ARK: Survival Evolved – Mystic Menagerie Mod Official Guide

ARK: Survival Evolved – Mystic Menagerie Mod Official Guide 11 -
ARK: Survival Evolved – Mystic Menagerie Mod Official Guide 11 -

Welcome to this post We hope you find the following page, in which we detail the ARK: Survival Evolved – Mystic Menagerie Mod Official Guide, informative.

This official guide will provide you with the basic information about this mod. This includes blueprint paths, stats, and more!


ARK: Survival Evolved - Mystic Menagerie Mod Official Guide - Introductions - B6A7201


Welcome to the official Guide for Mystic Menagerie. This mod adds a variety of fantastical creatures to your ARK: Survival Evolved experience. It also provides tons of new content.

This mod is still new. The guide will be updated with new releases and teasers about what the modders are up to. This guide is not just for taming, but it’s also a way to keep up to date about the mod and what we are doing going forwards.

Our content includes fully customized creatures as well as ARK model edits. All done by a professional 3D-modeler.

Current Mod Features


  • Jawhound
  • Luxfox
  • Baerabi
  • Theodymus

…and there’s more!


ARK: Survival Evolved - Mystic Menagerie Mod Official Guide - Luxfox - 7FAEE77

  • Breedable: Yes [Live Birth]
  • Rideable: No (Shoulderpet)
  • Tame Method: Passive Tame
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Preferred Taming Food: Rare Mushrooms

Although the Luxfox is not considered to be the strongest Glow Pet in terms of providing chargelight for the animals, it can still be used to obtain hard-to-find materials and is generally easier to acquire. Luxfox is still able to gather resources, but it can still be outperformed by better hunters like Ankylosaurus and Therizinosaurus.



  • Health: 115
  • Stamina: 100
  • Torpor: 60
  • Oxygen: 150
  • Food: 450
  • Weight: 70



Primary Attack: Bite 20 Damage

This is a standard attack that does very little damage. This tiny fox isn’t a great fighter.

Multiwheel: Dig For Goods!

Luxfoxes are a great source of light and can also be used to dig up small fauna for valuables. Your Luxfox can find rare and valuable resources every 30 minutes! It can find gems, mushrooms, crystals, and flowers!


Luxfox is a passive tame. It will not run away from the player if it is fed mushrooms. Luxfox is fragile. Before you begin to tame it, make sure to remove any dangerous animals from the area.

Spawn Locations


  • Generic Redwoods

  • Eden Plains Easy (genesis 2 –
  • Genesis Snow (genesis 1)
  • Generic Tundra
  • Biolum Zone (aberration)
  • Fertile Zone (aberration)
  • Apotheosis (crystal isles)





Ghost Luxfox:



ARK: Survival Evolved - Mystic Menagerie Mod Official Guide - Jawhound - 8951214

Breedable: Yes [Live Birth]

Rideable: Yes [Has saddle]

Tame Method: Tranq Tame

Diet: Carnivore

Preferred Taming Food: Meat, Superior Kibble

Jawhound is a formidable hunter and a pack creature that can take down larger prey. However, Jawhound struggles against large numbers of prey. It relies heavily upon bleed and immobilizing its targets for its packmates to eat while the Jawhound pins down its target.



  • Health: 550
  • Stamina: 200
  • Torpor: 500
  • Oxygen: 150
  • Food: 3000
  • Weight: 400



Left click: Bite

Right Click:

Apply Deinon-style bleeding three times quickly During this attack, you will be unable to move.

C: Lockjaw Grapple!

The Jawhound will attempt to grab the target when Lockjaw Grapple starts. The Jawhound will attempt to grab the target if it is less than 400 pounds. This is similar to Stegosaurus’ impale ability. It will also consume.5% of the target’s hp each second it grapples to it!

The more a Jawhound attempts to grapple with a target Jawhound, the more difficult it will be to keep it pinned. Lockjaw Grapple releases a target and applies gashed. This gashed reaches a maximum of 5000 dmg per application. Jawhound will apply the gashed buff on hit if the target is too large to grapple.

Left Control: Pack Your Bag

This is a traditional pack sound that applies 25% damage increase and 20% res.

Space: Charge Jump

The Jawhound is able to jump great distances, just like the Reaper King. The Jawhound will aim for the camera.

O: Aesthetic Roar

A simple animation of roaring just for aesthetics.


Jawhounds are a pack animal and can be very scary. To tame Jawhounds, you should first deal with Jawhounds in the area, then lead the remaining Jawhound into a trap. Stone Gateways are the best way to do it! It’s a standard tranq-tame and should not be a problem for players who are properly equipped.

