Avorion – Mining Loop for R-Mining Turrets Only – Guide

Avorion – Mining Loop for R-Mining Turrets Only – Guide 1 - steamlists.com
Avorion – Mining Loop for R-Mining Turrets Only – Guide 1 - steamlists.com
Examples for setting up automated mining > refining loops.


Minimum requirments

You’ll need:
1. A crewed ship controlled by a captain. The ship must have at least one “R-Mining turret” and “Mining System” installed.
2. Explored sectors with asteroids (the more – the better) and at least one resource depot nearby to refine raw ore.

Basic loop.

Everything is done in the galaxy map interface.

1. Open the map and find an asteroid-rich sector with a resource depot either in it or in one of the connected sectors.

2. Bring the ship to the sector with asteroids and make sure it doesn’t have any commands queued – the queued commands are listed in the bottom left corner of your screen.

3. With the ship selected first click on the “Mine” button. Then, while holding the SHIFT button throughout the rest of the process, right-click on the sector with resource depot (this will queue the ship to move there when its cargo bay is full), press the “Refine” button (this will queue the ship to dock at the depot and refine whatever ore it has in cargo), right-click on the sector with asteroids again (this will queue the ship to go back there again) and press the “Loop” button.

In short, your loop order should look like this:

(1) MINE > (2) MOVE > (3) REFINE > (4) MOVE > (5) LOOP > (1)

Avorion - Mining Loop for R-Mining Turrets Only - Guide

If everything was done right your ship will be doing mining and refining over and over again unless you stop it yourself…

…Or untill the sector gets dried up, in which case you will start recieving messages about your ship not being able to find resources and not being able to refine (If you ignore it, the ship will keep on jumping between two systems untill the asteroids respawn again after some time and the loop starts working again). You’ll want to set up more complex loops.

Complex loop example

The goal here is to make sure your loop keeps running and provides you with steady income of resources. That way you won’t have to set up new routes at new coordinates every 5-10 minutes.


You find few connected sectors with asteroids and at least one depot.
Say it’s 3 sectors with asteroids: A, B, C
And 1 sector with depot: D

You could plot mining route like this:

A_MINE > jump > B_MINE > jump > C_MINE > jump > D_REFINE > C > B > A_LOOP… !

What will happen:

Ship will mine in “A” till cargo is full. Then it wil jump to “B” to mine again but the cargo is full so it will jump to “C” and finally to “D” where it will refine the ore. Then It will head back to “A” and start over again. When “A” depletes, it will leave to “B” and mine there, pass “C” and refine in “D”. Then “B” depletes – it will mine in “C” and refine…

By the time “C” depletes, “A” will probably have it’s resources respawned so the loop goes non-stop!
(Unless, of course, those sectors have low amount of resources and/or your ship is equiped with a lot of good turrets and a lot of cargo bays, then you’ll have to add more sectors into the loop).

Also note: when/if one of the sectors gets depleted you will recieve the message from the ship.

You can add as many sectors as you want. You can add as many depots as you want: on the edges of the loop, in-between mining sectors of the loop…
! THEORETICALLY ! you can make a loop running from the edge of the galaxy to it’s core with pit-stops at depots, if you have the patience.

Most important part – you have to always make the loop closed. A >…>A_LOOP !


Written by Mr.Freud

This is all about Avorion – Mining Loop for R-Mining Turrets Only – Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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