Arrog – Achievement Guide

Arrog – Achievement Guide 1 -
Arrog – Achievement Guide 1 -

Get all achievements in 30 minutes or less. This guide will not include instructions on how to get through the puzzles or beat the game.

Secret Achievement

Full circle

Start anew (Secret)
For this, you simply need to start another playthrough after being returned to the main menu when your first playthrough has been completed. The achievement will be given to you after the initial cutscenes have played all the way through again.


These achievements will all be gotten in a normal playthrough and are not missable.


Read in between the stars


Follow the brightest star

It’s time

Summon a long-lost friend


Open new paths


Search old memories


Harness the power of light

Let go

Draw inspiration from inside


Free yourself from tethers


Bring back color


Let music come alive


Live fully

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