ATOM RPG Trudograd – Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough

ATOM RPG Trudograd – Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough 1 -
ATOM RPG Trudograd – Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough 1 -

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Walkthrough main quest Atom RPG Trudograd and side quests, obtaining achievements

Error communication with developers. Send the save and player.log to [email protected] – [] .

Save file location ->


~/Library/Application Support/com.AtomTeam.AtomTrudograd/

Community Hub link – []


Veteran Kit

Which which will include a new uniform, a Veteran’s medal and a pretty nifty little thermos that will help you in your travels.

Available only to early buyers.

Appears immediately in inventory after awakening


The thermos has two mechanics – the ability to cook tea, coffee or a chifir at the stake and consume it later (before the introduction of thermos it could only be done at the fire), which allows the use of a buff drink when it really needs it.

The second mechanic is that you can put it on your belt, and your character will automatically drain it at short intervals, increasing his protection from freezing until the vessel is empty.

Two partners in the game


  1. Hexogen, for imports from Part One/or choose is alive
  2. Razin – partner in a branch for the police
  3. Blaze is a partner in a branch for a revolution

Since the militia/revolutionary motion eliminates the opposite branch, the maximum number of partners is two.

Cartridge machine

After it is received, in the inventory, in section “Craft” the recipes of cartridges appear; for cartridges, it is necessary to craft cartridges

  1. Scrap metal
  2. Empty can
  3. Gunpowder
  4. Cartridge Machine

Skill tinkering is useless if you are going to buy SA(Melee WPN for SA gain(if equip) + 20 tinkering)

  1. STR is NOT A PREREQUISITE for the use of weapons. STR in the conditions of the weapon is responsible for accuracy, which is justifiable, it is possible to use a weapon without a suitable STR, one is a fine for accuracy
  2. Feature is an inanimate parameter in the game, created once for the entire game, but in the game there is a chemical and other things that can permanently change characteristics, as well as products can temporarily change characteristics (for example, for high PRS dialogues)
  3. There are no tactical actions in the game like in SS/JA and other similar games (changing position for example), but if you hide behind a wall or behind a post, the opponent will not be able to attack you
  4. There are books and NPCs in the game that increase skills, details about this in the appropriate section – []

For Import


Download and Move Saving to C:\Users\{UserName}\AppData\LocalLow\AtomTeam\Atom

It is best not to start the game with a new character, but to use imported because the character has + 5 characteristics points(fish + 3 chemical + idol) and several unique distinction:


  • Possesed (+1 STR; -1 INT ;-1 CHR)
  • Ghostly Protection(+6 Damage resistance);
  • Tattoo “Wings” (+1 DEX);
  • Tattoo “Mother” (+5 MA; + 5 SPC)
  • Tattoo “ATOM” (+5 AF; +5 STH)


And partner Hex, when creating a new character Hex does not appear

might change with the full release (roadmap – [] 

  • Male character
  • All partners (except Galina)
  • Otradnoye Radchenko
  • Kovalev is dead
  • Dan’s alive
  • Peregon is evolving
  • KRZ Atom
  • RF is evolving
  • Morozov is dead/alive

Almost all quests completed

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Basic - 346DC35

the game has already started and in the closet of the PM and AKMS

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Basic - 0F18468

  • Entomologist
  • Possessed (+1 STR; – 1 INT; -1 PRS) <- can be compensated by Lone Genius
  • Action Hero
  • Tattoo “Wings” (+1 DEX)
  • Tattoo “Mother” (+5 MA; + 5 SPC)
  • Tattoo “ATOM” (+5 AF; +5 STH)
  • Chosen One
  • Ghostly Protection (+6 DR)
  • Streetwise

The imported character will allow you to transfer these skills at once:


  • Fast Learner
  • Gobsek
  • Bookworm
  • Best of Class
  • Effective training <- makes sense to replace “Target Focus”


  • Plot Armor
  • Oaken Skin
  • Juggernaut
  • Inner reserve

Automatic Firearms

  • Burst Boy
  • Lubricator
  • Commando
  • BullsEye
  • Rocket Rounds
  • Target Focus -> because we will get our skill points afterwards, and thus not fully compensate for the negative effect of “Lone Genius”

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Basic - 522D458

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Basic - 616516C

After import, we will have transferred Hexa,photo Julbars and machine Victory in parking Outskirts


When creating a character, we will bear in mind that in the future we will be using the special armour, thus we should take the following options from distinction section: “Roid Rampage“(evasion is not important since we use armor) or “Retrograde” and “Freedom Lover“(it’s better to keep a distance in combat), “Big Boned” will also be a good choice

Starting characteristics:

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Intro - E6CA909


  • Fast Learner
  • Gobsek
  • Bookworm
  • Best of Class


  • Plot Armor
  • Oaken Skin
  • Juggernaut
  • Inner reserve


  • Burst Boy
  • Lubricator
  • Commando

4 points remain, the next ones to take are Target Focus and BullsEye

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Intro - D0ADFB6

Skills through dialogue or books/Hints

This section is to avoid putting extra points in skills, as there will be a overdrive in skill (>299), which will not do any good.

ObjectSkillNumber(Best of the Class)
Kondrashkin(NPC)-Scrap QuarterBarter5
Lyoha Lab asistant(NPC){Speechcraft > ?}-Scrap QuarterLock Picking5
Pyotr Nechaev(NPC){award quest A Mother’s Heart– Mother Alive}PRS>? – Mikhakych tavernGambling15
Edward(NPC){change to Black Lotus}-Gray CornerTechnology15
Rivlin Stories – 1 – A Fateful Miting(Book)Melee Weapons25(50)
Rivlin Stories – 2 – A Nightmare on Lenin Street(Book)Martial Arts25(50)
“Thug Life” №19(Book)First Aid25(50)
“Thug Life” №21(Book)Automatic Firearms25(50)
“The Flames of Revolution” №6(Book)Pistol & SMG25(50)
“The Flames of Revolution” №7(Book)Throwing Weapons25(50)
“The Flames of Revolution” №8(Book)Gambling25(50)
Horseshoe(Предмет){Цацкин – Trudograd Docks}Free skill poins15
Митя Колосков(NPC){рядом с дверью Дамба}Automatic Firearms XOR

