Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy – Something You May Not Know

Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy – Something You May Not Know 11 -
Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy – Something You May Not Know 11 -

0. Before I Start

This is the the 2nd Atelier Ryza. The story is nice, while the synthesis system becomes more complex. Crafting a target end game item needs many steps that if you make any mistakes, you need to redo it from the beginning, even from the step of gathering materials. This may be the hardest work when you are in the part of post game.

Well, this is also the fun of atelier games. So, let’s start the game, and this guide!

All the data is from many tests with my friends, and the Official Guide Book. There may be some mistakes. I will try my best to correct them.

Current game version is v1.01

1. About Difficulty

Almost the same as Ryza 1.

DifficultyHPATKDEFSPDWT ConsumptionFoe’s Extra WTExpColDrop Rate
VERY HARD3x1.5x1.5x1.5x1x+01.5x1x+50%

You must clear the game at once to unlock difficulty VERY HARD, CHARISMATIC, LEGEND

2. About Quality

Same as Ryza 1.

For those usable items that more quality, more power:

  • Item damage
  • Item recovery
  • WT knockback
  • WT recovery

Actually they are affected by item power, so traits and effects on equipment also affect them

Quality, and those traits of item power enhancement, do nothing to buffs and debuffs amount.

Quality and traits do nothing to any Gathering Tools or Adventuring Tools.

Equip higher quality equipment will increase your character’s stat of “Equip Quality”, which can increase your ATK, DEF, SPD. Equip 4 999-quality equipment, then you can get 200 Equip Quality.

4. About Synthesis System

The core of systhesis system is the same as it in Ryza 1, but some are different:

  • every time you put one material, quality of product will be added by about 21.2% of material’s quality
  • use essences to increase max rank of Material Loop by 1
  • use advanced essences get more powerful effect such as adding one more amount of max quantity when doing Recipe Morph

Since the target of normal essences is Material Loop, you can not only increase the main four effects of the item, but also those other effects such as CC reduction or stat bonus.

Item rebuilding has no differences:

  • rebuilding item will increase its item level by {material synth value + 1}
  • doing Recipe Morph will make the product’s level become the beginning item’s level, which is lower so it can do more item rebuilding.
  • Lower item level means lower duplication fee, while sometimes it needs a higher item level, such as doing Shop Development. (higher item level, more development EXP)

If any character equip a usable item whose level is over the limit of his/her DEX, all the item effect will be cut by {(item level – DEX) * 10%}, including buffs and debuffs’ amount.

5. About Evolution Link

This is a new system in Ryza 2, with two function: create new powerful usable items and add EV effects.

Create new items

Target ItemsBase ItemAdditional Item
Grand BombBombRose Bomb
Crystal Ice BombIce BombKleid Ice Bomb
Laute PlajigPlajigStrahl Plajig
Wirbel LuftLuftRatsel Luft
N/AOmega CraftGrand Bomb
ApocalypsePhilosopher’s BookLunar Lamp
Mortal BulletBubble BulletOmega Craft
Holy BeansGrass BeansGoddess Cup
Mythic NectarNectarElixir
Innocent LebCocktail LebNectar
Forbidden ElixirElixirMiracle Ebonyal
Curative MilkAshra MilkNexfuelia
Red War PowderWar PowderWar Powder
Blue Star RobeMystic RobeEnergianica
lunatic DebonyalMiracle EbonyalWitch’s Potion
Reverse ClockAstronomical ClockLunatic Debonyal
Order BreakerFish OilAshra Donut
Poison Thorn PrisonThorny EmbracePoison Smoke
Bottle of PoisonPoison SmokeMiracle Ebonyal
Demonic PotionWitch’s PotionGoddess Cup
Master SpiritHeroic GeistRed War Powder

When created a new item, it will add new Material Loops so you can rebuild it to get new effects. Because you cannot use essences when rebuilding, it’s better to check which and where the new Material Loops will be first, and then load your save to craft the base item using essences on your target Material Loop.

Additional item does nothing to target item. You don’t need to care its quality, rank, effects or traits.

Target items usually has higher item level and CC cost than base items. You should be careful if they are over the limit of character’s DEX.

Add EV effects

If one addional item doesn’t match any base items to create a new item, it will add an EV effect to the base item. Only one EV effect can be applied, and cannot be replaced.

