ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q Specs

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ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q Specs

Hey friends! Today I want to chat about a gaming monitor that has me seriously drooling – the ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q. I know, what a mouthful of a name! This curved 34-inch beast has become the stuff of legends among gamers and graphic professionals. It’s got the looks, the performance, and the specs to back up its buzz. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this monitor so epic!

One Sexy Monitor

Listen, I’m as much about performance as the next gamer, but whew mama, the PG348Q is smokin’ hot. As soon as I unboxed it, I was stunned by its spaceship-like design with slick “Armour Titanium” and black colors. My wife even walked by and said, “Wow, that’s actually a nice-looking monitor!” – high praise coming from her!

The frameless edges give it an infinity pool kind of vibe, making games and movies feel more immersive like you might fall right in! And the Republic of Gamers logo shining underneath? *chef’s kiss*. It feels like something Batman might have in the Batcave (or Iron Man in his lab!).

The ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q is a 34-inch gaming monitor that offers a mix of gaming and office features. Here are some key details:

  • Screen Size: 34 inches
  • LCD Type: IPS
  • Variable Refresh Rate: G-Sync
  • Native Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • Native Resolution: 3440 x 14401
  • Gaming Features: The monitor has low input lag and fast response time and supports NVIDIA G-SYNC1. It also has a fast response time and low input lag, which are great for gaming or multimedia1.

Office Use: The widescreen format and high resolution are great for office use, as you can place two full-sized windows side-by-side, which is great for multitasking1.

Performance: The monitor delivers outstanding performance and is equipped with a curved screen and lots of gamer-centric features2. However, it has poor dark room performance due to the mediocre contrast ratio and bad black uniformity1.

Design: The monitor has a sleek design with a lightly textured gray cabinet, copper accents, and built-in lighting effects2.

Please note that the color accuracy and white balance outside of box 1 might be disappointing. Also, it’s a bit on the expensive side2.

Flexible and Sturdy Setup

Setting up the monitor was a cinch with a sturdy aluminum stand. It stays firmly in place while I adjust the height and tilt to perfectly line up with my eyes. The smooth swivel motion is great for gaming with friends too – I can easily angle the screen for couch co-op. Though heads up, there is no pivoting or rotating with this model (likely because of the ultra-wide screen). A small sacrifice for those sweet gaming visuals!

The stand height adjustment is my favorite feature – it is so smooth and easy to get the monitor perfectly aligned with my vision. None of the stiffness I’ve experienced on other models. And lining up 3 of these bad boys side-by-side? *chef’s kiss again* A gamer’s paradise!

Display That Makes You Drool

Let’s get to the heart of what makes this monitor an absolute feast – that 34-inch 21:9 curved display. When I first fired up Doom Eternal on the PG348Q, I literally said out loud “Holy s***!” I felt like I could reach out and touch the demons and environments. Just immerse yourself in the 3440 x 1440 resolution and you’ll see what I mean – images so crisp you can see every pore and drop of blood.

And this isn’t just a monitor for blasting baddies. I’ve been editing photos for work, and the color accuracy on this thing is mind-blowing thanks to the IPS panel. I can pull up identical pics on my professional-grade BenQ monitor, and the ASUS holds its own beautifully. Truly exceptional for gaming AND creative work.

Smoother Than Kenny G’s Hair

If gameplay and graphics are your obsession like me, you absolutely need NVIDIA G-Sync in your life. What is G-Sync you ask? Let me educate ya! It syncs your monitor’s refresh rate to your graphics card for buttery smooth visuals – no tearing or artifacts as you spin the 90s in Fortnite. Pair that with the 100Hz overclocked refresh rate on the PG348Q, and you’ve got gourmet-level performance, my friends.

Some folks reported coil whine noises when pushing that higher refresh rate which concerned me. But 30+ hours in so far and I’ve had zero issues at 100Hz (knock on wood!). Just the satisfying clickity-clack of my mechanical RGB keyboard over the battlefield noises 😉

And can we talk about the special sauce ASUS added just for gamers? It includes stuff like the crosshair overlay, in-game frame rate counter, and tailored presets for different game genres. It’s all easily accessed through a simple control joystick on the back. Getting dialed in for domination has never been easier!

Monitor as Versatile as a Swiss Army Knife

While the PG348Q screams high-end gaming, ASUS didn’t skimp on adding extra functionality for work and play.

You get both DisplayPort and HDMI inputs which makes connecting multiple machines a breeze. USB ports allow me to plug in external hard drives to view footage right from the monitor. There are even built-in speakers that pump out decent sound in a pinch – great for kicking back with YouTube or Spotify.

Oh! It also has a secret compartment on the back that hides cables and stores my PS5 controller. Who says an organization can’t be sexy?

For the eco-nerds out there, this monitor sips power nicely, too. Only 57W is used on average, which is less than a couple of old-school lightbulbs. Easy on the electricity bill!

So let’s bring it all home…

TLDR: ASUS PG348Q – A Neck-Craning, Jaw-Dropping, Pulse-Pounding Masterpiece

I’ll be real with ya, the ASUS PG348Q doesn’t come cheap. But in my humble opinion, every penny gets you pure monitor nirvana. We’re talking about…

  • A gorgeous, head-turning design that looks rad in any gaming nook or creative workspace
  • Nearly perfect ergonomics with intuitive adjustments (height, tilt, swivel) and stable stand
  • An immersive 34-inch curved display that pops with vibrant colors and crystal-clear imaging
  • NVIDIA G-Sync support and 100Hz refresh rate for buttery smooth gameplay
  • Packed with gamer-centric features and presets for optimized fragging
  • Plenty of connectivity, convenience extras, and efficient power usage

If you want the absolute best monitor money can buy for blissful, immersive gaming and entertainment – paired with accuracy for procreative tasks – you need the ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q on your wishlist. This monitor has single-handedly taken my setup to gaming valhalla! Just don’t blame me when you get lost drooling over the display for hours on end 😉

Let me know if you pick one up! I’d love to hear your experience with this beauty. Game on friends!

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