Armed with Wings: Rearmed – Armed with Guides: Re-written

Armed with Wings: Rearmed – Armed with Guides: Re-written 1 -
Armed with Wings: Rearmed – Armed with Guides: Re-written 1 -
Just got the game and don’t know where to start? Struggling to end Vandheer Lorde’s eternal reign? Intended for both beginners and the experienced; with this guide, you too can become Armed with Wings (or you could, y’know, go to KFC or something)


0. Any good story starts at the beginning

So, you’ve bought the game created by the one man show, Sun Studios, and you may be wondering: What is Armed with Wings? Well, Armed with Wings started out as a series of game on flash, which can be found on multiple flash game websites like Newgrounds or Kongregate. 
The story is set in the world of Blackmist, a land similar to ours, but not quite like ours, either. In this world lies a man (???) known as Vandheer Lorde. He’s the bad guy who rules with an iron fist. Naturally, a rebellion started, led by the one known as the Lone Warrior. Unfortunately for him, VL is kind of a badass, and promptly crushed the rebellion, and slayed LW personally. The end. 
… you knew I was joking right? The story isn’t just going to end there. No, LW finds himself revived by the being known as Blackmist (yes, I realise that it’s the same name as the world of Blackmist, but please bear with it), who has revived LW for the express purpose of slaying VL and ending his reign. For this to be accomplished, Blackmist blessed LW. Now, he has become Armed with Wings, both man and bird (eagle?). With newfound power in hand, LW strikes forth to take revenge and end VL’s reign once and for all. 
So, that’s the plot of Armed with Wings 1, which is then continued by AwW 2 and 3 with Culmination and Red Moon on the side. Rearmed, however, represented Sun Studios’ first commercial attempt with Armed With Wings. Rearmed is a re-make of AwW 1, to serve as a reboot suiting Sun Studios’ new enterprising adventure. But don’t think this means that you’re getting little more than what AwW 1 was. The combat has been redone to emphasise action more then ever before, with a selection of weapons and boosters to augment your gameplay. Challenges and Cliffs await as you traverse the land to slay VL. So, with that out of the way, shall we get started? To be honest, I had this guide like half-done before forgetting about it (and the game) for years, and the amount of people who will read this could probably be counted on my hands, but damn it, it’s about the principle of the thing, so here you go. (Now, I should preface this by saying that the guide is like 90+% complete, but there are still some parts I haven’t done yet. But, it’s not like I have to do everything before releasing it, and there’s still a lot of info to look at. I’ll do the other parts someday between now and the heat death of the universe.] 
I will separate this guide into sections covering gameplay and controls, weapons and boosters, story mode, survival mode and achievements. Just use the handy Table of Contents on your right (it is on your right, right?) to go to wherever you want, though I would recommend that if you’ve just started playing Rearmed that you go through the guide roughly in order. 

1.1 How do I shoot Web (controls and gameplay)

So, obviously, you’re going to have to start somewhere. Go into the story mode from the main menu. I recommend that you pick normal first, because right now, a harder difficulty would prove quite… futile. (I am so smart) 
After watching the pretty cutscene, you will find yourself on a platform. Now that you have control of the Lone Warrior, I encourage you to make your way through the story so that I don’t have to tell you things that you’re going to find out in the next five minutes, until you find yourself revived and back in the world of Blackmist. Don’t worry, I will be metaphorically waiting for you. 
Now that you’ve seen some of the basic controls, I can tell you some of the things that you may not have realised in your brief stint of gameplay. 


I don’t think I need to go over this. I mean, you’re smart enough to realise what’s what, right? 

Basic Movement

This is quite simple, but is the crux of the game. After all, good footwork leads to good combat. You will already know that you can dodge with directional key+D, or RT on an xbox controller. You can dodge up to three times in a row, with the 2nd dodge taking you into the air. You may have noticed that there is no jump button (there is a way to jump in the game, but we’ll leave that for later), so this is useful for getting into the air. You can change which direction you move with each dodge, leaving you flexibility in where you want to be. Most importantly, while dodging, you cannot be hit by enemy attacks (with maybe one or two exceptions), so abuse this heavily to stay alive. 