Usually, EV effect is a combination of some effects owned by the additional item. Items in the same group have similar EV effects. If you craft an item with higher rank of main effect, the EV effect will also be more powerful.

Here I list some useful EV effects:

On items of Attack and Debuff type:

EV EffectEffect DataAdditional ItemItem Main Effect Required
Destruction Brandnon-elemental physical damage
ATK -12% in 30s
stun value +(60 / target count)
N/AInfinite Explosion
Wind Stopper Brandwind magical damage
50% chance to inflict restraint
WT +48~60
Wirbel LuftBrave Tempest
Mallet BrandWT + 64~80
stun value + (80 / target count)
critical rate -100%
60% chance to inflict paralysis
Genesis HammerStar Crasher
Prediction Brandfire&ice&lightning&wind magical damageApocalypseThe Truth of Ruin
Sweet Brandnon-elemental physical damage
fire&ice resistance -1
Curative MilkNostalgic Tast
Recovery Brandnon-elemental physical damage
ice&lightning resistance -1
Holy BeansRestoration XL
Spiritual Brandnon-elemental physical damage
lightning&wind resistance -1
Mythic NectarMiracle of Life

On items of Heal and Buff type:

EV EffectEffect DataAdditional ItemItem Main Effect Required
Spinning Echo BlessingAP +4
HP regeneration lv1
EnergianicaPeaceful Melody
Time Reversal BlessingWT -160
buffs time +7s
Reverse ClockDementional Adjustment


6. About Core Drive

Fulfilling certain conditions with Item Rush to activate Core Drive. Core Drives usually have much powerful damage or buffs&debuffs.

Every character can only use his/her Core Drive set in Modify Core Crystal menu, once per battle.

In T. LV5 Core Drives are enhanced.

EV effects on items will not meet any conditions.

Healing items will not meet the condition “buff your alies”, even they have buffs. You have to use items of Buff type.

Attacking items will not meet the condition “debuff your foes”, even they have debuffs. You have to use items of Debuff type.

If any usable items are over the limit of character’s DEX, it has no negative effects on Core Drive.

7. About Garden and Seeds

After you finish certain main and sub story, you can plant seeds in Klares Farming District. This system is almost the same as it in Ryza 1. It only adds some new materials of Ryza 2 when you harvest.

When you craft seeds, I recommend:

  • 999 quality
  • 2nd effect “Gather Quality Up” and 4th effect “Rare Gather Rate Up” are increased to XXL rank
  • other two effects are the highest

If you cannot meet these requirement, I suggest you saving the materials after you can do this.

About the harvested products of seeds:

  • seed rank affects the product table. S rank is the best.
  • quality is in the range of {(0.5~1.0) * seed quality}
  • traits level is in the range of {(0.5~1.0) * (total trait level on seed / trait amount)}
  • trait “Harvest Blessing” may be randomly generated on the product
  • effect “Element Value +1” “Synth Quantity +1” “Effect Spread +1” may be randomly generated on the product

You can easily get some rare materials of high rank from seeds. I list some of them:

Seeds typeProducts
Plant SeedsWasser Wheat, Ancient Branch, Ancient Uni, Emperor Uni, Spring Princess,
Stone SeedsEmerald Glass, Arknite, Degenesis Stone, Septrin, Eternal Crystal
Fire SeedsMagma Powder, Gold Beehive, Honey Ball, Dragon Egg
Water SeedsAncient Blue Water, Divine Liquid, White Moon Frost, Myria Fish, Lake Master, Crown Shellfish
Mystic SeedsAncient Bug, Shining Sand, Holy Arbor Crystal, Holy Stone Fragment, Ether Core, Heroic Spirit
Poison SeedsDragon Meat, Dragon Wing, Dark Crystal Fragment, Danger Mushroom, Demon Blood, Demon Claws
Golden SeedsPuniball Black&Silver&Gold, Shell Pearl, Holy Arbor Branch, Golden Crown, Underworld Crystal, Goldinite, Gold Uni, Imperial Fish

Thanks for the information from @Josh. It seems that you may have to get the materials by gathering or item drops first, then you can get them from seeds, such as Ether Core. That means it may be the earliest time point to craft Ancient Philosopher’s Stone just after Ancient Mana Workshop.

8. About Shop Development

After certain main story and sub story, you can development shops with Romy at Erster Central District.