Throwing Weapons XOR

Rifles & Shotguns

Рута Лютикова(NPC){Kolotushkin Street}Tinkering15
Vasmer(NPC){Kolotushkin Street}Martial Arts15(5+5+5)
Демогорг(NPC){Gray Corner} – награда за квестStealth+10
Илья(NPC){Razdor village} – в ходе разговора о технологияхTechnology+3
Strange Serum(Предмет){Остров Тойфельштайн} – Ящик на Острове ТойфельштайнAttributes+1
Strange Serum(Предмет){Q – Ship of the Death} – awardAttributes+1
Policeman(NPC){Police Station}Talk to the Police in the backdoor after the factory protest and the police station is locked down, listen to his Fiddler [email protected]Falka – []Tinkering+10


Special Armor

After we leave the room, we’ll basically have to roll up our sleeves to save 45k of rubles (we won’t be pumping too much communication or bartering), we’ll have to do a few things to accumulate that amount of money,

  • Take Hex as a partner (the guy we have is a squishy (Retrograde) or a bit of a slow (Roid Rampage) who will be working as a mule
  • Complete the first line of storyline quests (first 3 tasks – I checked with the Revolutionaries) – The Commissioner is generous when in comes to buying weapons, but before he will be available we will have to sell stuff to global map traders
  • Kill the Bombers on Kolotushkin Street
  • Take your money in a quest to rob the cockfights (“Rows, feathers, three barrels“)

We’ll end up with something like this

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Special Armor - 8D6C61F

or this

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Special Armor - 4ED352C

You can buy it from Bronisław for 45k, or you can lower the price and buy it for 30k, but you need the skill of Speechcraft>=288(barter>=258)

The end result of the upgrading armor branch will be this

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Special Armor - 10DB25F

Название МодуляЭффектыСлот(Мин. Навык Ремесла)Местонахождение
Оптический Модуль+ 3 Damage Threshold(Head)

+ 10% Damage Resistance(Head)

– 2 Dodge

Ночное видение

Шлем(30)Милицейский участок,

в комнате где броня детали брони

Улучшенный оптический Модуль+ 5 Damage Threshold(Head)

+ 15% Damage Resistance(Head)

– 3 Dodge

Ночное видение

Шлем(45)Локация Полигон,

Красный ящик, после комнаты с турелями, рядом с огненной полосой

Электрический Щит+7 Макс. урн в ближнем бою

Электрический Щит

Нагрудник(35)Милицейский Участок,

Вторая комната в арсенале (комната около Фриды)

Усиленный электрический Щит+7 Макс. урон в ближ. бою

+1 Последовательность

Электрический щит М-2

Нагрудник(55)По квесту “Подарок из прошлого” – награда в Холодной Пойме
Блок “Д.А.Н.К.О.”+5% Damage Resistance(Body)

+1 Damage Threshold(Body)

– 4 Dodge

+ 7.0 kg Max Carryweight

Боевой Фонарь

Корпус(35)Завод, Бронислав
Блок “Д.А.Н.К.О.” М-1+7% Damage Resistance(Body)

+1 Damage Threshold(Body)

– 4 Dodge

+ 8.0 kg Max Carryweight

Боевой Фонарь

Корпус(50)Локация Полигон,

Ящик левом углу, рядом с кучей кирпича

Блок “Т.А.Р.А.Н.”+5% Damage Resistance(Body)

+1 Damage Threshold(Body)

– 3 Dodge


Двигатель(20)Завод, Бронислав
Блок “П.Р.О.Р.Ы.В.”+8% Сопротивление урону(Тело)

+2 Защита от урона(Тело)

– 3 Уклонение


Двигатель(50)Большая пещера, в левом металлическом шкафу, в тайной комнате
Электро-Поножи+5% Damage Resistance(Body)

+2 Damage Threshold(Body)

– 2 Dodge


Поножи(25)По квесту “Пороховой Заговор” – В ящике, рядом с палатками
Улучшенные Электро-Поножи+7% Damage Resistance(Body)

+3 Damage Threshold(Body)

– 3 Dodge

1% сопротивления критичнскому урону

Усиленный Электроразряд

Поножи(50)По квесту “Корабль Смерти” – в сейфе позади Бэнг-Кимчи

SA performance growth – []

CharSASA M-1SA M-2
Damage Resistance(Body)+30%+40%+45%
Melee Damage+5+7+12
Cold Resistance+60%+75%+90%
Damage Threshold(Body)+8+10+12
Damage Resistance(Head)+20%+30%+40%
Damage Threshold(Head)+7+10+12
Fire Resistance+30%+40%+50%
Critical Damage Resistance+60%+70%+80%


Walkthrough Underground Test Site

Help or kill El Gato(The extra loot at the end of the card depends on it) and go to open doors (in the next room there is a fog and a fly)

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Walkthrough Underground Test Site - 1308DDF

First room D.A.N.K.O. Module

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Walkthrough Underground Test Site - 2E768DC

Pass first the test room is simple enough, you have to use R.A.M. for accelerated movement( diagonally requires 1 AP instead of 2 as in normal movement), hiding behind obstacles in this room. In the second room, three tests must be performed: a flared s*rip, a barrel is knocked down and water is passed under current, or if a technology >100 is available, the panel must be activated to complete all tests( But for the first time fix both non-working elements of the obstacle course, the experience is not lying on the road). There will be spiders in the third room, there are many of us and they are not dangerous, shoot first and everything will be easy-peasy, lemon squeezy. In the fourth room, we take Exoskeleton parts and blow up the wall to take a shortcut. Now all we have to do is kill the bad guys, we have to go as a tank to the approach so our partners don’t get hurt, so we can make our job easier

Video Walkthrough


Our task is to retrieve electromagnetic mass accelerator from Tg in order to save the Earth from intrusion aliens Comets wake up in a hotel, communicate with the headquarters, taking initial training of the game mechanics.

After leaving the hotel you can wander around the outskirts(buy an atom token so we don’t have to spend on Speechcraft(Cap + Token + Start Build will accelerate to 150, which is more than enough (initially)), try to take a can of teeth from a minefield with Attention 5 we’ll just die)
Take the quest from Dandelion, talk to the boys at the bar( we need experience , and at the expense of High learning  get bonuses), A quest by Demiyan, a notebook by Shchukar(Man at the entrance to Strife)( Devilry)


Moving on to Razdor village

(there you can steal a little in the houses (grab a rope and a soap for the quest with the snowmobile), in one house in the closet there is a quality cuirass, there is a picker and a Molotov’s cocktail, then move to Dam To the left of the point of origin there’s a road at the breakers, there’s a little bit of ammo and a rusty AK, then we run on the map to collect from the boxes(inside Damb hit better without even trying, the lock picking won’t be enough, and if it is enough then it’s necessary to kill Mitya, but when did it stop the greedy for loot Plushkin? – especially since there’s upgrade module for SA)

Go to tG

, refuse to pay, negotiate, talk to the guy at the snowmobile, hand over a soap and a rope, promise to come tomorrow, watch.

