Astro Colony – How to prepare meals for astronauts

Astro Colony – How to prepare meals for astronauts 1 -
Astro Colony – How to prepare meals for astronauts 1 -

These steps will show you how to make food suitable for astronauts. I hope you enjoy the Guide about Astro Colony

Start with your first meal

This is the first day of early access launch. It will be brief and rough around the edges.

– Build a hydro generator. This will allow you to build thrusters and is also where food will be made later.

– Make multiple thrusters in one row. I built 6.

– Press M to find a planet. Uncertain which planet has quartz, but a green planet did.

Pin it so you can see it from outside the map.

– Stand with your back towards the thrusters. Then, determine the direction you want to turn and adjust the thrusters’ settings by moving their circles. To avoid messing with the connected thrusters individually, click the button “Apply all connected thrusters”. Continue until you reach the pin.

– Once you are close to the planet, turn the thrusters to zero. You might choose to dock.

– Mint some rocks to make quarts. Then feed it into the hydro-generator to make Hydrotonic.


Written by Zeetank

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