Assassin’s Creed Origins – Stealth Kill Streak [Tested and Explained]

Assassin’s Creed Origins – Stealth Kill Streak [Tested and Explained] 1 -
Assassin’s Creed Origins – Stealth Kill Streak [Tested and Explained] 1 -
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I just made it into a guide so it can be easily found also

Ability: Stealth Kill Streak, costs 2 Ability Points to gain access to its feature

Requirement: Hidden Blade, if you’re early game you’ll get it later when you progress in the story more [Incapacitating your enemy does not count]

When do you get awarded: 3 minutes after your last Assassination [Exploit: pausing the game by pressing ESC or opening the character menu DOES keep track of the time, say I entered the ability screen and waited for 3+ minutes, when exiting the menu and entering the live game, you will be awarded your bonus for however many assassination kills you got without being detected]

Dawn and Dusk Ability: meditate and change the time of day, does NOT skip time to award your experience immediatey

DO NOT Fast Travel: fast traveling actually resets your kill streak and does not award you any experience for the kills you have obtained towards a kill streak

Tested when being spotted with a yellow bar, instantly paused the game waited 3 minutes exactly and unpaused, was awarded my experience before being spotted afterwards

Award Restrictions: must gain 2 or more [Hidden Blade] kills without being spotted, using anything other than the hidden blade WILL continue your streak but will not count towards the streak [Ex. getting 2 hidden blade kills then using a bow to kill the next enemy then another hidden blade kill, will only consist of 3 kill streak, since bow isn’t a hidden blade but your streak still continues]

Exception to being spotted: if you’re in a hidden location and the enemy you’re assassinating responds to your attempt with a “red indicator” it becomes null indicator, your streak WILL remain in tact [Assassination Chain Kill has a flaw, it will nullify your streak if spotted by the second enemy right as you use it, if the red indicator shows up]

Animals and risk of losing your streak: don’t do it, if you’re on a ship even a large one with no enemies on board, during testing I was clearly hidden but a crocodile spotted me even though I wasn’t in sight for them to see, take care of your surroundings if you risk waiting it out

What everyone wants to know mostly, [Is There A Limit of Kill Streak]: NO, there is actually no limit, at first the first few kills are inevitably small in terms of experience outcomes but the more you get, the more you are rewarded

Experience, very few tested but promising [bonuses given on 6th and 11th kill streaks only]

Experience Explanation: 1-5 kills 15xp accumulative 5th being 75xp, 6th becomes 120 and the increments become 20xp each until the 11th kill which becomes 330xp after which all experience gained afterwards is a max of 30 each kill for the streak, so if you got a 30 kill streak you’ll end up with 900xp gained (19 kills x 30 = 570 + 330 from 11th = 900xp)

(added note: yes I know this is extremely late, but I got the game when it was on sale recently, and it’s bugged me as much as it’s bugged users on several different forums that I’ve tried to find info on, well I’ve saved a bunch of you some time and effort, even though late, at least it’s explained as best as I could test it)





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