Avorion – Abusing alliance mechanics

Avorion – Abusing alliance mechanics 1 - steamlists.com
Avorion – Abusing alliance mechanics 1 - steamlists.com

A fun guide for abusing alliance mechanics

Lot of cheap ships

If you don’t use alliance before, here is a tip easy abuse for cheap ships.

Pay a bit for creating alliance

#Fly in drone

#Make a ship for 500 iron

#Give it to your alliance from player ship list menu




besides, you get alliance bonuses:

+1k item slots


-Slightly more buttons to click for take rewards from ships orders.

I have like 20+ ships on Tritanium tech in solo. Have them all just for 500 iron

Lot of Fighters.

Lot of fighters. Abuse when you have lot of cheap ships.

Are you tired spend lot of money and resourses for good factory* blocks, and do same for reactors blocks for it? Spends your time and money for good fighters module, and hiring like 100+ mechanics* just for make some fighters for yourself? We have a solution!

*Not sure how it names in eng client

1) Build ship-module

Hangar with 12 fighters slots

1 Factory any tech lvl and size

(If you want you can add some thrusters and hull blocks)

2) Build a ship or station, where you gonna dock your modules.

3) Dock your module, send 1 mechanic for building your figthers

4) Start build your fighters in module

5) Repeat

6) …

7) Profit!

Example: My 1 ship module with decor stuff cost ~2.5k trinium and ~30k credits, and build 1 fighter per 11 minutes.

So 11 modules for 27.5k trinium and 330k credits in no times, and we got 1 fighters per minute without good modules or spend our money and time.

+Cheap and effective

+If you dock them to some ship, you can warp ship with them in any system

+No limits for production

-Module can be easily destroyed by enemy player with all fighters in it

-Every module will eat 1 fighters for blueprint

-Mess up your ship list in galactic map

-Cant use galactic map captain’s orders on main ship. If you do, all modules will undock.

 Bonus Tip

bonus tip

More often use stone block for stations or static objects

You can spend 3750 Iron for 1 stone block with 1 million hp.

Trinium for example for same price gave you ~3.4 million hp.


By GariZ0nT

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Avorion – Abusing alliance mechanics, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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