So, you know how to dodge, but what you may not have noticed is that by holding the dodge button, you can block. Honestly, I prefer dodging over blocking, since it’s easier to attack enemies after while they’re attacking instead of waiting for their attack to end and then attacking. Thinking of it like a fighting game, I can whiff punish most attacks, but many of those attacks are safe on block, so I can’t retaliate. There’s also the fact that your guard is not impenetrable. When hit while guarding, your guard meter will decrease, and when it’s depleted, your guard will be broken. There are also certain attacks by bosses that cannot be blocked, along with the fact that you can’t block attacks from behind, as you can expect. There is, however, something special about guarding. If you guard at just the right moment before you’re attacked, you perform a parry counter-attack with some anti-flinch (though I’ve seen cases where it was interrupted, like from a beast attack), which will also knock down enemies. It’s good for changing the tide of battle and for getting some breathing room when you’re being overwhelmed. 

Normal Attacks

You will have already cut your way through a couple of guards by this point, but what you may not know is that your attack string with A changes depending on if you’re holding up or down. It works like this: think of your 1st attack as the start of the "attack string". Holding up or down will change the start of that attack string, up being a launcher and down… we don’t use down attack. After your 1st attack, you can do a neutral, up or down followup. However, the followup for up or down ends the combo while with neutral attack, you can do two more (think of this as the "middle" of the attack string) before doing a neutral, up or down attack as an "ender" to the attack string. Thus, I recommend that you do the two neutral attacks after your first one, then do an ender as you please to get more hits in, if possible. Being able to launch the enemy is optimal, since it will allow you to followup with more attacks without the enemy retalliating. Additionally, if you find that there’s an enemy behind you, you can hold the opposite direction while in your attack string to turn around and do an attack towards them, which can be followed up if you have attacks left in your string. 

Power Attacks

Power Attacks are used with S, or B on an Xbox controller, and they’re pretty much what they say on the tin. They’re slower then your normal attacks, but hit harder. Like basic attacks, they are also affected by whether you are holding up or down. If you aren’t holding up or down, you will do a lunge attack for multiple hits that will knock the enemy down (well, most enemies, anyway). This is useful, because if you can follow up fast enough, you can continue the attack. The up+S is a big uppercut that launches and does a large amount of damage. You’re limited to doing one more up+S in the air without touching the ground before you can’t do anything (think Super Smash Bros with your up+special). What this means is that after a grounded up+S, you can do one more up+S, but if you’re already in the air and do an up+S, you can’t do another one. You can also dodge once after a grounded up+S and still do an up+S in the air after. This is useful for doing combos on, say, an enemy launched by your ground up+S. Your down+S is special in that it’s a charged attack. That bar you see when you’re charging is the strength of the attack. This is useful if you find yourself able to sneak up on an unaware enemy, or if you’re waiting for a faraway enemy to approach you, since you can charge the attack until the enemy is in range. You can also turn around while charging the attack. Your air down+S launches a power wave diagonally downwards. 

The Bird is the word

(I’m so sorry) 
This is your trusty not-companion because it’s technically a part of you as well, but let’s ignore semantics here. The bird is used for the puzzle aspects of the game. Yes, puzzle aspects. There is more to the game than simply fighting. There will be obstacles in your path that cannot be removed by the sword, which is where this little fella comes in. You switch to him (her? it?) using TAB, or LT on an xbox controller. The bird can only move a certain distance before it comes flying back to you, represented by the bar above the bird. The bird can grab objects and release them with A, both on keyboard and xbox controller. You can also Press D (or B on xbox controller) to make the bird stay at its current position while you can move around doing whatever. Interestingly, the bird can also catch the attention of enemies, which you can use to your advantage by making them turn their back to you, leaving them open to attack. I don’t usually bother with that, since for me, it’s quicker to just kill them, but you may want to do it if you’re low on health or are just extra-cautious. Note however, that the bird can be damaged by enemy attacks or things like saws, and it will damage you in turn, so when you catch an enemy’s attention, have the bird hover above their attack height. 