Selling her items increases the EXP of certain categories. Higher category level gives you better products in shops.

Higher item rank and level will increase more category EXP.

Selling certain items will add new product to shops or increase the stock of certain category.

So it’s better to prepare all the items, including synthesized items, to sell to Romy. Then you can buy most materials in shops instead of gathering outside.

9. About Gems

When you find you need more and more gems, then you will never be lack of SP.

Pre-order bonus gives you 100k gems, but that’s far not enough. So we need some way to earn gems efficiently.

The core is, synthesize one base item having Synth Quantity +1 +2 +3 +4, then duplicate it to synthesize another higher level item, throw base item in as many as possible, to increase the quantity of product, then do gem reduction.

Higher item level and rank means higher “gem value” of this item. So the base item with low “gem value” and product with high “gem value” is another key point to earn gems.

Item effects, quality, traits can increase item rank.

To earn gems by synthesis and reduction, at least you need to learn the skill “Gem Reduction”, “Item Duplication”, and better to learn “Essence”.

Here are some routes:

Zettel -> Traveler’s Water Orb
This coulb be the earliest route for gems. Craft Zettle with Synth Quantity +1, or better +2 with essence if you’ve learnt the skill. If you can craft Crystal Element with Effect Spread +3, the product can easily go to S rank.
You need to gather Foamy Water outside. This route can alse give you many essences of three elements.

Poison Cube + Dry Powder -> Poison Powder
Poison Cube has Synth Quantity +3, Dry Powder has Effect Spread +2 and Add (Medicinal). You don’t need to gather other materials outside.
Using Recipe Morph from Flour to craft low-level Poison Cube.

Philosopher’s Stone -> Ancient Philosopher’s Stone
This is the final route, and you may have known it from other guide or somewhere. It needs some Ether Engine, which you can get it at almost the last part of main story, or from Mystic Seeds.

10. About Reinforcement

  • weapon has 3 slots to set reinforced effect
  • powerful armor usually have no slot for reinforcement
  • some reinforced effects on accessories are very powerful, but like armor, powerful accessories have no slot for reinforcement

There is some way that you can buy some accessories with two empty slots, but only in the early time of whole game progress. You can then reinforce them into the most powerful accessories, even they have much lower quality and stat.

However, if you missed the time point, you can only get them by doing new game+. It is a hard work.

Sometimes, those accessories with 1 empty slot may be better than those with full of 4 effects, just because of the reinforced effect.

Here I list some useful reinforced effects:

On Weapon:

Reinforced EffectDataItemItem Main Effect
Burning Ragedamage +{[(current WT / 100)^2]%}Inverted ScaleDragon Power
Great Sharpnesscritical damage +50%Giant ClawsSharp Weapon
Four Color Feather XLfire&ice&lightning&wind damage +20%Blue Star RobeAnti-Attack Veil
Twisted Beakphysical damage +15%Giant Bird EggSource of Nutrition
Abyss Forcemagical damage +15%Abyss BoltMysterious Parts
Ancient Followeritem damage +15%, AP gained by item +3Ancient BugTime Mastery Jewel
Hero Souldamage, ATK, DEF, SPD +10% against bossHeroic SpiritKnight’s Spirit
Binding Cursechance of inflicting negative status +20%Poison Thorn PrisonBind Soul
Earth Vein Blessing XL50% chance to gain AP +1 when actMythic NectarKO Recovery L
Puni Clusterstun value +20, always critical against puniGiant PuniballPuni Aura

On Accessories

Reinforced EffectDataItemItem Main Effect
Demonic Miasma Ldamage +40% against stunned targetLunatic DebonyalHellish Power
Vulture’s Eyecritical damage + 30%Master SpiritHoned Spirit
Dragon Killercritical damage + 20%, always critical against dragonInverted ScaleDragon Power
Gripping Clawsstun value +20, damage +15% against stunned targetGiant Bird EggSource of Nutrition


11. Craft End Game Items

11.1 Equipment with high stat
It’s the same trick as it in Ryza 1.

First determine which equipment to craft, then figure out its Recipe Morph route and find the beginning item. Craft from the beginning item, and use the advanced essence “Celestial Essence” to add max material quantity by 1 when doing Recipe Morph. During the route, throw stats-up materials like ingot, cloth, leather as many as possible, then use normal essence on the Material Loop you need and craft the product. Finally, rebuild this equipment to unlock its effects.