Go to Hexa(At Kolotuskin), recruit – for Hexa it’s preferable to pump tinkering up to Love to read (If you’d use the machine’s build from the provided save you’d have PM and AKMS), share the weapon.

On the way out, we are offered a robbery (Pencil), we agree, then go and kill the bombers on that map, we will have to scrape the explosives from the checkers (it is worth more than sum of its parts), (There is still a kid at the entrance of the entrance, who watches the sky – there is junk in the pockets, but there are checks in the dialog)( If there is a problem with killing them, you can pull in the doorway


  • Open the door,
  • Launch an attack,
  • kill one and immediately step aside
  • close the door,
  • and every time opponents open the door shoot them (Hexa helps sometimes)


In one of the apartments will be a couple, a man and a woman (the author of the ♥♥♥♥♥ yada), it makes sense to talk to the husband to impersonate a journalist and go through a simple quest immediately on the spot, earn some money.

Run to the debtor’s wife, communicate, give a tip on two people (one in Scrap quarter, second in Mikhalych tavern)

Moving on to Police station

, There we break in the back door (back door, where the room has parts of armor), take the module

(You can choose the main line for the rail for the cops, you have to go to the main line, then the partner will be Razin - give the same three quests -> for the cops 2 quests will be the same(Gone Northerners и Revolutionary mercenaries), and the fractional quest is the secret of "Barinki" - the quest is not great, as will disappear (goes to the cells) the dealer of drugs and stimulants Beetle.
On the other hand, you can participate in catching a super thief, like Arsene Lupin (Bender,Shura Balaganov,Tuxedo Mask)

, Go out and go to Second tier, if met a junk shop and some of the things sold you can buy weapons books (yourself and Hexo), talk to Hans, give a quest on myrmics.

Moving on to Rusty quarter

, talk of jelly mutants (a married couple), learn about the Railsotron, enter the Inverter building and communicate with the High Moral, Creative, Competent Citizen of the former USSR, taking the fate of the Fatherland as his personal, give us a tip on the Northerner, talk, wait for the night and get the package (then sell it) after we give up the bookkeeper. Talk to the burglar (and the driver if chosen in the quest Rows, feathers, three barrels). Before leaving, do not forget to talk to the dealer of “apples”, talk to Gorgulla, preferably also to communicate with Slava(Help in employment) <- the guy lives with mom, first we persuade her, then the employer.

Mikhalych Tavern

Talk to the bartender, then we’re stopped at the door, agree to work for the Revolution, take the quests, talk to the mercenaries, talk to the second contact from Sins of the Past – sent back to Outskirts In the next entrance we take the quests from Vasilisa, at the same time you can turn in the made quest to Iskra and immediately get a level, as active Commissioner (he can already sell things, and the course is good). At this point we have about 15k already (rubles, not counting junk in the inventory for sale).

Go to Outskirts

, talk to the prostitute (and the driver if chosen in the quest Rows, feathers, three trunks),go to the hotel and resolve the issue with the Northerners.

Go to Kolotuskin

, convince brothers that offending old ladies is bad, – go to the printing house and take the quest to eliminate the Capibarov racketeer(Street crime)

Before visiting (Rows, feathers, three trunks) we dump heavy things in a box, we have much to carry,

We break into the basement, first we fool Gennadyevich to throw weapons (the conviction about the Secret Cartel), after they are disarmed we kill them, break the lock with the help of the partner, learn that the money is not enough, insist on That money is ours and we kill our partners in action, we collect all the money and get off the map.

Upon arrival in Outskirts go to Mikhalych Tavern, give away quests of quests Blaze, sell clothes, go to kill Northmen in a house nearby(Sins of the Past), again sell everything, and then on all flights of flight buy at Machine Works special armor.

With luck on loot from random encounters (it is not worth to avoid them) we will even have a little extra to buy stuff from Bronislaw

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Story - 05BB082

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Story - 5AE60FE

Side quests

For the moment (approximately) there should be such quests in active :


  1. The Lamb of Tartary
  2. The Elusive Goryachev

Scrap Quarter

  1. Child Support
  2. From Soltsegrad with Love

Mikhalych Tavern

  1. The Trudograd Marketeer
  2. Sins pf the Past
  3. Railgun: Mikhalych Tavern
  4. Myrmic Kaputt <- visited the Second Tier , buy books and take quests

Kolotushkin Street

  1. From Solntsegrad with Love

Police Station

  1. From Solntsegrad with Love

Trudograd Docks

  1. The Beaty of the Beast
  2. A Mysterious Offer
  3. The New Contacts – You can get it on the radio after you buy it Special Armor
  4. Guns of the revolution <- If you’ve lost time and waited for new instructions from the Revolutionaries

Child Support – About Invertor Factory, costs a chimney sweep, he is the “father” of the ruckus, (with this quest the achievement of “Infant Eater”). The boy can be persuaded to solve the case by paying off the madwoman, and by returning to Outskirts, convince the girl to give up her trousers and revive her.

