Astonishing Baseball 22 – How to Unlock ”What if scenarios” Guide

Astonishing Baseball 22 – How to Unlock ”What if scenarios” Guide 4 -
Astonishing Baseball 22 – How to Unlock ”What if scenarios” Guide 4 -

Some pointers and information of unlocking the “What if scenarios” in the game.

Where is the Gacha Scenarios Feature?

With the latest update this is unlocked when you finish downfall chapters. An “Extra” menu will be unlocked and it is one of the options you can choose from that.
Below is an image showing the final game title screen with extra menu unlocked.
MAMIYA - How to Unlock ”What if scenarios” Guide - Where is the Gacha Scenarios Feature? - EF23CFA

What is This Feature?

This a feature unique to this visual novel, but a little bit torturing. Basically using Natsume you are searching for more alternative endings, in the Trichiliocosm library.
These endings involve sometimes daily life scenarios, 4th wall breaking Easter eggs and bad endings. The scenarios also unlock brand new CGs which won’t be visible in the CG list.
You can only get 5 pages per day, so after that Natsume will sigh and will say that you have to come back another day.
MAMIYA - How to Unlock ”What if scenarios” Guide - What is This Feature? - 5509625
There are 16 scenarios for you to collect as shown in the image below.
MAMIYA - How to Unlock ”What if scenarios” Guide - What is This Feature? - DBD295D

What is So Difficult Then?

You of course search for pages, but the issue comes when you keep receiving the same pages over and over and the new pages will never pop up.
When you first unlock this feature, its hinted a bit that some of the scenarios may already have been experienced/collected.
This is not a bug as clarified by a dev in this link: – [] 
So obviously you must come another new date and come search for them, hoping by luck you will get them.
Of course the process is so easy smooth looking. But it’s actually based on maybe patterns. But it is definitely torturing.
I wiill be sharing the tips which I am “assuming” will help and the work around method I used.

Computer is a Box that Can Change Time

Basically, use the date and time feature of Windows and change the date and try launching the game and search for the pages. Rinse and repeat until you get all of the pages.
Here’s a link showing how to do this method in windows 10: – [] 
Of course however, if you are lucky you will get all of them if not you must keep changing dates and trying.
PS: keep notes of the dates you use.

Some Tips to Trick Your Mamiya

Here are some tips and tricks I have accumulated which MIGHT work, considering your Mamiya is inconsiderate to you.

  • If you use the date and time method, you may reset the date to your original time and then continue another date to lay the game. However if you reset the date and time again, do not use one of the previous dates you used to search pages!
    For an example: you changed date to 7th Sept, and you searched for pages, you need to remember this date and use a new one for a fresh search. Mamiya remembers dates!
  • Make sure you complete all endings from the endings menu before attempting to find the pages.
  • Make sure you read all the what if scenarios as soon as you find them before searching for new ones.
  • Try replaying the routes again from downfall. Please note that, playing fall down would not reset the scenarios you have collected but it would reset the game title screen and make the extra menu disappear. If you absolutely want to play a route there, try making a save from while close to finishing an ending on downfall and then load it, finish that ending and you can get the extra menu again.
  • Lastly, if you are not having any luck just as i did, best bet is to change not only the date but the time. Change the time from PM to AM and cycle it. I got my last one after making that change but eh it could be just coincidence..
  • Get your most chill music and fill your ears with it when you try this, some candies and coffee would go nice. Try not to get impatient. It takes many years to eat mamiya after all 🙂



That’s it. Of course these are mere assumptions and I can’t guarantee at all, but I do believe in making your own luck.
Chances are you just need to repeat searching for pages in the mysterious library and none of the methods applies at all uwu
Happy searching!
MAMIYA - How to Unlock ”What if scenarios” Guide - Aftermath - D3C9FFC

Written by Smol Bubu

Hope you enjoy the Guide about MAMIYA – How to Unlock ”What if scenarios” Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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