You may notice those x01 and x02’s that appear whenever you attack enemies. This is your combo, which gives points to your score. Score is used to unlock weapons and boosters, along with adding to your bragging rights. How getting points works is simple. When you hit enemies, your combo increases. If an x01 pops up, you get one point, x02 gives two, x03 three, you get the gist. Getting a high combo will allow you to get a higher score. Thus, you should aim to get as many hits in as possible without getting hit to disrupt you from attacking, though getting hit doesn’t strictly stop the combo. The combo resets after a certain amount of time has gone without hitting an enemy, so if you’re fast enough, you can keep the combo going even after getting hit. 
This is the basic stuff. With this, you can hold your own in a fight, but you will require greater strength if you wish to defeat Vandheer Lorde… 
You may visit the advanced section on gameplay ahead now or see some of the other parts of my guide and wait until you have progressed further in the story. 

1.2. Advanced combat 101

So, you’ve come to learn about the technical stuff, huh? Wouldn’t it be more fulfilling to learn this stuff yourself? Well, you’re lucky that I’m here. These may tip the favour to your advantage. 

Dodge Attacks

Did you know that if you do a normal attack while dodging, you can, well, attack during the dodge? It’s pretty useful. Say that you’re doing a normal attack string, but you’ve reach the end of it or they’re about to fall out of range because you’re using the katana or something? You can do a forward dodge attack to both close the distance and keep the opponent locked in hitstun. You can also use the backwards dodge attack to play a hit and run game if you want to be careful, since the backwards dodge attack has a good range to make up for how far you go from the enemy. 

Crowd Control

Cancelling Hitstun

Don’t you hate it when you’re getting hit, especially by multiple enemies, and you get combo’d for tons of health, or even your entire life? Well, there’s actually something you can do about that. While you’re getting hit, if you use your neutral power attack (the lunge), you will cancel your "hitstun" and perform the lunge instead. Since you can cancel your lunge with a dodge (as with pretty much every attack), you can do a lunge to start the lunge animation, then cancel out of it with a dodge to get to safety. Incorporating this into your play will help you take a lot less damage than if you didn’t. 

Bird, I choose you!


2.1. You got a thing! (Weapons explained)

Whenever you die or complete story mode (read: chances are that you’ve died), your score will be tallied up and used for unlocking weapons and boosters. These augment your stats and gameplay to make you stronger, so that you are more prepared the next time you enter the world of Blackmist. Weapons have stats and also different selections of boosters available. The stats work as follows: 

  • The shield represents your maximum Health, so it, in turn, reflects how many hits you can take before dying. Note that I say max Health, not "defence". Oddly, switching weapons will change how much health you seemingly have in your health bar since it changes the max Health, and it seems that orbs give the same amount of health even if you max Health is different, so having a higher max Health will not result in you gaining more health from orbs. 
  • The sword is pretty simple. It represents your attack. More attack = more damage = easier to kill enemies. Do note that a higher attack will result in an increased difficulty of getting a high combo, since enemies die faster. This can be alleviated by launching the enemy before their hp runs out, so that they don’t dissipate for a fair amount of hits. Also, having a higher attack will increase the speed of your neutral power attack, while making the up power attack go higher. Having a higher attack also seems to increase the "capacity" of your down+s, meaning that you can charge it for longer until the bar tops out, for more damage. 
  • The arrows represents your attack speed, or "agility". A higher stat in this will result in your attack string being faster, which in turn leads to killing enemies faster, along with less risk of being attacked during the startup or interval of your attacks. It also makes you move faster, which is nice. This doesn’t have an effect on your power attacks. 
  • The ruler represents the range of your attacks. You can notice this because the "contrails" left by your attacks will be longer in reach. A higher range is useful because you can attack enemies a bit sooner before they can retaliate, which can help avoid your attack getting stuffed. It also helps because sometimes, you will find that an enemy will be knocked out of the range of your attack during your attack string, so a higher range will reduce the chance of that happening.

With this in mind, you should judge which weapon is best for you, or even the current situation. You may like to attack faster, or you may want the higher health so you can make more mistakes without dying. It’s up to you, but keep in mind that stats are not the only thing to consider when choosing weapons. There’s also how COOL they look 
There’s also the matter of boosters. Boosters augment your character in ways other than simple stat changes. I will go into depth on these in the next section, but know for now that there are two kinds of boosters, "passive" boosters and "ability" boosters. As you may guess from the names, passive boosters act on their own, while ability boosters have to be used by you. The ability boosters can be used with the Q and W key on the keyboard, or X and Y on an XBOX controller. The weapons you find will have either fixed passive or ability boosters, which can’t be changed, and "free" passive or ability boosters, which you can put any booster you have unlocked into at your leisure. Boosters may well play more of a factor in what weapon you choose than the stats of the weapon itself, so consider your weapons carefully before preceeding. It can be the difference between using what is essentially a stick and using the Master Sword of anti-masks +1. 