Those stats-up materials:

Grand Orgen14714
Dread Leather13136
Master Leather10104
Weise Cloth71414

Remember to use essences when crafting stats-up materials.

11.2. Rose Bomb
Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy - Something You May Not Know

This bomb is terrible because of the bug. Its 4th effect “Crimson Garland” says increase damage the lower the target’s HP. However, even the target’s HP is full, this bomb can still deal about 18k damage at 999 quality with traits Destructive++ lv50, Few Bonus++ lv20, Single Blast. Not only for post game, you can also craft one to make it easy in main story.

4CC cost, -1 CC when synthesizing. Use essences on 2nd and 4th effect.
EV effect is magical damage of 4 types.

11.3. Kleid Ice Bomb
Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy - Something You May Not Know

My ice bomb is mainly for decreasing foe’s resistance. Its 1st effect will decrease magical resistance. EV effect I set can decrease fire&ice resistance.

4CC cost, -1 CC when synthesizing. Use essences on 2nd and 3rd effect.

11.4. Laute Plajig
Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy - Something You May Not Know

This is the most powerful bomb dealing stun damage. Paralysis status can double stun damage. It’s 1st effect “Power-storing Mana” can decrease lightning resistance. Hitting weakness will also increase stun damage. EV effect I set can deal more stun damage.

7CC cost, -3 CC when synthesizing. No essences is needed.
Don’t maximize its 4th effect. Raising it to “Inflict Paralysis L” is enough.

11.5. Wirbel Luft
Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy - Something You May Not Know

This is the most powerful bomb to knockback foes. 3 of its effects can add WT on target. The EV effect from Genesis Hammer can also add WT. In Legendary difficulty, this bomb can directly knockback the hidden boss to the bottom of the timeline with only one hit. (hidden boss in Legendary difficulty has 50% knockback resistance)

7CC cost, -3 CC when synthesizing. Use essences on 3rd effect.

11.6. Astronomical Clock
Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy - Something You May Not Know

A nice item as it in Ryza 1. Pull all your party up, increase T. LV, lengthen buff time.

7CC cost, -2CC when synthesizing. Use essences on 1 more CC reduction, and 3rd effect.
Trait Perpetual Machine can reduce 1 more CC cost, but -30% item power. This may decrease the effect of pulling party up, but in my case this is enough.

11.7. Rule Breaker
Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy - Something You May Not Know

ATK buff item. ATK +60% for 30s. Low CC cost is easy to use, but item level is a bit high after rebuilding.

4CC cost, -3 CC when synthesizing. No essences is needed.

11.8. Heroic Geist
Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy - Something You May Not Know

Deal stun damage, knockback, all stat -30% debuff.

5CC cost, -2CC when synthesizing. Trait Perpetual Machine can reduce 1 more CC cost.

Almost the same as it in Ryza 1. However, if you equip Four Spirits Amulet, Laute Plajig plus Wirbel_Luft can also deal stun damage and knockback, and has better effect with same CC cost.

12. Defeat Last Sentinel in Legendary

11.1. The Video

9.2. About the Boss
Clear the game first and then you can find this hidden boss at Spirit’s Tomb in Ethereal Dragon’s Coffin.

The boss has physical, fire, lightning resistance.

Damage has main types and sub types. Main types are physic and magic. Sub types are fire, ice, lightning, wind. When dealing damage, check main types first if hit weakness. If hit weakness or resistance, then it won’t check sub types anymore. If main types have no resistance or weakness, then check sub types if hit them.

For example, the target has physical resistance and ice weakness. I use ice physical skill, it will be judged hitting the resistance.

Another example, the target has magical weakness and fire resistance. I use Rose Bomb, it will be judged hitting the weakness.

9.3. Party Formation
Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy - Something You May Not Know

9.4. Build My Party
Ryza is attacker, the other three are supporter.

Ryza’s build
Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy - Something You May Not Know

Attacker should focus on dealing more damage. Check the Chapter 9. About Reinforcement for more detail of weapon’s reinforced effects. Trait Flammable on weapon can be changed to Super Skill.

Armor’s effect can increase damage when target is stunned.