From Solntsegrad with Love – I need to talk to 3 people:

  1. Vasmer ( Kolotushkin, dojo apartment, house next to the bunker)
  2. Trubachyov (Police station – near the monument “1986”, where Father Makariy and the quest “Sectarian Violence
  3. Shcherba (Musician, near Sakurov (apple trader)

If we pass performance checks, we’ll know Kay Ozersky alive , say all Verbalsky that at the end of the conversation we’ve passed the INT come save Shcherba в Scrap Quarter If there’s a skill “Poison Ivy”, make sense to eat candy

Trudograd Marketeer – In the house (where Margarita sits), next to the tavern, in the second entrance, there is Vasilisa, who gives out a quest, she can be asked about a new cohabitant who killed her husband (she doesn’t mind in principle, or pretends to), the point of the quest is in the cases on the map where you have to hand out leaflets, right population groups :

  1. Say won’t be sepulcariums for sale
  2. Листовки людям в очереди где ларек(бард,шпана,очередь в магазин)
  3. Энкаунтеры с мутантами и сектантами – листовки не предлагать

Sins of the Past – We’ll have to go halfway to TG, returning to the old locations (the quest we took from the pimp right after the start of the game), we’ll go to his wife on kolotushkin, потом зайдем к Jacek на Scrap Quarter, then to Margaritko Mikhalych Tavern , then to Jacek, & will join Daisy in Outskirts, then again Margaritko and close quest (In this case, “The death of the goose was not in vain” is not available – it is the essence of ATN(9)PRS(7)LCK(6) to be tested against Baldan and then deal with it with Small LCK (like this quest, the bombers, Kay, – where there is a solution to the conflict through LCK) at the end of Kolotushkin, We’ll give up our husband and get a reward, and we’ll go to Dandelion and we’ll get a follow-up to the debt.

The Beaty of the Beast – take from Grey Corner At the man’s entrance, let’s go to the brothel(Trudograd Docks) Talking to the bartender( We can’t make a mistake, there are all the prostitutes “role-playing”), and we persuade her to go to this maniac, and then we solve it on the spot, whether we help her or not, the maniac is not dangerous, there will be no difficulty in eliminating it.

Trudograd Docks

Bao will be at the entrance, do not give him 50 rubles, then take away things from the thugs he hires to teach us a lesson.

A Mysterious Offer – Uncle Ho has a proposal for us, namely the explosion of a drug-trafficking ship, the Secret Cartel, which is full of “black lotus”.

Talking to Ho(if the quest is taken “Guns of the Revolution”, He will tell you how to meet honest people), he leads to the dock, talks to the captain and begins the quest (with us sails the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Long Vang) :

  1. It’s quite simple – the vignette will have to pass the performance check, we’re fine with it
  2. Once on loverdeck (next to the Engine Room), clear the deck
  3. After clearing the nearest quarters come to Bang-Kimchi, it upsets us -> no key, Semtex no
  4. Moving from the stern to the bow of the ship, killing Ihto, reaching the brig, we can free Arashi( in the text of the vignette can help kill Lang, though we can sort it out ourselves)
  5. On the guardhouse take semtex and either place it immediately at the fuel line (hidden door through the kitchen), or clear the nose and take the key to the drug warehouse (where clink door
  6. When we get to the top deck, we free the slaves in a cubicle nearby,
  7. In Captain Lang’s cabin (Regiment) lies, “Hardened Frontal Armor Plate” (+1 SEQ + 7 MD)
  8. We go to the stern, we make a getaway, we sail away by boat, we come to Ho and we give away the quest

The New Contacts – talk in a teahouse with a bearded man and get a quest to destroy the mutant bombers, worshipping the “Gods of Chaos,” basically this location-quest (Gunpowder Plot), this test Special Armour, to long mission, and fun (go over the water and turn off the generators, in the rest fight with the partners, and the moment where there is a bridge, there needs a rope and pass the STR)

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Side quests - F41D2F5

There is also a modification for exo and an ampoule of oblivion (if sided with mutants and asked about the reward)

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Side quests - 1BE69AC

Guns of The Revolution – We get a tip from Ho, we go and talk to the mermaid, then we run to the warehouse and talk Honest people’s Purchase of rifles (via Barter lower the price after refuse to buy, and then through Speechcraft take them free of charge), here in the warehouse, break in the grate and take the AK-74 and the Armored Fuel Tank for Special Armor(Inspect and break into all boxes)

Ivan Doe

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Side quests - 4486148

At the entrance of the location sits a musician, who after his healing, will present a mystical key, this key can be used in the house on Kolotushkin 2. The entrance where there were the bombers (near the booth “Tickets”) breaking into the corner apartment, and we use the key on the drawer in the back.

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Side quests - B9A4B07

Find a reel with a film film,, an empty oblivion, TT(mod.) a little ammo and a bottle, for opening the box we get +1111 EXp. If you go back and tell him what we found, he’ll throw himself off the dock, and the laundress (Xiao-Xiao) will grieve over him.

Continue to continue

In the Grey Corner There is a house near Chippolino (with Chippolino itself connected to the quest “A Conflict of Interest” which can be taken on the second floor in the cabin to the right of the entrance to the Morzhov locality – Telluria quest – To the left of the entrance to the cabin, on the second floor a drug & thief), there is a guy, Senya Markov, who will issue a quest “The Streets Of Fury” , Having done it ( can negotiate with Toha Kalmar, or can simply shoot (Markov should not die) , we have a blessing a “Tin Can”, we get a continuation of the branch -> apply for money to his partner, nicknamed Sinker, and at the same time we take the quest – The Widow At The City – which can be done by frightening either the widow or the accountant. What we’re interested in is, very, Aidarov, who sits in Machine Factory and arranges clandestine fights (handguns can raise pennies there), but we are interested in the quest “The Lost Wallet” , taking him, we’re going to Grey Corner And his search for him, with his purse there will be breeders, but if we pay them to tip us to work, we can take the quest to Mikhalich tavern Francis Liao “The Industrial Espionage” and we’ll be rewarded

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Continue to continue - AAD47EA

The Industrial Espionage & The Trudogradian Strike

In principle, the only problem in organizing the strike will be with the Dead (the leader of the Trade Union for us, and Aidarova or we will talk and take the quest “The Lost Wallet” -> “The Industrial Espionage” or , just do it “The Lost Wallet“.

The Lost Wallet” – it’s simple enough, run to Grey Corner, Took a purse from a flophouse, and reached out to breeders, however, pay them wooden (2k) and get a tip(“A Dubious Offer“) to Francis Liao, who will ask for a filter (no) -> “The Industrial Espionage

An audience with Sherbetov get us easy, problems inside the office -> you can talk about going to the main one, and you can pretend to be his missing son (Fernandel and leather armor take from Demyan in Outskirts , and the amulet of Saint Seryozhi at Babur, in Police Station)

Having obtained information (having passed the test for ATN and after reading the explanatory note, you can either turn in Liao (there will be no reward) or give the photo to the Conglomerate, in the person of Liao, but we have no way of stopping him, blinding us, he escapes.

The Trudogradian Strike -> The problem is the Mertvago, but from a comrade in the shop floor we learn that the Mertvago is engaged in an obscure activity in Trudograd Docks – We find a safe house, interact with a lantern and voilà! When we return to the factory we threaten Mertvago, go to the tavern and hand in the mission.