2.2 YOU GOT BOOST POWER! (List of Boosters)

Now, let’s get into boosters. Keep in mind (as with everything) that this is just my opinion and you may find some boosters more or less useful than I do. 
Passive Boosters: 

  • Extended Combo: This is probably one of the best boosters in the game. It adds more hits to your attack string, which not only looks cool, but also allows you to do better combos. You’ll be able to kill enemies with greater ease with this, and is great to have for any situation. 
  • Speed Charge: This booster makes your down+s attack charge fast. I mean, really fast. It actually sets the time it takes to charge to a set time of what I’d say is about just over a second. Given that with high attack weapons, it can take over 3 seconds to charge the attack up to max, this is a big difference. However, since I use down+s rarely, I don’t really care about this booster. 
  • Auto Heal: AKA how to never die 101. Your health will regenerate slowly over time if you weren’t recently damaged, up to half of your life bar. It’s very useful if you don’t mind running and dodging around like a mouse while your health slowly refills. Maybe not so much if you find it hard to avoid taking damage. 
  • Power Wave: This adds a giant wave of energy to your down+s if you fully charge it. It’s useful when fighting Elites and Razors, since they’re too smart to come into range of your down+s, but will get hit by your power wave regardless. But again, since I only use down+s rarely, I don’t use this booster often. 
  • Anti-Flinch: This booster, well, makes you immune to flinching from most attacks. You’ll just tank it and keep doing whatever you’re doing without being knocked back. This is a good booster, but it’s not as good as you think. You see, you’re still taking damage even if you don’t flinch, so you should use this more as a safety net for if you get attacked than for just attacking gung ho at everything, especially since you slow-down a bit when you’re hit with anti-flinch. This booster is very useful in survival, because in the later waves when there could be literal dozens of enemies, anti-flinch will give you a chance to survive instead of being combo’d to death. 
  • Double Hit: This gives a 10% chance of any attack you do hitting again shortly after. Now, 10% doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s more often than you think. It can help to cover you, since the enemy will flinch again from the second hit, and, obviously, allowing you to dish out more damage faster. It’s not bad, but I think there are better boosters to use. 
  • Revive: This booster acts like a Heroic Second Wind. If your health drops to 0, you will revive with about 30% of your health and be powered up for a short while… doing something, I’m not entirely sure. Good for if you are unsure of victory. 
  • Juggle: This causes all of your attacks to cause enemies to be knocked off their feet, leaving them in the air. This can be useful, since knocking the enemy up will leave them vulnerable to attack but, more importantly, rendering them unable to attack. This can be useful for alleviating some of the pressure from the hordes of enemies attacking you. On the other hand, it may make it harder to combo enemies, which will result in less points. 
  • Floaty: Umm… you become floatier in the air. Yeah. Normally, this wouldn’t mean a lot to me other than novelty, but there is one good use for it. If you’re playing the 2nd character, you can spam his air down+s like no tomorrow, raining artillery down on the enemy. So yeah, that’s neat. 
  • Gravity Hit: Enemies will fall slower when you hit them into the air. This renders them out of action for longer, and can also help you juggle enemies. But honestly, I would pick some of the other boosters over this. 
  • Leech: This is a very useful booster. A 10% chance to give you some health back on hit is quite noticeable. I myself would swear that it happens a lot less than double hit, but maybe that’s just me. The advantage of this booster over auto-heal is that it can heal you even when you’re over half-health, and it can heal you while in the heat of combat. However, it is less reliable than auto-heal, and you can’t get back into a fighting state by just running away. Use your digression on which booster is better to use of the two. 
  • Speed Boost: With this booster, you will become Armed with Quills, for you’ll be like Sonic the Hedgehog, with places to go, but no rainbows to follow. It’s a good booster to have all-round, though I personally don’t use it often in exchange for other boosters. 
  • Extra Range: Extra range is nothing to scoff at. It’s definitely a useful thing to have, so don’t be afraid to use it. 
  • Attack Lunge: You may be wondering what this booster means. Well, when you attack, you move forward, right? This booster makes you move forward more while attacking. But the thing is, Speed Boost achieves the same result, but isn’t only active during attacks. So, don’t pick this one if you have Speed Boost available.

