Astral Ascent – Gameplay Walkthrough

Astral Ascent – Gameplay Walkthrough 1 -
Astral Ascent – Gameplay Walkthrough 1 -

I´m goiing to put here a link to a google docs and there we will dump all of our gameplay knoledge. I will copy/paste the things in there over here every now and then until it’s done, so everyone could learn something if they need help

Early Tips

Here you have the link Google Docs – []  so you can contribute and be part of this collective guide
I will write down now the 2 or 3 things I think it’s important to know, but this will evolve as the game does

  • Fight Room: Fight 3 or so waves of enemies and get your reward.
  • Exploration Room: Go to the end of the level, slaying monsters and getting chests and quartz along the way. You can speedrun them or you can take your time, because sometimes there are some places that have extra rewards and if you go fast you will not see them most of the time.
  • Andromeda’s Bar: Exchange your stars for power ups (Health, Power or Attack Speed).
  • Pavo’s Ruins: Free spell upgrade once everytime you go in. Further upgrades in the same visit will cost you health.
  • Cestus: Free gambits.
  • Void: Minibosses. Quite challenging but also very rewarding.
  • Quiet Room: Restore health and mana.
  • Shop: Buy things like spells, gambits or use your quartz to buy heal shards.
  • Yalee Kingdom: Not really sure, but I think you get here free auras.


Written by FranGran

This is all about Astral Ascent – Gameplay Walkthrough; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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