Strike itself(“Red Snow“) It won’t be very, but since we are Tin Can SA, we can jump on Cossaks gang units. After the vignette’s over, we go to Comrade Shrike.

We wait and in the empty inn we address to Mikhalych ,quests “The Red Carrot” -> если уже помогали Virikhonov, already helped Virikhonov, then there will be no problem, immediately after execution , it will be possible to take the second quest “Escape from Trudograd

Escape from Trudograd” – Get in and run down to the basement (unless you really want to become an intruder and then fight with the whole of the Militia) – the police will catch up with us, we’ll fight back – Say that from the TSB(!TBI – я не знакю как будет на инглише!), come out with“Second Tier”, идем к Михалычу – > Go to Mikhalych – > we get a tip on Comrade Shrike.

In the bunker we meet Goryachev, promise that he will be picked up with the evac team, ask about the railroad and Inverter, learn the necessary go to dig up the key card – go to “Razdor Village” –

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Continue to continue - C06D9F3

We talk to the grave-digger Pachom (house with red roof) and go to the vignette (in the vignette itself I did not kill the boy, took the figurine from the tent and then gave it to him)

After arriving at “Seventh Heaven” Voronin offers us 3 quests ->

  1. A Common Cause
  2. Dam Defence
  3. The Northern Saboteurs -> The Mysterious Cipher

A Common Cause – Go to Comrade Shrike and complete the task of destroying the Flyers (otherwise he will not cooperate),

Dam Defence – Reached the dam (crossing from Suburb), came and repulsed the attack, we are larger so there is still a human shield of defenders, so that everything will be simple, after repelling the attack, can find another mod for a “Tin Can”

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Continue to continue - 7C0A0AB

Armoured Fuel Tank

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Continue to continue - B471253

The Northern Saboteurs – come to the flophouse, provoke and kill ,the cipher was given to Voronin, waited a day – talked to Voronin – went to the Big Cave.

At The Edge Of The Abyss

They came and decided whether it was the Northmen or the Revolution. In the second case, they killed all the Lieutenants and ran to Inverter’s bunker, clearing the way for all the Northmen.

Invertor Bunker

When we go down to the bunker and open the door, we read a note at the checkpoint and on that basis decide whether or not to go in with a fight. First maiden is open, second maiden is closed, it requires a break-in skill, if it is lacking, then it is possible to pass this door through airlock , after the generator starts this door will open and we can take Tin Can (when wearing Special Armour do not fit)

  1. If we fight, there are cylinders in the room on the left that will blow through the generator and get through the robots to the end door

    ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Continue to continue - F918A1B

  2. By turning the generator on via technology, or by solving a puzzle{FILTRATION SYSTEM CONTROL} (A – B – C – <Siphon OFF> – A – B – C) Moving forward, it’s important to take your weapons out of your hands, and in the second-to-last room and out of your partners’ hands. During the journey we will have the opportunity to launch artificial satellite with a message to space, read about air defense tG and the Hot One itself, activate the pass for the system “own-alien”

The second-to-last room can be traversed in two ways (by punching a hole in the wall and causing a robotic attack on itself) or by taking the optics from the robot into the workshop and opening the door with it.

Although, if you break down the terminal and the door doesn’t open, you have to go to the breach through the door, close the door, and then blow the hull, and then the robots don’t get trapped

The vignette will begin, during the conversation will be an opportunity to persuade Voronin from the shooting saying that everything will be fine and we will not be a danger to the rest of the world (pass the tests on INT и SpeechCraft

Looking at the ending – tG has changed power but has not changed the type of board , Gou-Jō trades in tG, Hex political prisoner (wrote a book about your adventures), Blaze is alive and sent east

Possible Game Endings


Game goalEvents not related to fractionsPolice powerAuthority of the CommitteeNorthern power
Trudograd*Police power, harassment of the CommitteePower of the Committee, harassment of the old authorityCity destroyed, old power has escaped
Gou-DZeIf completed task branch/ Failed task branchFlourishing/Gone for 100 yearsFlourishing/Gone for 100 yearsGone for 100 years
Seventh sky*With old power (nothing changed)New (first open, then closed)destroyed by the Northmen
RazinDied in actionSpecial TBI Unit OfficerDead/We don’t know himGone to the East, the village sheriff
BlazeDiedDied/We don’t know herPointed east three years after the events of the gameFought the Northmen, died 3 years later in the mine
HexogenDiedSat as a political prisonerSat as a political prisonerThe psychic in Northmen (son of Hexogen)

Possible endings of the character

YouLeft with AtomLeft AtomFor Voronin
*End of Inverter Bunker (Atom Rail)End on Forest Glacier (Atom Rail)“Killed” by the Atom Division (Body Missing)



Fresh Prince of Trudograd

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Achievements - 891987D

The city welcomes you!

Simply start the game.


An Old Friend

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Achievements - 7C46066

Your car from the Central Wasteland stands in the outskirts of Trudograd.

You must import a save game from ATOM RPG, in which you already obtained the car, then simply go to the garage in Trudograd Outskirts and touch your car to get the achievement.


Mysterious Knife

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Achievements - B58741E

You solved the riddle of the stalker Igor knife.

Buy Stalker Igor's Knife from the Stalker Merchant in Trudograd Outskirts.
Buy Stalker Igor's Book from Narayama merchant in Scrap Quarter.
Select the "Use" option from the inventory, and pass the check to open the book, then read the letter which is added after opening the book for the code. Then select the "Use" option for the knife, and input the code, you will get the achievement.
The code is 7730, you don't need to follow all the steps, simply input the code right after buying the knife works too.


Baby Eater

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Achievements - D947589

Yes, you really did eat a child. Or, at least, somebody thinks that you did…

"In Trudograd Outskirts, there is a girl who stands in front of the gate, she will give Child Support quest. During the first conversation, pass an Attention check to know that her baby is actually a turnip, but still agree to help her. After that, go and talk to Vasikov in Scrap Quarter, then go back girl in the outskirts. No matter if you persuade Vasikov successfully or not, you will be given the option the tell her that she's insane. Tell her so, then fail the Strength check, then pass the Dexirity check to snatch the baby from her and eat it.