Ability Boosters: 

  • Projectile: Using this ability creates a blade that will travel forth for some distance. It will get smaller as it travels, and will also get smaller when it hits an enemy. It will bounce back from where it came if it hits a wall or enemy. If enemies are really close to you, you can get up to 8 or so hits with a single use. It’s not a bad ability to have. The main issue with Projectile is that enemies have to be close behind you and in front of you for max effectiveness. 
  • Teleport: This is arguably the most useful ability booster in the game. Teleporting gives you high mobility. But, most importantly, you can use this even when you’re being attacked by enemies. Because of this, Teleport is your most useful method of escaping danger, and prevents you from being bum-rushed in survival and losing half your life after getting clipped once. 
  • Jump: Remember in 1.1 where I mentioned there was a way to jump? This is how. You jump into the air while on the ground. Yeah. Basically a niche booster, except for some story levels, or if you want to spam air down+s with the 2nd character. 
  • Ice Spikes: With this ability, you can shoot up to six ice spikes which each deal a single hit before going on cooldown. I think that this is more useful than projectile because you don’t have to be under certain conditions for it to be more effective, and it can be fired several times at once. A good ability all-round to have. 
  • Handy Rock: You spawn two rocks. Yep. It’s handy, but with its long cooldown, I prefer some of the other abilities. 
  • Fire Ball: You are able to shoot four arcing projectiles with this ability. The projectiles from this ability are a little more powerful than the other abilities, but I don’t find it that useful compared to the other ones, because it has a longer cooldown.


3.1 YOU CRUMPLED THE PAGE (Boss Battle Tips)

If you want to show the bosses’ who’s boss, these handy explanations coming up should help you to seize the day! To notify, while these tips are meant to help you, you may develop your own tactics or strategies for bosses that veer from what’s down below. (Disclaimer: these tips were developed on hard/futile and LW; I do not know if there are differences present in normal difficulty, but this section should still be applicable nonetheless. I also mostly did these with katana to establish a base, so I haven’t taken boosters into account… yet. Maybe some day.) 
Minotaur/"Demon" boss (lvl.13): This fight serves more as a puzzle boss then anything. Once it starts spinning it’s sword, stay out of range, but also stay close to it. Once it stops spinning the sword, it’s going to attack. It will either attack 3 times or, if it is low health or has gone through some cycles of attacking, do a 4th attack where he charges towards you. Be wary, and don’t get hit. Once he stops attacking, immediately move to attack him until he falls on his knees (?). Then, you will see a depleting red bar and "recharging" appear above the boss. You must use a charge attack (down+s or down+B on controller) to do some real damage to the boss, though you must make sure to release the attack before the red bar runs out. Continue this, and you should be able to kill the boss before you get impaled by the spikes on the left. 
"Beast" boss (lvl.23): This boss can be tricky, but once you notice it’s "cues", you can make short work of the beast. Well, first, you have to run away from it. Just try to dodge and not get hit by stalagmites… I am butchering that so hard. Anyway, after that, try using your up+s and air dodge to avoid the orbs after you’ve topped up your health, so you can take them for when the real fight begins. The boss’ attacks make it go forward somewhat, so be wary of that. If you attack quickly, you can stunlock the boss before it can retalliate. However, after every 8th or so hit (it doesn’t seem reliable, but you’ll get a "feel" for it) you land on the boss, it will do an un-interruptible attack. The key thing is that it will growl when it’s about to do this, so once you hear it (and see the white flash when attacking it), dodge away. The beast from time to time will also do one of two things: He can burrow under the ground and try to take out your legs. Just keep moving and you’ll be fine, though be careful of the rocks that may appear. Speaking of those rocks, the boss, for some reason, will try to attack rocks if they’re between you and it, which is annoying, so try to use the rocks first, or not have them around you. Secondly, the boss may (also with a growl) jump into the air like a blanka ball. It will bounce on the ground, multiple times depending on how low it’s health is. However, if you just stand a little off to the side of it when it starts the attack, it will just keep bouncing over your head. Dangerously, the boss will gain anti-flinch once it’s at about 1/3 health, so once that happens, you’ll have to keep doing hit and run with attacking, dodging back, attacking, etc. You’ll have to be careful, though, because the beast’s attack string may catch you dodging back. Just keep your ears open for growling, and you’ll be fine. 
Unarmed VL (lvl.39): The big man himself; so cocky he won’t even use his sword. His attacks come out very fast, but if you attack early to compensate, he will dodge backwards. So, that’s annoying. To answer this, dodge behind his attacks, then quickly dodge back and counter-attack (you can also try to time your attacks just right to hit him before he can hit you, but that’s risky). You can then stun-lock him… for all of 8 hits, before he teleports behind you and launches an orb at you. He may also stand still, then teleport and shoot two orbs at you. However, you can hit the orbs back at him with good timing. He can also move his hands into the air before pushing them forward, which is a sign that he’s going to do a giant energy wave attack at you. Either dodge behind him, or dodge away from it entirely. VL, while normally slow, may suddenly run up to you and try to deck you, so be careful of that. To top all of this, he gains anti-flinch at 1/3 health. This is when you have to actually pay attention, since you can’t stunlock him anymore. Try to be careful, and get your hits in. He doesn’t do a lot of damage, so if you’re patient, you should be able to outlast him. 
Ironically, I find him easier with the katana then with other swords that should be a bit better. Why? Because you can "loop" him with the katana. See here (make sure to turn captions on): 

