Atomic Heart – How to use cartridges?

Atomic Heart – How to use cartridges? 1 -
Atomic Heart – How to use cartridges? 1 -

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Atomic Heart puts you up against a variety of robots. Some are easy to defeat while others can make your life difficult. You will be relieved that the developers included a variety of weapons as well as other combat mechanics to aid you in defeating the robots. For some, Atomic Heart’s most frustrating aspect is how to use the cartridges. We will explain how to use them in our guide because the game doesn’t provide enough information.


How do I make cartridges and equip them in Atomic Heart?

Cartridges cannot be used until the NORA station is unlocked. One of these will appear in the early stages. It will give you a difficult time the first time you battle it. You will find it in different places once the station lock is broken.

There are many options with NORA. One example is personalizing weapons. The Slot Cartridge attachment is already included in every weapon, so you don’t have to worry about it. However, you will need to make it yourself to be able to use any of the three game cartridges, ice, electric, and fire.

Once you have the recipe for each cartridge, you can only make them yourself. They won’t be easy to find in the game but you will eventually find them once you’ve made some progress. It would be best if you continued to look through all the large chests you find, as the recipes are stored inside them.

After you have discovered the formula for the cartridge, you will need to travel to NORA to make it. After that, navigate your weapon wheel to the bottom center and select the icon. Once you have crafted the weapon, any cartridge can be used to make it. The weapon can then inflict damage to a specific element on your foes. If you don’t use these abilities against foes with an elemental weakness, you won’t be able to save your resources.

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