The easiest way to do this is on a new save. Simply create the character without any stat points, get the quest, go to Scrap Quarter, talk to Vasikov then go back, save and allocate the stats so that you can fail the Strength check and pass the Dexirity check."


Goose Sacrifice

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Achievements - 21EA395

You are actively and successfully using your luck. The death of the goose was not in vain!

In Trudograd Outskirts, help Baldan (the guy who sits next to the yellow car in the garage area) fix his car. Use Lockpick / Strength / Technology options to open the door, then pass an Attention check and spot an amulet. Pass another Personality check to ask for it, but ultimately return it to the driver. He will thank you and mention that he will sacrifice a goose for you.

After that, you just need to pass several Luck checks, then the game will give you the achievement, doing the same check by reloading counts too. Therefore, the easiest way to get this is to help the old man in the starting area, who asks you to fix his radio, stand next to him with 7 Luck, keep helping him using Luck and reloading after that, until you get the achievement.
  • Once you get the achievement, all the Luck check will be decreased by 1, as if the goose gives you 1 extra Luck. E.g: if the Luck check originally needs 10, you will need only 9 now. Note: not sure if it works on a new game or not.


Atomic Soda

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Achievements - DBD2AFA

You bought a glass of every Atom agent favorite drink!

Buy a Coin from the Stalker Merchant in Trudograd Outskirts. Then use the coin in the soda machine, there are various soda machines in Trudograd. The easiest one to find is at the entrance of Mikhalych Tavern.


Power of Simplicity

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Achievements - 6FA82A0

You were hoping for luck, and you stood your ground.

During the final standoff of the Sin of the Past quest, which was issued by Dandelion in a hotel in the suburbs of Trudograd.


Tell them "Your brand of vigilante justice is meaningless", offer 100rb later pick LUCK option.


Walking Fortress

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Achievements - 724E8DD

You maxed-out your special armor.

Get and execute the quest "Juggernaut", from Bronisław, after the first upgrade of Special Armour(1k), and giving the Exoskeleton parts to the Master, get the achievement


Viva la Revolution

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Achievements - FBAABE1

You became a part-time revolutionary.
When finish "Gone Northerners" report to Blaze by telling truth.



ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Achievements - 2284CF2

You single-handedly signed Trudograd’s death warrant.

Fractional, at the end of the game there will be a choice if we agree to a quest to destroy TG


Sixth Sense

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Achievements - 6522DB1

You exorcised all the restless spectres that you met on your path.

With the Ghost achievement you have to eat some Mushrooms and help the two ghosts in the Grey Conner and the Scrap Quarter pass on, the first one to sing(tell a poem) too and the second you just give him some [email protected] Gandalf


Sick Freak

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Achievements - FAA8C98

You performed such a heinous and convoluted act that… you deserve an achievement!

We should meet Slava in his mother’s apartment. Offer to move away from his mother. After a while we meet him in the Suburb of Truodograd. Fame became a drug addict and is ready to satisfy for the Black Lotus on demand. We go to his mother and tell her that her only son has become a drug addict. Since she has a really weak heart, heart attack. We go back to Fame and talk about Mom’s death. Fame asks for a dose to remember Mom. We give him a dose and remind him that the dose is not free and we need to polish our "spear" @C17 - [] 


Achievements p2

Shadow over Trudograd

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Achievements p2 - 2ADCC45

You performed the ancient ritual and met guests from the depths…

Shadow over Trudograd achievement requires you to buy the Bone Flute from the guy in the second tier as well as the old journal from the book store in the second tier. Read the book to learn about the island and travel there by the docks, eat some Mushrooms and play the Flute in the middle of the stone circle, pass the luck check for a reward as well, [email protected]Comrade Gandalf - [] 


Second Thought

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Achievements p2 - B38AF4D

You completed the cow mission, but then decided to bring her back.


Rising Star

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Achievements p2 - 6A2EDDC

You won ten games of Bombagun, playing for money.

won 10 times


Memories of a Nibbler

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Achievements p2 - D3A31E5

You listened to all the haiku of a four-legged intellectual.

Talk about the people who work there with Madam Claque, talk to each worker later Madam will unlock the door for you. Listen ALL poems Nibbler tells you.


LOT 49

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Achievements p2 - 09D5E51

You opened a mysterious chest on Kolotushkin Street.

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Achievements p2 - 4486148

After talking with Ivan Doe (cures him) at the port of Trudograd, we receive as a reward a key that opens a chest on Kolotushkin (the room opposite the bombers)

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Achievements p2 - 82BDF03


KGB Bunker

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Achievements p2 - 41AE6DA

You’ve been contacted by the eponymous KGB bunker.

let them fool you, waste money on them numerous times buying useless chips and then get a radio message from the KGB bunker to your radio, which will tell you about the KGB bunker scam! @Atomboy - [] 



ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Achievements p2 - F77AF89

You showed a surprising lack of competence in completing a rather easy task in the city docks.

Ruslan Lee -Docks-Quest @aiv3938 - [] 


Death of the Author

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Achievements p2 - C899812

If the author is writing about you, then who is writing about the author?

The quest "Automatophobia", 
To activate it it is necessary to tell the man in the cylinder about his orphanhood and to smoke with him the Caspian Jag
In the end, it should be hinted that the author is also made up


Fight Club

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Achievements p2 - 8ABC35D

You became the ruling champion of the factory arena!

To participate in the underground battles at Aydarov , you have to defeat Mikola Tysonenko (6 on account of a fight), you have to prepare, otherwise they will work for two blows


Escalation of Conflict

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Achievements p2 - 1463451

You turned a simple arrest into a real street battle.You turned a simple arrest into a real street battle.


Freelance Police

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Achievements p2 - 54FED25

You're temping as a freelance police officer.

Choose city milita fractions and complete 3 start quest


Holy mountain

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Achievements p2 - 219C158

You died from a lethal dose of The Truth™.


Human Antidote

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Achievements p2 - CBDD443

You survived the worst poisoning of your whole Atom career.
After finishing "Solntsegrad with Love" eat Beekeeper Farm candy with having Endurance 9


Albino Bloodsucker

ATOM RPG Trudograd - Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough - Achievements p2 - 4CCF324

You tracked and killed the albino bloodsucker. .

The quest is taken from the brothel owner at the port and then we have to go to a random meeting with him.


