reduce the enemy size by yourself
How to get bronze crown in season 0? Win a game
How to get golden tickets in season 0? Win a game
How to get golden crown in season 0? Win a golden royale game
How to get a golden royale game? Golden tickets are the chances of getting a golden royale game
Chance tables:
1 golden ticket = 0.01%
2 golden tickets = 0.1%?
3 golden tickets = 1%
4 golden tickets = 2%
5 golden tickets = 4%?
6 golden tickets = 7%?
7 golden tickets = 14%?
Loot drops for golden currency:
Place 1 = 10
Place 2 = 6
Place 3 = 5
Place 4 = 4
What can I buy with golden currency? In season 0 there’s some hat for 1000 golden currency at this time of writing the guide

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