B.D.K – All Masks Guide

B.D.K – All Masks Guide 12 - steamlists.com
B.D.K – All Masks Guide 12 - steamlists.com
This guide will help you in getting all 9 masks for the “Masks” achievement. Most of them are pretty straight forward, though 1 or 2 can be quite tricky.


Act One – The Forrest

As soon as the game starts, before you take your first step, look left. There will be a lone lantern in the darkness: 
B.D.K - All Masks Guide 
The mask is right under that lantern: 
B.D.K - All Masks Guide 

Act Two – Corruption

Just follow the glowing orbs until you get to the one with the mask to it’s right. Very hard to miss: 
B.D.K - All Masks Guide 

Act Three – The Fall

Turn around when you pick up the gun and it’s right next to the fridge:B.D.K - All Masks Guide 

Act Four – Tower

Turn left at the top of the first ramp and it will be right there:B.D.K - All Masks Guide 

Act Five – The House I

There is no mask in Act Five, no interactions at all actually. Just be creeped out. 

Act Six – Throne

After picking up the knife and heading back, it will be behind the last pillar on the right: 
B.D.K - All Masks Guide 
(It is there the whole time, just easier to see on the way out) 

Act Seven – The House II

Head into the basement of the house and turn right, it’s between the shelves with a spot light on it: 
B.D.K - All Masks Guide 

Act Eight – Cosmic Heart

Before opening the 2nd door (the one that will let you inside the tower) look behind the right side fire pit: 
B.D.K - All Masks Guide 

Act Nine – Run

When you finally make it to the alley the mask is on you right (in complete darkness), directly across from the well lit alcove on your left: 
B.D.K - All Masks Guide 
Expect to restart a few times trying to get it and when you finally manage as well. It’s a little tricky to nab the mask, the gun and then shoot your pursuer all in one go. If you do get caught, you don’t have to worry about picking the mask up again when you start over. 
Alternate cheating hack way: 
navigate to the game’s directory “\BDK\BDK_Data\Managed” and rename “NavMeshComponents.dll” to something else and reload the game. This will prevent the killer from chasing you and give you all the time you need to find and grab the mask (you can even shoot him to end the chapter). Just make sure you name it back before you do the rest of the game or it will be broken too 

Act Ten – Graveyard

As you are traveling down the path toward the screaming, look to your right and you should just be able to make out the silhouette of a crypt: 
B.D.K - All Masks Guide 
The mask is in the crypt, on the stone slab: 
B.D.K - All Masks Guide 

Written by RHICTKY

Hope you enjoy the Guide about B.D.K – All Masks Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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