Quests details

Trudograd Outskirts


NameQuest giverReward
Child SupportStrange Woman
A Harmless RequestЩукарьquest From Solntsegrad with Love
The Lamb of TartaryShepherd430 Exp, 33 carrot
Выбивание долговDandelion the Pimp
Sins of The PastDandelion the Pimp1500 Exp, 400+
Smoke and MirrorsArthur Penkin
Dental problemsBabushkinTeeth left — can to gold teeth (300+)

Teeth return — ?

Gone NorthernersBlaze(Mikhalych tavern)/Commander Shapkevych(Police Station)-/3900 Exp
Open SesameOwner the hotel
A Strange RequestMechanic near city entrance945 Exp, 200+
DevilryDemiyanDevil mask, 200 Exp, 300, several headpieces


Scrap Quarter


NameQuest giverReward
Unwelcome guestsKondrashkin525 Exp, 300+
Повелитель снаЕпифан310 Exp, 300+
Помощь в трудоустройствеСлаваПомочь Славе – 1900 Exp
Spy ManiaАгиль ПугачёвРаскрыть Руслана — 550 Exp, химикаты
RailgunMain Plot


Machine Factory


NameQuest giverReward
The Widow in the CitySinker, после задания Заслуженная Award500 Exp, 1k
TelluriaИдлен500 Exp, Mark-19 or ammo
The Lost Wallet
The Taming of the Rebel
The juggernautThe armor’s Mechanic


Police Station


NameQuest giverReward
Глаз ГенсекаCommander ShapkevychНапарник: лейтенант Разин
Sectarian ViolenceFather Macarius875 EXP, 500+ rub
A Mercenary ArmyCommander Shapkevych1960 Exp
Gone NothernersCommander Shapkevych3900 Exp
Railgun: Police Stationauto Railgun
The Barinka MysteryCommander Shapkevych1960 Exp
Eye of the General Secretary
The Party Problems
The Decent Living Digest
Counter Revolution
From Solntsegrad with Love


Grey Corner


NameQuest giverReward
A Conflict of InterestMorzhovMorzhov’s side — 980 Exp, 300+ rub., stims.

Cipollino’s side — ?

The Beaty and the BeastOleg Girin945 EXP — Oleg’s death
Нежеланные гостиСохатый1460 Exp, 200+
The Nothern SaboutersCommander Shapkevych3900 Exp
Mutants in the Cellar
The Streets of FurySenya Markovquest A Just Reward (1018)


Mikhalych Tavern


NameQuest giverReward
A Harmless RequestЩукарь в Пригороде Трудоградаquest “From Solntsegrad with Love”
The Trudograd MarketeerVasilisa300 Exp, 300+, revolver
From Solntsegrad with LoveПотап Вербальский945 Exp — Oleg’s death
The Villainous BrothersBlaze (?)
The Revolutionary MercenariesBlaze
Guns of the RevolutionShrike (?)
A Mother’s HeartPyotr Nechayev
The Trudogradian StrikeShrike (?)
A Dubious OfferA shifty guy from Grey Corner
The Industrial EspionageFrancis Liao1000 (?)
The Red CarrotMikhalych
Railgun: Mikhalych Tavernauto – Railgun


Trudograd Docks


NameQuest giverReward
The Ship of DeathUncle HoLots of trophies and EXP for clearing the ship, 300 EXP, 1k + strange serum
A Protection RacketRuslan Lee400 Exp, 1.2k
Смысл жизниКун-Лан650 Exp, тайна смысла жизни
A Jeweler WorkЮвелир Цацкин570 EXP, 1k
The Mummy’s Curse
A Special AssignmentKandalsky, Police Station


Quests details p2

Kolotushkin Street


NameQuest giverReward
Comb, Feathers and Three Smoking BarrelsКарандашМного трофеев и опыта за зачистку 2k+(10k)
The Villanous Brother
AutomatophobiaYefim Grechkin
Professor GaryachevДоступно со старта
Romantic Hero


Kolotushkin Street


Myrmic KaputtEliasGR-121 pistol or Ye Olde Gauntlet (unique martial arts wep) given speech/barter passed check, otherwise some rubles


Video walkthrough


-Ranged Weapons-

Throwing Knives 5x: Scrap Metal + Electrical Tape + Plastic Bottle + Sharpening Stone

Custom Made Crossbow: A log 2x + Rope + Babushka Scarf

Wooden Crossbow: Scrap Metal + Rope + Babushka Scarf + Custom Made Crossbow

Metal Crossbow: Wooden Crossbow + Scrap Metal 2x + Empty Tin 3x + Rope 2x

Heavy Crossbow: Metal Crossbow 2x + Scrap Metal + Wires 3x & Rope 3x + Toolbox

Pipe Rifle: Scrap Metal + A log & Club + Electrical Tape

Custom Double-barreled Shotgun: Pipe Rifle + Scrap Metal + Rope & Wires + Empty Tin

Tri-barrel Gun: Custom Double-barreled Shotgun + Scrap Metal 2x + A log + Plastic Bottle

Four-barreled Gun: Tri-barrel Gun + Scrap Metal + Rope 2 & Wires 2x + Toolbox

Custom Rifle: Pipe Rifle + Scrap Metal + Magnifying Glass 3x + Empty Tin 2x

Magazine Rifle: Custom Rifle + Scrap Metal 2x + Wires 2x + piece of tire

Sniper Rifle: Magazine Rifle + Scrap Metal + Electrical Tape 2x + Toolbox

Zip Gun: Scrap Metal 2x + A log & Club + Wires & Rope

Custom Air Pistol: Zip Gun + Scrap Metal + fire extinguisher + Plastic Bottle

Quality Zip Gun: Zip Gun + Scrap Metal 2x + Wires + Toolbox

Custom Sawed-off Shotgun: Zip Gun + Scrap Metal 2x + Rope & Wires + Empty Tin

Three-barreled Handgun: Custom Sawed-off Shotgun + Scrap Metal + Rope 2x & Wires 2x + Toolbox

Custom Revolver: Zip Gun + Scrap Metal + Nails 2x + Electrical Tape

Percussion Revolver: Custom Revolver + Scrap Metal + Empty Tin 2x + Wires & Electrical Tape

Percussion Revolver+: Percussion Revolver + Scrap Metal + Electrical Tape 2x + Toolbox


Homemade Grenade: Ant Salivary Gland + Diesel & Gasoline + Soap

Custom Made Grenade: Empty Tin + Gunpowder 2x + Wires 2x

F-1 Grenade: F-1 Grenade (Training) + Dynamite + Scrap Metal

Explosive with a makeshift timer: Stick of Dynamite + Wires + Alarm Clock + Lantern Battery