As you can see, with the katana, you can make the mighty VL look pitiful. If you’re not interested in "cheese" like that, just try to avoid getting hit. He doesn’t do a lot of damage comparatively, so if you’re careful, you can win just fine. 
… Umm, since that vid was from the beta, turns out that due to the changed katana stats, this strat doesn’t work quite as well anymore. You can still hit him a bit before uppercutting, but yeah. It’s still the same fight. Keep stunlocking him. 
Shin VL (lvl.40): VL means business now. (BTW, once VL starts talking, you can skip it by pressing S or B on the controller ONCE; pressing it more times may result in a bug) His attacks are powerful, but since he doesn’t dodge back when you attack, it’s possible to time your attacks right and hit him before he hits you. Dodging behind him and hitting him may work, but you’ll have to be quick and have good timing, since he turns around during his attack string. You can then stun-lock him, but if your weapon doesn’t have a lot of range, VL may fall out of your attacks. use dodge-forward-attack to compensate for this. He will teleport behind you and quickly attack after every 8th hit or so you land on him, but you can return the favor by dodging behind him and counter-attacking. He seemingly may also teleport randomly from time to time, so be wary of that. He may charge up ice spikes in the air, but you can dodge them easily. He can also shoot an orb like in lvl.39, but you can still dodge those or hit them back. 

3.2 30 years in the Philippines (Survival Mode Tips)

… You know, I could try helping you with this, but there already exists an amazing one by Prismwind, and he really knows his stuff. So, with permission, I’m just gonna redirect you to his guide. 


So, you’ve beaten story mode. You’ve defeated Vandheer Lorde; his reign over. Now, you can sit back, drink some tea and- Wait, what? Vandheer Lorde has been unlocked!?! PRAISE THE SUN! 
So, while I could go in depth on how VL plays, I don’t actually play VL a lot, so I’ll leave this section to our buddy Armored Samurai, who I’m fairly certain has played more VL than everyone else who has this game combined. 
Hello Everyone I’m Armored Samurai and I’m going to explain here this cool looking guy with mask. 
As you may know – or not – Vandheer has 3 attack patterns just as Lone Warrior does, difference is fact that King have more attacks in his kit and this allow player to execute some nice attack chains. 
(Psst! Armored Samurai has also made a guide on some of VL’s best attack chains.)  
Next thing I want to write about are special moves. 
First of three are "Ice Spikes" used by holding special attack button (S on keyboard) and down button. Vandheer casts a storm of sharp "Ice Spikes" in the direction set by player. One spike is able to hit just one enemy and there is no dependence between size of spike and damage it does. Great AoE control attack.* 
Second special is "Orb of Ice" used by pressing special attack button. Vandheer throws projectile made of ice at targeted direction. Projectile deals fairly low dmg and stops on first enemy hit. It’s great tool to deal with single enemy.* 
Third and the last special is aerial attack called by me "Beam" used by holding special attack button and up button. Vandheer jumps in the air and sends beam of energy at his enemies knocking them up. This attack looks cool but does nearly 0 dmg. I’m using this as disengange tool to avoid attack or enemy.* 
And now the most awesome thing in VL, his dodges. King moves like real Ninja and can travel long distance dodging each attack! 
That would be all from me. 
As you can see, VL is a pretty cool dude. 