Four Spirits Amulet can reduce CC cost of elemental bombs. I use essences on 3rd and 4th effects, so lightning and wind types can reduce CC cost by 3. If change this to other accessories, Ryza may deal more damage, but will spend some time charging CC by skills. Using skills is dangerous in Legendary difficulty. It should be arranged well.

Sage Circlet can increase magical damage and the damage when hit weakness.

Supporter’s build
Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy - Something You May Not Know

Armor and accessories are the same as Ryza’s (just duplicate them). Weapon’s reinforced effects and traits are changed to those more suitable for supporters. Check the Chapter 9. About Reinforcement for more detail.

Armor of Layered Velvet and accessories of Kaiser Cape may be more suitable for supporters. But in my case, my current build is enough.

9.5. Use Items
Kleid Ice Bomb is for decreasing resistance.
Laute Plajig is for stunning boss.
Wirbel Luft is for knocking back boss.
Astronomical Clock is for increasing T. LV and pulling party up.
Rule Breaker is ATK buff for Ryza.
Heroic Geist is for stunning and knocking back boss, and is all stat debuff for boss.

Check all the detail of items in Chapter 10. Craft End Game Items.

9.6. How to do
Klaudia uses clock.
Ryza uses lightning and ice bombs. (without quick item)
Trigger Klaudia and Tao’s Order Skill.
Klaudia uses skill Spirit Dance. (only first step)
Trigger Ryza’s Order Skill.
Klaudia uses wind bomb. (quick item)
Change Klaudia to Patricia.
Patricia uses two ice bombs.
Tao uses clock.
Tao uses skill Flaming Blade. (full of 3 steps)
Tao uses heroic geist, ice bomb, rule breaker to Ryza, activate Core Drive Holo-Targeting.
Trigger Ryza’s Order Skill. (or not)
Ryza waits for boss recovering from stuned status, then uses two lightning bombs, ice bomb, fire bomb, activate Core Drive Four-Star Aurora.
Ryza uses Fatal Drive Grand Chariot if the battle is not finished.

13. Feeding Puni

Those giant types of puni may bring more items back, which means more puni EXP. Increasing puni’s level can increase feeding times.

Change puni types:

Shining Puni95~10095~10095~100
Abyss Puni0~50~50~5
Rafflesia Puni0~1095~10095~100
Giant Puni75~10075~1000~100
Flare Puni75~1000~10075~100
Moon Puni0~10075~10075~100
Lavender Puni95~10095~10095~100
Gold Puni0~10080~1000~100
Silver Puni80~1000~1000~100
Stone Puni50~1000~10050~100
Black Puni0~150~150~15
Flower Puni0~10040~1000~100
Red Puni40~1000~1000~100
Green Puni0~1000~10040~100

The upper type in this table has priority.

Furnitures Puni will bring back:

Puni Dolltype is Puni
PianoConstitution is 61~80
Dinner BellMood is 81~100
Resort BedLuster is 81~100
Resort SofaLuster is 61~100
Music StandMood is 0~10
Giant Manuscripttype is Giant Puni
Great Elemental’s Chairtype is Abyss Puni
Celestial Body Modeltype is Shining Puni
Farm PhotoMood is 50~60
Countryside PhotoMood is 61~80
BlackboardConstitution is 0~10
GoatLuster is 0~10
Transport CannonConstitution is 81~100
Giant Kurken Fruittype is Rafflesia Puni

Puni will bring several furnitures back if you meet several conditions at the same time.

14. Weasel Roast and Lamb Roast’s Challenge

Weasel Roast
With the build in Chapter 12. Defeat Last Sentinel in Legendary, you can get rewards of Total Damge and Max Damage.

To get Maximum Chain reward:
Use Astronomical Clock to increase T.LV to 5, then control Tao using all his skills (11 chains), then keep holding your RB button (the key to show skill commands), exchange controlling character to your backup member, this will not trigger others’ Order Skill, then continue to use skills, then it can be over 20 chains easily.

Lamb Roast
With the build in Chapter 12. Defeat Last Sentinel in Legendary, this is very easy.

If it resists item, use Core Drive Four-Star Aurora. If it resists skill, bomb it to death. If you need to stun it, two lightning bombs are enough.

15. In the End

I will update this guide when the game updates to a new version (if I think it’s necessary) to get new traits and smash new boss.

If you or I find something new, I will also update this guide.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me, both English and Chinese are OK.

Written by Okamiroy

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy – Something You May Not Know, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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