Molotov Cocktail: Empty Bottle + Diesel & Gasoline + Bandana & Khaki Scarf & Camo Bandana

Molotov Cocktail (mod.): Molotov Cocktail + Meat “aspics” + Soap

Slime Cocktail: Empty Bottle + Meat “aspics”

-Melee Weapons-

Shovel: Broken Shovel Handle + Nails + Scrap Metal

Stone Knife: Sharpening Stone + Stone tool + Electrical Tape

Spiked Club: Club + Nails

Sharpened Knife: Sharpening Stone + Knife

Broken Bottle: Brick + Empty Bottle

Shiv: Electrical Tape + Fork & Spoon + Brick & Sharpening Stone

Weighted Glove: Bandana 2x + Rope + Svinchatka

Spiked Glove: Hare Fur 2x + Weighted Glove + Nails + Wires & Rope

Battle Gauntlet: Spiked Glove 2x + Hare Fur 2x + Scrap Metal + Toolbox

Boom Glove: Makarov Pistol (Or Rusty) + Toolbox + Wires 2x + Battle Gauntlet 2x

Svinchatka: Scrap Metal + Sharpening Stone & Brick

Quality Knuckleduster: Svinchatka + Brick + Scrap Metal

Claw Knuckleduster: Quality Knuckleduster 2x + Scrap Metal + Nails 2x

Knife Knuckleduster: Claw Knuckleduster + Toolbox + Scrap Metal + Rusty & Blade & Sharpened Blade


Portable Cartridge Press -PCP-

14.5mm: Empty tin + Scrap Metal + Gunpowder 3x + PCP

23×75 mm (Barricade) 3x: Wastepaper 4x + Scrap Metal 2x + Gunpowder 3x + PCP

9x39mm (SP-5) 7x: Scrap Metal + Gunpowder + Toolbox + PCP

9.2 mm 5x: Nails + Scrap Metal + Gunpowder 2x + PCP

23×75 mm (Shrapnel-25) 3x: Wastepaper 4x + Nails 2x + Gunpowder 3x + PCP

7,62×51 mm NATO rounds 7x: Empty Tin + Scrap Metal 3x + Gunpowder 3x + PCP

7.62x39mm (AP) 5x: Empty Tin 3x + Scrap Metal 2x + Gunpowder 2x + PCP

7.62x54mmR 7x: Empty Tin 2x + Scrap Metal 2x + Gunpowder 3x + PCP

5.45mm (AP) 5x: Empty Tin 2x + Scrap Metal 2x + Gunpowder 2x + PCP

5.56 mm NATO rounds 7x: Empty Tin 2x + Scrap Metal + Gunpowder 2x + PCP

7.62x39mm 5x: Empty Tin 3x + Scrap Metal + Gunpowder 2x + PCP

9×19 mm Parabellum rounds 5x: Empty Tin + Scrap Metal 2x + Gunpowder 2x + PCP

VOG-25: Empty Tin + Scrap Metal + Gunpowder + Toolbox

.30 (AP) 7x: Empty Tin 3x + Scrap Metal + Gunpowder 2x + PCP

5.45mm 5x: Empty Tin + Scrap Metal 2x + Gunpowder 2x + PCP

.44 S&W Russian rounds 6x: Empty Tin + Scrap Metal + Gunpowder + PCP

.30 7x: Empty Tin 2x + Scrap Metal + Gunpowder 2x + PCP

9mm (AP) 5x: Empty Tin 3x + Scrap Metal + Gunpowder 2x + PCP

9mm 5x: Empty Tin 2x + Scrap Metal + Gunpowder + PCP

Metal bolt 4x: Empty Tin 2x + Scrap Metal 2x + Wires

Incendiary bolt 4x: Bolt 4x & Metal bolt 4x + Diesel & Gasoline + Wires

Poison bolt 4x: Bolt 4x & Metal bolt 4x + Meat “aspics” + Wires

12g (slug) 5x: Empty Tin + Wastepaper 2x + Gunpowder + PCP

12g (shot) 3x: Nails + Wastepaper 2x + Gunpowder + PCP

26mm Flare 2x: Diesel & Gasoline + Wastepaper 2x + Gunpowder + PCP

7,62×41,5 mm SP-4 3x: Scrap Metal + Gunpowder + PCP

Round 10x: Scrap Metal + Gunpowder + Wastepaper

Shot round 10x: Nails + Gunpowder + Wastepaper

Bolt 7x: Empty Can + A Log + Plastic Bottle

Pellets 20x: Scrap Metal + A Log + Wastepaper


Steel Breastplate: Scrap Metal 3x + Hare Fur 2x + Rope 3x & Wires 3x + Toolbox

Leather Breastplate: Hare Fur 2x + Babushka Scarf 2x + Rope 2x & Wires 2x + Toolbox

Cast Iron Shield: A Log 2x + Scrap Metal 2x + Piece of tire 2x

Thorny Armour: Scrap Metal + Hare Fur + Rope & Wires + Nails 2x

Tire Armor: Piece of tire 2x + Camo Badana & Khaki Scarf & Scarf with Polkadots + Wires + Scrap Metal

Savage Shield: A log 2x + Nails

DIY Helmet: Scrap Metal 2x + Babushka Scarf + Electrical Tape 2x + Nails

DIY Respirator: Babushka Scarf + Wires 2x + Plastic Bottle + Electrical Tape

Bag: Babushka Scarf + Wires 2x + Plastic Bottle

-Consumables & Miscellaneous-

Wolf Antidote: Onion + Condensende Milk + Rotten Toadstool

Healing Powder: Bandana & Khaki Scarf & Scarf with Polkadots + Herbal Mix + Rotten Toadstool

Joint: Wastepaper & Toilet Paper + Devil’s Weed

Ciggy: Wastepaper & Toilet Paper + Tobacco

Potion of Animal Interaction: Old boot + Cucumber brine + Moonshine + Toadstool

Corned meat: Meat + Salt

Salted Fish: Any fish + Salt

Rotten Toadstool: Toadstool + Magnifying Glass 2x + Frying Pan & Wastepaper

Weird Doll: Corn + Toadstool + Nails

Hope you enjoy the Guide about ATOM RPG Trudograd – Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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