Spawn Locations


  • All Volcano Spawners [Fjordur not Included, Magmasaur Cave only]
  • Wastelands [Scorched Earth]
  • Wastelands [Extinction]






ARK: Survival Evolved - Mystic Menagerie Mod Official Guide - Theodymus - DD087B3

  • Breedable: Yes [Egg]
  • Rideable: Yes [Has saddle]
  • Tame Method: Equus Tame
  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Preferred Taming Food: Meat, Superior Kibble

Theodymus are relatively easy to handle. They have been around humans for a long time, so it is not difficult to get on their backs. It will scream at you, but if you give it enough treats and soothing it will eventually learn to trust you and decide that the little speck of its back is worth keeping.

Don’t get too excited during this process. The Theodymus isn’t a horse and their fight or flight response tends to rip flesh from bone with its teeth and pulverize what little remains with powerful kicks.

It’s still a cute and trustworthy mount to have… just don’t let it fall off.” -Florsacious Vivicario, Ecologist



  • Health: 200
  • Stamina:500
  • Torpor:1000
  • Oxygen: 270
  • Food:3000
  • Weight: 300



Left Click: Bite -31 Damage

Right Click:Kick -31 Damage (Kick) -18 Damage (Swipe)

This powerful torpor-inducing kick can only be performed when you are standing still. It can be used to pierce armor with low damage while moving.

Run Charge -218 Damage

The Theodymus will move into a charge stance when it has increased its speed completely. The creature can’t use attacks while in this stance but will instead deal damage to any creature it strikes. If the Theodymus is in charge and hits a wall, it will become stuck temporarily and be vulnerable.

O: Aesthetic Roar

A roar that has no real effects and is only used for aesthetic purposes.


Theodymus is a small animal with a limited agro range. It can be ridden like a wild Equus by using Ghillie or Cactus Broth. You can feed the Theodymus by placing the appropriate food item in your 0 on your hotbar. The Theodymus will stop running and begin to thrash around trying to throw you off. It can be very aggressive and can knock out a player with its kick!

If one is particularly daring, they can ignore any additional supplies and run at Theodymus from behind or drop from the sky right on him. Remember that Theodymus can easily knock out players, so be ready!

Spawn Locations


  • Island
  • Grasslands
  • Eden Grassland [R-Theodymus]
  • Bog Biome [X-Theodymus]

  • Fertile Area [Aberrant theodymus]





Aberrant Theodymus:






Ghost Theodymus:



ARK: Survival Evolved - Mystic Menagerie Mod Official Guide - Baerabi - D9CD141

  • Breedable: Yes [Live Birth]
  • Rideable: Yes [Has saddle]
  • Tame Method: Tranq Tame
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Preferred Taming Food: Honey, Superior Kibble

This strange bear has great control over the bees that it keeps safe. Baerabi, a slower and more difficult tame, is similar to Carnotaurus’ rex. Baerabi is best when used in PVP with dismounting bees.



  • Health: 600
  • Stamina: 500
  • Torpor:1000
  • Oxygen: 270
  • Food: 3000
  • Weight: 650



Left click: Bite

Right Click:Claw Swipe

C: Not the Bees!

Summon ten bees for your Baerabi’s side that will attack any unallied foes! These bees can dismount when they are tamed by a Baerabi. Baerabi can’t use its bee attack until all its other bees have died or disappeared and the cooldown is over.

Spawn Locations

All Natural Bee Spawning Sites

Generic Redwoods




Future Releases

These critters are just the beginning. Many creatures are planned for release. You can join our discord to get more information about the mod. Here is a list of the newest critters we are currently working on integrating into the mod.

These creatures are priority releases. They are the closest to being finished and what we will be focusing on.

You can join our Discord to follow our progress!

Discord link – []

Prismatic Wyvern

ARK: Survival Evolved - Mystic Menagerie Mod Official Guide - Future Releases - A9484C3

This small, agile Wyvern makes a trust worthy mount!

Unicorn Crab

ARK: Survival Evolved - Mystic Menagerie Mod Official Guide - Future Releases - DDF2448

This magical crab is a little shoulderpet with an attitude. It will reward its owner with small buffs to keep them in tip-top shape in hostile wilderness.


ARK: Survival Evolved - Mystic Menagerie Mod Official Guide - Future Releases - AE81AF8

The Bullwark, a massive predator on the coast, is a bullish fortress which inflicts severe injuries to its prey.

Fincrown Seal

ARK: Survival Evolved - Mystic Menagerie Mod Official Guide - Future Releases - 6AB5F4C

This adorable companion is a mount for aquatics in early game.

Depth Horror

ARK: Survival Evolved - Mystic Menagerie Mod Official Guide - Future Releases - 74419B4

This creature lurks in dark places and is often forgotten. It is the perfect mount to enjoy an ambush!

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