While I’m not the biggest grinder of achievements, you may want them, so here’s some help with that. 

Armed With Everything

Just… just grind. Survival mode will give you tons of points if you play it well, and if you need help with that, just go to 3.2 for some help. Or you could be lame and do the juggle mode cheese mentioned in Combo achievements. 

Combo achievements

So, if you want a really easy way to get these, you can just go into juggle mode and follow this cheese strat by me to get all the combo you need. 


Goal achievements

For the double one, go to level 3. At the elevator that can be raised with the orb pedestal, raise it without being on it, so that you can go downwards to the double goal. 
For the triple one, go to level 4. Go down to the pit with the platforms and ladders and head right to reach the triple goal. 

Relic Hunter

Hey, I have a section for this in 5.1! Go check it out. 

Speed Demon

Gotta go fast! 

Survivalist achievements

Again, just look at the survival section 3.2. 

True Strength

If you just go on normal and use a really powerful late-game sword like Phantom Chaos or something, you can probably just mash your way to victory, or just play well and it’ll be quite simple. Use some of my tips from 3.1 if you need help. 

5.1 Lora Warrior: Relic Hunter

This is the closest thing to a ‘secrets’ or ‘collectables’ part of the game. There’s a pretty cool reward at the end of it all, but finding all those relics are a pain, right? Well, I’m here to help. 
There’s a relic for every level, which means 40 relics. So, I’ll just separate this per level. Since the place you start a level depends on what goal flag you went to in the previous one, I’m assuming that you’re starting from the location you would be at if you use level select, which should be a single goal start. 
Level 1: So, right at the end when you use the bird to put the orb onto the pedestal to open up the goal, go to the right of the pedestal with the bird to find the relic. 
Level 2: Once you’re poofed into the world of Blackmist, use the bird to go left above the cliff to find the relic. 
Level 3: It’s just there on the first platform after the first cliff. You can’t miss it. 
Level 4: After going down the first cliff, you’ll see a rocky wall rather than the usual flat black wall to your left. do a downwards power strike on it to break it, then go downwards to the pit with the platforms and ladders. Way down, the relic is below the lowest ladder. Grab it with the bird. 
Level 5: Near the top of the level, just below the normal goal is where you can find the relic. You can get up at the start by doing a grounded up+s, air dodge, then quickly do an air up+s. This should give you enough height to reach higher. Or you could just use the bird, I guess. 
Level 6: So, look at the ceiling while going forward, and before a tiny drop in the ground, you may notice that a part of the ceiling seems to recede further into darkness. Send you bird up there, and take the red globs to regain your stamina while heading your way up to the portal. Then, before the double goal, use the bird to go up the chimney to get the relic. 
Level 7: It’s to the left of the goal post. Just go around then use the bird to reach it. 
Level 8: Before the goal post, go down the ladder and go onto the switch to open the gate, then use the bird to get the relic. 
Level 9: Before reaching the goal post, use the bird to go past it to find the relic. 
Level 10: After going off this thin cliff, notice how there’s a fading shadow under it? Head left into it and you’ll find the relic. 
Level 11: Just to the left of the ladder. Can’t miss it. 
Level 12: … I apologise, but I kinda took this before writing this up, and don’t know where it is, now. There isn’t a lot to this level, though, so some snooping around with the bird should find it, if it’s not just in your path, anyway. If you do know where it is, please tell me so I can edit it in. 
Level 13: Go to the right of the orb, and you’ll find it. 
Level 14: Like with level 6, look at the ceiling at the start and when you see the fading shadow part, send your bird into it and make your way to the relic. 
Level 15: Do some dodges to get across the bridge before it collapses. The relic is above the goal post. 
Level 16: Use the right hold pedestal (I’m bad at names) to go downwards. Then move right and slide down to the skulls and bomber. Deal with them, then notice how the wall to your left is a bit craggy. Power strike that to open a path left, where you can go down a pit to get the relic. 
Level 17: Fall down the little bridge and take the lower path. You’ll find the relic after destroying the rock wall. 
Level 18: Same deal as with lvl 16, destroy the disguised rocky wall to the left after going down and dealing with all the enemies and bird your way to the relic. 
Level 19: Keep making your way down, when you have to put the orb on the pedestal, go up through the faded shadow to find the relic. 
Level 20: When you reach the several floating platforms, go to the bottom left and you’ll find the relic. 
Level 21: It’s… it’s right there. Go grab it. 
Level 22: When you go down the slow falling platform, there’s a shadowy section to the left. That’s where the relic is. 
Level 23: You can’t miss it. Literally. 
Level 24: It’s above the highest bouncy platform, use the bird. 
Level 25: Keep climbing up the ladders and you’ll find it before the double goal. 
Level 26: It’s just on the way to the goal. 
Level 27: … I apologise, but I kinda took this before writing this up, and don’t know where it is, now. There isn’t a lot to this level, though, so some snooping around with the bird should find it, if it’s not just in your path, anyway. If you do know where it is, please tell me so I can edit it in. (#NotCopyAndPasted) 
Level 28: With some use of up+s and dodging, get up onto the platforms. The relic is before the double goal. I suppose you could just use the bird as well. 
Level 29: When you reach the valley with platforms, just ahead of the bird… hanging… thing you pull down… go down and left and you’ll find the relic before the double goal. 
Level 30: Before the single goal, use the bird to go through the shadowy part above to the portal. Take the right portal and you’re at the relic. 
Level 31: It’s at the end of the bouncy platforms. Just use the bird, it’s easier. 
Level 32: After the cliff with the elite, look down left, the relic is there below the cliff. 
Level 33: When you reach the gap with the saws, there is a path downwards at the end of the gap. There, you will reach a tunnel that will have the relic. I recommend using the bird to reach it if you don’t want to go down that path yourself… if it weren’t for the fact you have to go this path for the double goal start for the relic in the next level. Use a neutral power attack (lunge) to fit inside the narrow gap between the spikes. 
Level 34: You need to reach the double goal start in the past level to get this relic. Go up the spring jump to the left, and before the single goal, use the bird to fly up the gap in the ceiling to the relic. 
Level 35: When you reach the little gap you have to send the bird through to get to the portal, you will see a small fork in the middle that leads upwards. Go up that path and you will find a hallway with falling rocks. at the top of these, you will find the relic. 
Level 36: You can’t miss it. 
Level 37: As you go up the platforms, the first right exit should have the relic. (in a large room with moving platforms and a spike floor. You should probably use the bird for this. Probably.) 
Level 38: Essentially in the middle of the bridge, go up with the bird and you’ll find it. 
Level 39: The relic is in the left pit, use the bird. 
Level 40: It’s in front of his throne. 

6. But what about the rest of Armed with Wings?

If you are interested in the rest of Armed with Wings, then feel free to search for them online. You won’t regret it (probably). I can give details below on them but, well, I haven’t played AwW 1 and 2 to be honest, but I know a person or two who have tons of experience with the older games, so they can do a better job than me at describing the games: 

  • Armed with Wings 1: 
  • Armed with Wings 2: 
  • Armed with Wings 3: 
  • Red Moon: 
  • Culmination:


7. Conclusion and special thanks

Well, that was a slog for me. I can’t believe I finally completed this (kind of). I hope that this guide has helped you to up your game in Rearmed. 
Thanks to Armored Samurai, Blackout, Maugrift and Prismwind for helping with this guide, whether it was with feedback or providing content for the guide itself! 
Thanks to Daniel Sun for making this amazing series. I shall always look forward to the next instalment. To come out every someday™️! 
Thanks to you for reading this guide. It makes me feel like I didn’t just waste my time if people are getting use out of this. 
And btw, Armed with Wings has a discord! It’s pretty cool (you may recognise me by a familiar pic…), and Dan even has a ‘comic’ running called Echoes which is worth the read. – 

This is all about Armed with Wings: Rearmed – Armed with Guides: Re-written; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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